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Major Ed Dames - Knowing the Unknowable: The Innate Ability of Remote Viewing

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S y n o p s i s 

Decorated army officer Major Ed Dames tells the shocking true story of his time as operations and training officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's top-secret Psychic Intelligence Unit. Together with his PSI Spyteam, Dames used the practice of remote viewing to uncover accurate and verifiable military intelligence by going where no intel operatives on the ground could go -- into the very mind of the enemy. After retiring from the military, he turned his paranormal detective skills to finding missing persons such as millionaire pilot Steve Fossett, whose plane vanished in Nevada, and a young Colorado girl named Christina White, who disappeared seemingly without a trace. He has even located one of the most legendary missing objects in history, the Ark of the Covenant. Cosmic Columbo Major Ed Dames takes us behind the scenes of some of his most mind-bending cases. He reveals true stories and fascinating secrets uncovered by the military's remote viewing teams--from intelligence on Soviet missile sites to the whereabouts of missing POWs in Vietnam to the location of the Ark of the Covenant.  

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Executive Summary:

The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, and creator of Technical Remote Viewing, Major Edward A. Dames, United States Army, is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government's TOP SECRET psychic espionage unit.


Edward Dames is a ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Between 1979 and 1983, Major Dames served as an electronic warfare officer and scientific and technical intelligence officer.

In 1982, Ingo Swann, under the direction of Dr. Harold Puthoff, head of the Remote Viewing Laboratory at Stanford Research Institute, realized a breakthrough. Swann developed a working model for how the unconscious mind communicates information to conscious awareness. To test the model, the Army sent Major Dames and five others to Swann as a prototype trainee group.

The results exceeded all expectations - even those of Swann. In six months, Major Dames' teammates were producing psychically-derived data with more consistency and accuracy than had ever been seen in similar intelligence projects using even the best 'natural' psychics. In late 1983, the team parted company with Swann. As the new operations and training officer for the unit, Dames took this breakthrough skill, dubbed 'Coordinate Remote Viewing,' and began a new phase of research, testing, and evaluation in order to both uncover its true capabilities, and to perfect its application to fit crucial intelligence collection needs.

Major Dames receives his first Meritorious Service Medal


Citation Details: For distinguishing himself by outstanding meritorious achievement as targeting and analysis officer, United States Army Systems Exploitation Detachment, from 5 January 1983 to 30 September 1984. CPT Dames identified and confirmed the existence of an entirely new Soviet offensive weapon, and then personally briefed senior officials of the National Intelligence Agencies regarding the significance of this new Soviet capability. As a result of CPT Dames' efforts in uncovering this program, new resources are being programmed to develop the appropriate defense measures to deal with this new and highly disturbing Soviet capability. CPT Dames' achievements are clearly outstanding and reflect utmost credit upon himself, his organization, and the United States Army.

Major Dames supplied the U.S. President and NSC with proof that the Soviets had clandestinely developed a new generation of biochemical warfare agents. As a result, Congress approved funds for a new DIA Biological Threat Analysis Center. Under the standard military rigor and discipline, combined with a team approach and countless hours of applying the new tool against a wide range of operational and training targets, 'psychic intelligence' (PSIINT) methods and techniques became dependable enough to be considered by some individuals in leadership positions for use in support of life-or-death missions, or special operations in which the application of deadly (military) force was authorized.

Major Dames receives his second Meritorious Service Medal

Citation Details: For distinguishing himself by outstanding meritorious achievement as targeting and analysis officer, United States Army Systems Exploitation Detachment, from 1 June 1983 to 1 November 1984. CPT Dames identified a new and unique Soviet weapons program. The national security implications of CPT Dames' findings have been characterized by top U.S. policymakers as revolutionary, and were briefed by him to officials in all the national intelligence agencies, the Secretary of the Army, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and members of the National Security Council and Congress, who subsequently briefed the president of the United States. CPT Dames' achievements are clearly outstanding and reflect utmost credit upon himself, his organization and the United States Army.

The Army passed control of the 'psi spy' unit to the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1986. DIA is an analytical agency, and has no charter to collect intelligence - it did not know what to do with the unit. The unit was ferreted away within DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate.

Dale Graff, a civilian, was assigned by DIA to administratively oversee the unit. Since the unit was no longer being utilized to any real operational potential, Major Dames' focus shifted almost entirely to developing advanced remote viewing techniques. Quietly, however, he also utilized the team to support projects on behalf of clients in the classified research community. By 1989, civilian Dale Graff, through a complete lack of understanding about remote viewing capabilities and 'real world' applications, began recruiting natural psychics as additional members of the team - an act that effectively administered the coup de grace to the unit's value - and future - as an intelligence collection asset.

In the same year, Major Dames brought remote viewing technology out of the military and to the public. He formed a company that started out by hiring virtually all of the original military remote viewers, who were still on active duty. Today, all of the now evolved, enabling remote viewing expertise and knowledge resides in the civilian sector, where Dames continues to teach the techniques and employ this powerful tool in commercial operations.

