Saturday, February 21, 2009

[BREAKING NEWS] Body Found of Paul Vigay. Two crop circle researchers pass this week.

I recently made contact with Colin Andrews, crop circle investigator, who will be on our show in the near future. He just contacted me with the following:

Friday morning I was expecting to hear from Paul after exchanging a number of e-mails during the week about the 1989 Cheesefoot Head sound analysis he did for me. I was looking out for his anticipated message when I received an e-mail from Kerry McKenna with Paul's name in the subject line. Instead of the reply I was expecting from Paul it was the shocking news that his body had been washed up in the English Channel at Southsea, near where he lived.

Like many of my research colleagues and friends I am deeply shocked and upset at this terrible loss.

Paul was reliable and trusted by all of his friends and others who knew him. A genuinely nice person and a highly intelligent young man.

We had carried out a number pf projects together over the years, since I first met him at the launch of 'Circular Evidence' near Winchester in 1989. Paul met me there with his lovely Mother, who could hardly contain her love for him. I could see where his gentle nature came from.

He visited my home in Andover several times with every known electronic gadget known to man and even more amazing was that he knew how they all worked.

I wondered if I should share a strangeness in our final correspondence this week and believe there is no harm in doing so. I shared this with my friend Dave Haith a short while ago.

It was as if we knew we were saying goodbye to each other...

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