Thursday, October 8, 2015

R.J. von Bruening | The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch

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Sy n o p s i s 

R.J. von-Bruening discusses the ancient astronaut theory, the knights templar, the freemasonry from an intelligent perspective. It provides useful scientific info, biblical and historical reference, and even legitimate Masonic information.

Is the story of humanity far older and richer than the institutions of society have led us to believe? Using archaeo-astronomy, religious stories, ancient artifacts, and our modern understanding of human evolution, RJ von-Bruening presents a compelling and thought-provoking case to suggest that it is. In 'The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch', you'll take a unique and fascinating journey into the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today. Taught in the mystery schools and religions that still exist, a single, understandable story has been wove together from a great number of ancient mysteries, religious stories, and modern conspiracy theories, It will give you the first true understanding of the depth and scope of the cultural phenomenon of a Satanic New World Order. In the process, The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch provides a radically new timeline and interpretation of the entire biblical tradition. 

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R.J. von-Bruening is a new author and amateur astronomer with an extensive technical background in the electrical industry. The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch is the product of almost twenty-five years of historical research into the occult, secret societies, and conspiracy theories. He is currently living and writing in Montana.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Christopher Dunn | Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt & The Giza Power Plant


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Researcher Chris Dunn has worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing, and has used his machinist's point of view to analyze the construction of Egyptian artifacts. He presented his contention that the ancient Egyptian builders of the pyramids and temples used advanced tools to construct various monuments, and statues, in addition to the pyramids. There is precisely crafted granite within a thousandth of an inch, which demonstrates a high level of skill and geometry, he said. Statues of Ramses, for instance, 1,000 tons each, are so precisely cut that it would be difficult to replicate today, he detailed. 

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Christopher Dunn was born in 1946 in Manchester, England and has an extensive background as a craftsman, starting his career as an indentured apprentice in his hometown of Manchester. Recruited by an American aerospace company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. For 48 years, Chris worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing from machinist, toolmaker, programmer and operator of high-power industrial lasers, Project Engineer and Laser Operations Manager. For 17 year, he served as Human Resource Director for a Midwest aerospace manufacturer.

Chris's pyramid odyssey began in 1977 after he read Peter Tompkins' book Secrets of the Great Pyramid. His immediate reaction after learning of the Great Pyramid's precision and design characteristics was to consider that this edifice may have had an original purpose that differed from conventional opinion. After further research and study of source material on various theories, Chris concluded that it must have originally been built to provide a highly technical society with energy" in short, it was a very large machine. Discovering the purpose of this machine and documenting his case took the better part of twenty years of research and resulted in the 1998 publication of Chris's book, "The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt" which describes a holistic energy device that is harmonically coupled with the Earth and its inhabitants.

Chris has published over a dozen magazine articles, including the much quoted "Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt" in Analog, August 1984, and has had his research referenced in over a dozen books on Egypt. In the United States he has appeared on PAX Television, the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and Lifetime Television discussing his research.

Chris's second book, entitled "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt" was published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company in the Spring of 2010. In this work, Chris focuses on an important aspect of his research into the manufacturing capabilities of the ancient Egyptians and through his engineer's eye and camera, reveals to his readers previously overlooked magisterial characteristics of Egyptian architectural and manufacturing wizardry.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Computer algorithm created to encode human memories

Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the recent past.

The prosthetic, developed at the University of Southern California and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in a decade-long collaboration, includes a small array of electrodes implanted into the brain.
The key to the research is a computer algorithm that mimics the electrical signalling used by the brain to translate short-term into permanent memories.

This makes it possible to bypass a damaged or diseased region, even though there is no way of “reading” a memory — decoding its content or meaning from its electrical signal.

“It’s like being able to translate from Spanish to French without being able to understand either language,” said Ted Berger of USC, the project leader.

The prosthesis has performed well in tests on rats and monkeys. Now it is being evaluated in human brains, the team told the international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Milan. 
The project is funded by Darpa, the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is interested in new ways to help soldiers recover from memory loss.

But the researchers say findings could eventually help to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, by enabling signals to bypass damaged circuitry in the hippocampus, the brain's memory centre.

Sensory inputs to the brain — sights, sounds, smells or feelings — create complex electrical signals, known as spike trains, which travel through the hippocampus. This neural process involves re-encoding the signals several times, so they have a quite different electrical signature by the time they are ready for long-term storage.

Damage that interferes with this translation may prevent the formation of long-term memories while old ones survive — which is why some people with brain damage or disease recall events from long ago but not from the recent past.

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Underground City In The Grand Canyon Was Documented In 1909


The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States, but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned some time ago in the Gazette, was brought to the city yesterday by G.E. Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green River, Wyoming, down the Colorado in a wooden boat, to Yuma, several months ago. 

According to the story in the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologist of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the explorations, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of Oriental origin or possibly from Egypt tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out of the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist.