Major Dames receives The Legion of Merit


Citation Details: For distinguishing himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services as an intelligence officer in the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1 October 1982 to 1 October 1991. His insightful threat analysis has contributed significantly to this country's ability to maintain its military superiority. Major Dames' distinguished performance of duty throughout this period represents outstanding accomplishments in the most cherished traditions of the United States Army and reflects the utmost credit upon himself and the military service.

Major Dames retired from the U.S. Army in 1991 and began a full-time effort to advance remote viewing technology, and to create teams of professional civilian Remote Viewers to work on complex projects.

In 1992, Ingo Swann wrote a letter to The American Society of Psychical Research, which included, among other things, a brief summary of his knowledge about Ed:

"He [Major Dames] was Targeting Director (sic) of the U.S. Intelligence Electronic & Security Command (sic), and assistant director of special operations (sic) in the DIA Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence, and an area controller of special operations (sic) of Headquarters Department of the Army. For several years, he was mandated to brief on a daily and/or weekly basis DIA, NSA, other agencies, and, when circumstances required, the President and his advisors."

Major Dames released his initial VHS RV training tape set in 1997. Unfortunately, a VHS tape does not allow for a menu system and, therefore, cannot provide an efficiently structured method of presenting RV training targets along with the necessary feedback. By today's standards, attempting to learn remote viewing from VHS tapes is neither practical nor effective. Attempting to adapt RV training to a CD format does not overcome this problem.

From 2000 through 2004, Major Dames held remote viewing workshops around the country in an effort to build a base of vocationally oriented remote viewers.

Finally, in September, 2004, Major Dames released the long awaited, groundbreaking Learn Remote Viewing 4-disk DVD course ( The Learn Remote Viewing course is now the most advanced RV training program in the world, incorporating 17 years of evolved, post-'psi spy' operational knowledge. The training set utilizes the natural DVD menu system to provide a structured, comfortably paced training environment, with an effective mix of training targets, lectures, and feedback. Additionally, a free online forum is manned daily by the teacher himself and his staff of professional remote viewers, providing unlimited assistance to students during and after their training. No other remote viewing training course provides this degree of support and educational excellence.

Today, Major Dames remains the leader in this brave new world - a world without secrets. He continues to advance Remote Viewing technology, and to teach the latest remote viewing techniques via the LearnRV DVD course and the RV Community Forum. And, as always, he devotes much of his free time to humanitarian projects. 

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Patti Conklin | Aliens, Reincarnation, DNA, and Human Devolution

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                                                            S y n o p s i s 

What are Aliens? Where do they come from? Are there different types? What kind of technology do they possess and are they just using physics in its true form? Why are they here? Have they always been here? What happened to human lifespan. Why was it shortened and most of our capabilities turned off? Were they turned off or is it the learned belief that has turned it off? These are some of the questions discussed during the interview. We also discussed the topic of reincarnation and human devolution, as evidenced by the incredible monuments left by the ancient ones throughout the world, and even today, humans do not have the capability to replicate them. 

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Patti Conklin grew up in Brooktondale NY. Starting out in the Non Profit world, she held many exciting and interesting jobs, such as; Director of Women In Literacy, Laubach Literacy International, overseeing an 11 Million dollar campaign in 30 countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America; Southeast Regional Director Canine Companions for Independence; West Regional Director of Make A Wish Foundation; Development Director of Girl Scouts of America, Michigan to name a few.

PATTI CONKLIN, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, is a “Vibrational Intuitive” with exceedingly rare vision and the unique ability to pull disease out of the physical body. Patti is a lecturer and teacher of vibrational medicine: the method of improving health and wellness through the neutralization of “negative” vibrations in the cells of the body. She is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive individual and a highly sought-after International speaker who shares her exceptional abilities in her workshops and private practice.

Both the Founder’s Award, from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association in 2007, and the President’s Award, in 2004 from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, are among her many honors, along with induction into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame in 1996. Patti has been labeled by colleagues, physicians, and clients as one of the greatest Medical Intuitives of the 21st Century.

Patti is the author of God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped, a tell-all book that recounts the experiences, visitations, and lessons Patti has been faced with in learning and accepting her mission in this life: “To teach others to become insubstantial without transitioning.”

Patti has been written about with appreciation and respect by authors in more than ten books, including Soul Agreements by Dick Sutphen, Miracles of the Casa by Josie Ravenwing, and Radical Remissions by Dr. Kelly Turner, Unstuff Yourself by Nancie Barwick Ph.D, One Day At A Time, David M. Sloan, The Faces Behind The Pages That Inspire, by Lori Rekowski to name a few.

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Coral Castle Mystery 100% Solved with 1930's Film Footage!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You Soon Can Dive Without An Oxygen Mask Thanks To This New Material


“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” — Oprah Winfrey

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again. Your breathing should flow gracefully, like a river, like a watersnake crossing the water, and not like a chain of rugged mountains or the gallop of a horse. Breathing is living. And in the near future, you will be able to breath even under water thanks to a new material synthesized by researchers in a lab.

