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The Veritas Show Forum is now The Manticore

For a few weeks, I had been seriously thinking of creating a name for the show's forum, so that it could have its own identify. Project Camelot has Project Avalon. I wanted to call it Project Manticore but 20th Century Fox owns the trademark (from the series Dark Angel).

You may remember (if you saw the series) how Project Manticore was a covert facility taken over by the US government to produce the ultimate human military weapons. Well, this Manticore is neither covert nor has it been taken over by the US government.

It is for sure one of the last bastions of truth. Obviously, it is strongly affiliated with the Veritas show, but now instead of saying, "I'll see you at the Veritas Show From" it's easier to say "I'll see you at The Manticore".

We welcome intellectual anarchy. With this new identify, I am certain it will create lots of interest and branding. I'm sure those of you who have visited the forum know it's taking a life of its own; therefore, it should have an identify of its own. Check it out: The Manticore

In Veritas,

Mel Fabregas

Dulce underground UFO base conference ends

Yesterday a conference was held in the small town of Dulce, New Mexico to discuss evidence of an underground extraterrestrial base at the nearby Archuleta Mesa. Organized by Norio Hayakawa, a retired funeral director now living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction Conference brought together local and outside speakers with knowledge of events at Dulce. The conference began at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn but the venue had to be changed to the local civic meeting room after the first session since not all the audience could fit inside. Approxiately 100 people came from as far away as Pennslyvannia and Hawaii to attend the conference. Hayakawa hoped to end speculation about the existence of an underground extraterrestrial base. Speakers and locals were divided over the presence of extraterrestrials at the base, but most agreed that strange events were happening at the Archuleta Mesa. Most speakers believed that some kind of underground base existed, but this was related with classified military projects, and had nothing to do with extraterrestrials. Some locals joined two of the speakers in accepting evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial presence at Dulce.

The first speaker, local rancher Edmund Gomez, explained how the Dulce mystery began in June 1976 with the discovery of cattle mutilations on his ranch. Evidence was gathered pointing to military involvement in some kind of biological testing program that was highly classified. Gomez explained how physical evidence he gathered would regularly dissappear, and that his family had to eventually sell his ranch due to cattle losses. While Gomez believed that claims of extraterrestrials and UFOs related to Archuletta Mesa was disinformation, he did find evidence of classified military activities and an air vent to an underground facility during a 1988 expedition. His discovery and photo of the vent was the first concrete evidence that an underground base does exist at Dulce.

The next speaker, Chris O’Brian was skeptical of the Dulce undergound base hypothesis. He believed that claims of an undergound base at Dulce were a distraction from anomalous events at the nearby St Luis Valley which were more significant in his opinion. The retired Dulce Director of Public Safety, Hoyt Velarde said he had never found evidence of an underground facility at Dulce, but did confirm that UFOs were seen over the town of Dulce. Gabe Valdez, a retired New Mexico State Trooper, said that there were indeed sensitive events happening at Dulce which he did not want to discuss, but that stories of extraterrestrials were not accurate.

Greg Bishop next spoke and explained his research on Paul Bennewitz, a deceased (2003) electronics expert who was the first to claim that an extraterrestrial undergound base existed at Dulce. He explained how Bennewitz had captured physical evidence of UFOs near Kirtland Air Force Base and connected this to claims of an underground base at the Archuleta Mesa. Bishop explained how in his book on Bennewitz’s claims, Project Beta, that he doubted the existence of an underground base. He had concluded that Bennewitz was side tracked by a disinformation campaign to get him to look away from evidence of events at Kirtland. Bishop revealed, however, how after the 2005 publication of his book that a number of insiders had confided to him that an undergound base does exist at Dulce. Together with the discovery of a vent to an underground facility, this led to him now changing his position and doubting his former skepticism.

Keith Ealy explained his own view that the Dulce underground base was a space time portal for interdimensionals. He pointed out that this was similar to Dr Jacque Vallee’s own conclusions regarding the UFO phenomenon. Norio Harayama, the conference organizer, also agreed with the interdimensional explaination for the strange events at Dulce and the Archuleta Mesa.

I was the first speaker after the lunch break. I presented my own research on the Dulce undergound extraterrestrial base hypothesis that was first released in September 2003 and updated in my new book, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life. I explained my interest in claims of human rights abuses at Dulce and of a possible firefight there in 1979 between U.S. military forces and extraterrestrials. I discussed the claims of of a number of civilians and whistleblowers relating to the Dulce undergound base, and why these need to be seriously investigated. I concluded that Dulce was a joint military extraterrestrial underground base and Paul Bennewitz had been misinformed that it was a base of extraterrestrials wanting to take over the Earth. I was followed by veteran UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser who also had concluded that an underground facility existed at Dulce and that this could be related to UFO activity in New Mexico.