A Thorough Investigation

Under the direction of professor S.A. Jordan, the Smithsonian Institute is now prosecuting the most thorough explorations, which will be continued until the last link in the chain has been forged. Nearly a mile underground, about 1480 feet below the surface, the long main passage has been delved into, to find another mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, like the spokes of a wheel. Several hundred rooms have been discovered, reached by passageways running from the main passage, one of them having been explored for 854 feet and another 634 feet. 
The recent finds include articles which have never been known as native to this country and doubtless they had their origin in the Orient. War weapons, copper instruments sharp edged and hard as steel, indicate the high state of civilization reached by these strange people. So interested have the scientists become that preparations are being made to equip the camp for extensive studies and the force will be increased to thirty or forty persons. Before going further into the cavern, better facilities for lighting have to be installed, for the darkness is dense and impenetrable for the average flash light. In order to avoid being lost, wires are being strung from the entrance to all passageways leading directly to large chambers. How far this cavern extends no one can guess, but it is now the belief of many that what has already been explored is merely the “Barracks”, to use an American term, for the soldiers, and that far into the underworld will be found the main communal dwellings of the families and possibly other shrines. The ventilation that blows through indicates another outlet to the surface. 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eric Dubay | Dissecting the Flat Earth Theory & Is the Antarctic Treaty Proof of a Staged World?

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S  y n o p s i s 

According to tonight’s special guest: "The Globe-Earth lie or what I have titled "The Flat-Earth Conspiracy" is in my humble opinion, the greatest deception in human history and most important taboo issue which desperately needs to be exposed. If people knew the extent to which they have been lied to and brain-washed from birth, there would be a veritable revolution in critical thinking, personal sovereignty, and belief in God by morning. The New World Order "globalists," Satan’s prophesized One World Government Masonic minions are everywhere spreading their "scientific" disinformation, "deceiving the very elect," and herding the sheeple to their slaughter." 

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Eric Dubay says the greatest lie and most successful cover-up in history, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest secret, is that we live on a plane, not a planet; that Earth is the flat, stationary center of the universe. Eric is an American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while exposing the New World Order full-time. He is the author of five books and is the president of the International Flat Earth Research Society.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Archaeologist reconstructs faces of Stone Age people

Archaeologist reconstructs faces of Stone Age people 
Within his studio in the Stockholm suburban community of Tumba, Sweden, archaeologist-sculptor Oscar Nilsson is applying a highly specialized knowledge and set of skills to reconstruct realistic and scientifically-informed likenesses of individuals who lived long before us.

His work, unlike more ‘sensational’ archaeological and paleoanthropological discoveries reported in the press such as the identification of the bones of King Richard III and the more recent discovery of Homo naledi, do not make headlines. But he makes both written and unwritten history an up-close-and-personal experience for academics and the public alike. He creates, quite literally, faces of our collective past.

One of his upcoming projects involves the reconstruction of the face of a Stone Age man whose remains were unearthed near Ulricehamn, Sweden in 1994.

“Judging from his bones he was extremely robust with very broad shoulders,” said Nilsson.“And the skull of this 45-60-year-old man exhibits a significant elevated ridge running from his forehead to the back of his head, making it peak-shaped from a frontal view. These well-preserved bones surprised everyone when the result of the C14 dating came back: he was 10,000 years old and, with that, Sweden’s oldest skeleton.” Archaeologists have named him “Bredgården Man”. His skeletal remains were found near a farmhouse by the same name.

Another upcoming project involves the facial reconstruction of a 14-year-old Stone Age girl whose remains were excavated together with a small child at  Tybrind Vig in Denmark in the 1970’s. Here, archaeologists excavated unusually well-preserved artifacts from the Ertebølle Culture, a European Neolithic culture, including a large kitchen midden. “To recover the girl’s remains and those of the child, archaeologists had to work underwater, as the bones were submerged 300 meters offshore to a depth of 3 – 4.5 meters,” said Nilsson. “In her time, her place of rest would have been dry, hugging the shore, when there was a greater abundance of inland ice in Scandinavia and the sea level was lower.”

The Stone Age girl reconstruction will join other objects of the Tybrind Vig discoveries at Denmark’s Moesgård Museum.

In fact, most of Nilsson’s hyper-realistic reconstructions end up in museums such as the Moesgård, where he hopes the public will, through his reconstructions, gain a more personal connection to history.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anthony Cummins | A Pirate's Interpretation of Reality

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According to Anthony Cummins he was a real pirate. As such, he was able to navigate the seas for five decades. He was what most people do not in a lifetime. This has given him a unique perspective to relay information in a very unique way. During this interview we will discuss some of his stories, lessons and messages conveyed. Anthony gives us a pirate's interpretation of reality. 

B i o 

Past CEO of Marine companies; Cummins Shipping, Victoria Marine Conversions, Cummins Sea Deliveries and the Flying Dog Experience (Philippines). Past CEO and founder of Fast Line and the Posterflag Company (Italy). He was also a Pirate and has always been a Pirate since he was a child. He knows it's not easy to believe, let's face it, 'occupation Pirate' is hard to take seriously right? But that's the situation, he is a present day Pirate and yes, he has captured ships and done everything a classical Pirate should do to be recognized by his or her peers. Of course it was cool and an advantage that no one believed who he was. However now he is 'semi' retired and has decided to 'come out' and tell it how it is. It has become a misfortune to be "unbelieved" and has now caused me him a prime communication problem. Or in simple words, No one believes who he is or what he does. He is here to reveal secrets and bring a message, a heavy message but if this message is to be accepted then the messenger must first somehow become credible.
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