Based on special crystalline materials, scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have created a substance that is able to absorb and store oxygen in such high concentrations. It’s like dipping a sponge in water, squeezing the water out of it and repeating the process over and over again. A bucket full of material (about 22 pounds) is enough to suck up all the oxygen in an average sized room. The concreteness is also able to release the stored oxygen in a controlled manner when it is needed, which is ideally suitable for divers to get rid of carrying heavy bulky scuba tanks.

The new material specifically uses the elements cobalt, bound in organic molecules. “Cobalt gives the new material precisely the molecular and electronic structure that enables it to absorb oxygen from its surroundings. Small amounts of metals are essential for the absorption of oxygen, so actually it’s not entirely surprising to see this effect in our new material,” said professor Christine McKenzie of the University of Southern Denmark.

Interestingly, one of important aspects of this new material is that it doesn’t react irreversibly with oxygen — even though it absorbs oxygen in a so-called selective chemisorption process. “The material is both a sensor, and a container for oxygen. We can use it to bind, store, and transport oxygen — like a solid artificial hemoglobin,” explained professor McKenzie.

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How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy

Abby Martin takes a look at the real reason why hemp is illegal in the US, the truth might surprise you.

“Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation” – Thomas Jefferson

“The Declaration of Independence itself was even drafted on paper derived from hemp.”

“George Washington, John Addams and Thomas Jefferson all grew hemp on their private farms.”

For the rest of the story:

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Love eternal: Remains of couple locked in 5,800-year-old hug unearthed in Greece

The remains of a man and woman in their early 20s, buried as they died nearly 6,000 years ago, were found locked in a tight embrace in Diros, southern Greece.

ATHENS, Greece — Death did not part them.

Archaeologists in southern Greece have discovered the grave of a man and woman buried as they died some 5,800 years ago — still tightly embracing.

A senior member of the excavation team, Anastassia Papathanassiou, says the discovery — made in 2013 and publicized this week after DNA testing determined each skeleton's sex — is the oldest of its kind in Greece.

She says the couple most likely died holding each other. 

The remains were found near the Alepotrypa Cave in Diros.

Papathanassiou told The Associated Press on Friday that the remains of the couple, estimated to be in their 20s, were found near the Alepotrypa Cave, an important prehistoric site.

It's unclear how they died and whether they were related, but Papathanassiou says further DNA testing should answer the latter question

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Mike King | The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2


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S y n o p s i s 

On the evening of February 13, 1945, a series of Allied firebombing raids begins against the German city of Dresden, reducing the "Florence of the Elbe" to rubble and flames, and killing as many as 135,000 people. It was the single most destructive bombing of the war—including Hiroshima and Nagasaki—and all the more horrendous because little, if anything, was accomplished strategically, since the Germans were already on the verge of surrender.

During the 75 years that have now passed since the end of the grand history-altering event known as World War II, only a single narrative of the great conflict has been heard. It is a story which the architects of the New World Order have implanted, no, POUNDED into the minds of three subsequent generations. Every medium of mass indoctrination has been harnessed to the task of training the obedient masses as to what the proper view of this event should be. Academia, news media, public education, book publishing, TV documentaries, Hollywood films, clergymen and politicians of every stripe all sing the same song.

You know the familiar lyrics: “Led by Adolf Hitler; Germany, Italy and Japan tried to enslave the planet. The “good guys” of the “world community”, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Winston Churchill, banded together and stopped them. Literally, not a day seems to pass without some sort of media reference to this incomplete and simplistic narrative; a story which oh-so-conveniently ignores the previous decades of critical history leading up to World War II, omits vital information from the actual war years, and outright fabricates lie after lie after lie.

Indeed, the “official story” amounts to a manufactured mendacity of such mountainous dimensions that the human mind will have a hard time processing the actual truth of the grand event, no matter how compelling the case may be. Isn’t it time you heard a different tune; at least for your consideration? Haven't you ever at least been curious as to what "the other side of the World War II story" was? We discuss an epic timeline that will transport you back to the mid 1800's; and then lead you on an exciting "you are there" journey right up through both World War I and World War II. But do be forewarned. Your worldview may never be the same.

B i o 

M. S. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York City area. A 1987 graduate of Rutgers University, King's subsequent 30 year career in Marketing & Advertising has equipped him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how "public opinion" is indeed scientifically manufactured.

Madison Ave marketing acumen combines with 'City Boy' instincts to make M.S. King one of the most tenacious detectors of "things that don‟t add up" in the world today. Says King of his admitted quirks, irreverent disdain for "conventional wisdom", and uncanny ability to ferret out and weave together important data points that others miss: "Had Sherlock Holmes been an actual historical personage, I would have been his reincarnation."

King is also the author of The War Against Putin: What the Government- Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia. King‟s other interests include: the animal kingdom, philosophy, chess, cooking, literature and history (with emphasis on events of the late 19th through the 20th centuries).
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