Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[VERITAS EXCLUSIVE]: UFO Blogger contacted me this morning to report several Intelligence groups logged on to his Web site immediately after posting

At first, I did not know how to post this story. I communicated this to Paola Harris and this is what she posted on the Exopolitics Institute Web site:

"I have gotten several emails citing Intelligence groups who logging on to websites which are carrying the " shoot down "story. Nick knew what he was doing and our websites are getting interesting traffic from Government agencies. The logic here is: Are these craft only visiting England?

This is a perfect opportunity for the apologists in Exopolitics to ask some very logical and pertinent questions about " our Lack" of disclosure, to write some Examiner articles too. If This is real then this is real on a planetary level. And if so, then why can we not look at this as a " matter of National security"...or to avoid airplane crashes. "

We have communicated with Nick Pope and he said he was authorized to report the news. What are these groups so interested in knowing that they don't know already? It sounds to me as if they are in disagreement with Nick and the British Government continued dissemination of UFO files. What could possibly NASA and these US military branches find out that they don't know already? Are they concerned that Disclosure is actually happening faster than they anticipated?

Below are the actual snapshots from these "Intelligence" logs, which occurred almost simultaneously:

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