Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Facebook the Killer App for UFO disclosure?

Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, along with members such as Jeff Peckman and others in the exopolitics movement are utilizing as a means to publish information on the web in support of the exopolitical agenda. They are, following in the ideological footsteps of Steven Bassett, actively attempting to propagate the meme that the Obama administration will be the one to finally revoke what Basset calls the 'truth embargo' and formally disclose the existence of ET operating in Earth's biosphere.

Seasoned observers of the UFO/ET phenomenon and the political landscape in America wonder whether or not the exopolitical movement is sufficiently grounded in terrestrial political reality to be conducting such a program with any hope of success. Given the number and magnitude of the crises facing Barack Obama and his administration, the last thing it needs is association with an issue that opens them to ridicule. The Republicans are already resorting to politics as usual, broadly labeling the stimulus package with the catch all denigration of "wasteful government spending". It would be counter productive, conventional wisdom has it, for the administration to even bring up the subject of UFO's, much less endorse it. Henceforth, any idea presented by the administration would somehow be rhetorically and dismissively linked to memes of 'little green men' and 'UFO conspiracy theorists'...

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