Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama release of UFO files will prepare humanity for 2012 Solar Waves

NASA press announcement on December 16, 2008 revealed that a giant breach has been found in the Earth magnetic field. The magnetic field shields the earth from the solar wind which consists of plasma energy transmitted from the sun. For the entire duration of the next solar cycle, especially during its peak, plasma energy will pour in through the breach which is four times larger than the earth. In part one of this series of articles, I showed how each individual’s bio-electrical system will become increasingly charged as the sun ramps up its outpouring of plasma for Solar Cycle #24. As bio-electrical systems are charged up, many will feel this most immediately as surges of nervous energy. If individuals prepare correctly their bodies and nervous systems, the increased plasma energy can lead to a significant enhancement of human abilities.

The human nervous system is made up of billions of neurons that communicate information to one another and the body’s trillions of cells. Robert Becker, in Body Electric, revealed that neurons transmit information through tiny electrical signals that are very sensitive to the electrical environment. This was why living near electrical transmission wires can be very damaging to the body’s sensitive bio-electrical system. Similarly, large electrical discharges or shocks can severely disrupt the human body...

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