Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Veritas Show went into overtime.

Today's edition of The Veritas Show went into overtime. We broke a new record and the show lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. We consider our show limit at 2 hours. However, this is our seventh show and the number 7 is my favorite number. Angela Joiner took us back to Stephenville, Texas, and her experience breaking the most talked about UFO story that circulated the globe in early 2008. However, there are more sightings taking place as of last week.

Dr. Michael Salla's interview (a 2-hour interview) took us where we have never been before. We touched so many subjects that we could actually say "no stones were left unturned". He was a magnificent guest and answered every question in the most proficient and eloquent manner. His expertise on the subject is unsurpassed and we are very privileged to have had him. I had an opportunity to review his book and it is filled with knowledge that everyone in the UFO community must have.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy this show. Remember, I will have a chat with you (the audience) next week. To find the specifics on the date and time of the chat, you can find out by joining our Facebook page. I will announce the date and time tomorrow evening once the show is posted. Just search for Veritas Show on Facebook. I you are a Podcast subscriber, the show is already available.

A quick summary:

Angelia Joiner discussed the most recent updates on the Stephenville UFO and F 16 controversy, as well as a background on last year’s incident, where she lost her position as a full time reporter of the Empire Tribune newspaper for reporting on UFOs.

Dr. Michael Salla discussed multiple fascinating topics, including his efforts at conflict resolution in East Timor and Kosovo; plus the Vatican, President Eisenhower, Nazi technology, NWO, and ancient and modern day UFO study and government transparency

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