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This is a promotional video that Andre Heath from http://www.thealienproject.com did for The Veritas Show hosted by Mel Fabregas. The word Veritas is Latin for Truth. The show aims to be a movement set on informing the world, teaching and finding out everything about the hidden knowledge being kept secret from humanity.

Click HERE for the lastest show with Pane Andov (Astralwalker) - Extraordinary Powers in Humans. Astralwalker discussed his psionic abilities and out of the body experiences, Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Contact and Disclosure, the Shadow Government and the Global Elite, Egypt and the Pyramids, the Mayan calendar, 2012 and the Nexus wave, Collective Consciousness, Global Meditations, Crop circles, Dimensional and Interdimensional beings, Atlantis, Wars between Atlanteans and Lumerians, Aquarian Age, Planetary alignment, Carl Sagan, Nassim Haramein, the Grand Unified Theory, the Fractal Universe, the Matrix, Time and Space, Past Lives and Reincarnations, NASA and Space Missions, Civilizations and Extinctions, Auras and Energy, Double Helix awareness, Prison Planet, Underground Bases, Population Reduction, Animal Mutilations, Ufology and the Great Deception, Our origins and future, and much more.

FOX News Investigative Reporters Fired For Telling The Truth

As you know by now, we not only cover UFOs and the paranormal; we also cover current world events anywhere where the truth is being covered. The below video is a prime example of what two real journalists went through while uncovering the truth. I salute Jane Akre and Steve Wilson (former Fox reporters), for their courage and dedication, and for being true example that proves profit is not the highest principle: Truth is. Soon we will be focusing on these conspiracies to keep the population in the dark; especially by hiding what is really being consumed by most of the population.

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By Elaine Douglass

The U.S. government has a close working relationship with alien beings, three unnamed witnesses told a California radio station in a program aired in June.

The four-hour program, produced and broadcast by KPFA-FM in Berkeley, Calif., ranged widely over the UFO topic, but the most explosive segments were the testimony of a construction contractor who said he saw aliens at Edwards
Air Force Base and at the China Lake Naval Weapons facility in California; the testimony of a man who described "saucers" being launched from a Northrop facility near Edwards; and a woman's second-hand account of a meeting between aliens and U.S. military officers.

Moreover, it now appears that KPFA's voice in the UFO area has been silenced. Although in June the program producer Ralph Steiner promised additional coverage of the UFO issue in future broadcasts, inquires from the Forum were met with this blunt message from Mr. Steiner: "Do not re- broadcast the tape. Persons whose testimony is on the tape have been threatened and their lives are in danger." Subsequent inquiries from The Forum to Mr. Steiner have gone unanswered.

The Forum has obtained a tape of the KPFA broadcast. What follows is a summary and excerpts from witness No. 1. The testimony of witness No. 2 and No. 3 will be discussed in Part Two of this article next issue.

According to the KPFA broadcast, the interviews were conducted in April 1991 in communities surrounding Edwards Air Force Base in the Antelope Valley of Southern California. Witness No. 1 described himself as a Vietnam veteran, former Green Beret, military medal-holder, and a licensed general contractor who has worked on construction projects at Chuna Lake and at Nellis, Scott, Edwards, and Andrews Air Force Bases. The projects, the witness said,
were "mostly underground."

* Underground Structures, Alien Beings

Each of these facilities has extensive underground installations, and they are "definitely not normal military structures," the witness said. He described 4-foot thick concrete walls and electronically-con-trolled oval-shaped doorways. "In one building I worked on at Edwards, called Haystack Buttes, it took us over 5 minutes to get from the top to the bottom by elevator," the witness said. "We estimated it was 30 stories deep." It was here that the witness first saw an alien. "We were walking down a hall," the witness said, "and these doors opened and there was a very particular person or things that caught my eye for an instant. This man was over seven feet tall. I'd say between 8 and 9 to 10 feet, wearing a lab jacket and talking to two [human] engineers.

"This man's arms were almost down to his knees! It threw me into shock," the witness said. "And then the doors closed. Security saw us and told us to get out of there. Next day I walked off the job," the witness said.

Asked if the being he saw was a human, the witness replied, "Definitely not. He had big slanted eyes. A big head. Fingers were extremely long. Greenish skin." The witness said he saw the being for "just a couple of seconds. Three-quarters of its face is what I saw and I said, this guy would make a hell of a basketball player!"

* One Witness Scared, the Other Dead

The witness said his co-worker " 'bout died" when he too saw the being. The witness compared the height of the being to the height of the humans standing next to it. He said he knew one of the humans, whose height he estimated at 6 feet
6 inches.

Witness No. 1 described a second encounter with aliens. He said he and co-workers saw "greys" at the China Lake naval facility.

"They [security] thought we had left--me and two other guys. But we decided to stay over and finish this job. We walked past a hangar and we could see through a window," the witness said.

"One of the guys I was with, Paul, he saw them first. He said, 'Come here! Hurry up! I want to show you something!' And we looked in the window and there's these four little grey guys about 3 feet tall.

"Right then, security saw us and they told us, 'We thought you guys left.' And they escorted us and said, 'You're not allowed around this hangar. This hangar is off- limits to everybody. You'll get yourself shot.'

"And it messed with Paul's mind so much that every chance he got he snuck over there. He finally got caught and was kicked off the base. About three months later they found him mysteriously dead in Orange County. This kinda put a scare in me. I know why not to mess with something," the witness said.

"After that I said, Ain't nobody pulling the blanket over my head any more. l know what's going on now. l know what I saw at Edwards is real. Somebody's playing games with us," the witness said.

It should be noted that KPFA is one of five "Pacifica" stations, the first of which was founded in the late 1940s. The Pacifica stations, in New York, berkeley, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Washington, D.C., are alternative, non- commercial and listener-sponsored, with a long tradition of political activism and precedent-making First Amendment struggles.

EXOPOLITICS: Obama, Kissinger, Space, UN and NASA!

Courtesty of Andre Heath / The Alien Project Blog

As the Chinese philosopher once euphemistically said, "May you live in interesting times," several news event caught my attention over the last couple weeks that seems to give life to the ancient proverb.

Starting today, President Barack Obama says he is extraordinarily proud of the astronauts aboard the linked shuttle-space station complex. During a video conference call Tuesday, Obama questioned the 10 astronauts about everything from how fast they are traveling and to exercising in space. He also asked what they do besides work on experiments and how weightlessness affects their sleep. To read the full report and view the slideshow of the event, click HERE. More steps to towards realignment in space?

Next, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, General Jim Jones (USMC ret.) made a very curious comment at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy in Germany. He said: "Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here.” An unsuccessful attempt at dry humor, but a most strange and unguarded admission. How much influence does Kissinger exert over the Obama administration and the policy making process? Furthermore, what influence does Kissinger have in influencing U.S. policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

Next on March 17, 2009 United NationsBattlestar Galactica' forum on Extraterrestrial War and Peace failed to mention extraterrestrial civilizations on the 30th anniversary of a U.N. General Assembly decision on establishing an agency for unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial life. Weird. In an exclusive with the Examiner.com post-event interview, Juan Carlos Brandt, U.N. spokesperson for an invitation-only forum ‘Battlestar Galactica’ at the United Nations admitted that, “extraterrestrials were not mentioned at the Battlestar Galactica forum. Extraterrestrials were not brought up by anyone on the U.N. side, or on the audience side.” The omission of any mention of extraterrestrial civilizations is startling because Battlestar Galactica is about a extraterrestrial civilizations, and the year 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of United Nations General Assembly Decision 33/426, on the “establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, co-coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and related phenomena.”

On March 12 a Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 was launched as a Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that gives protection to whistleblowers working on national security issues and for federally funded contractors. Currently whistleblowers who disclose cases of abuse in the national security and corporate arenas have no legal protection against retaliation from their employers. The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 would for the first time give protection to whistleblowers who disclose abuses in the national security and corporate arenas. Is disclosure near? Only time will tell.

In an announcement this week, it was indicated that on the 25th & 26th of July, 2009, the European Exopolitics Summit will set an important milestone in the Old Continent. This event hopes to present a new social approach to a vital principle of society that, for many years, has been left out, ridiculed and denied. We are not alone in the Universe and we have never been. For more on the event and the speakers (which includes Nick Pope, Robert Dean, Michael Salla, Dr. Steven Greer and Alfred L. Webre) click HERE.

Also, on March 18, it was reported that there are claims that U.S. space agency NASA is defrauding American taxpayers. Analysts think that this could inspire a flood of lawsuits from Americans with no legal training in small claims courts. The idea was recently proposed at the International UFO Congress. It is also likely to be brought up at the X-Conference 2009 in Gaithersburg, MD, during April 17-19.

Finally, something else for you to chew on, on March 4th, there was a report that President Obama released his first National Security Directive. Titled Presidential Policy Directive -1, it greatly expands the power of the National Security Council (NSC) to oversee all executive departments and agencies. The Directive introduces new members into top level NSC meetings including the Energy Secretary and the U.S. representative to the United Nations. Most significant is that Obama’s National Security Advisor, General James Jones (ret.), was given direct authority to develop and implement policy throughout the NSC system. Under previous Presidential administrations, a number of interagency committees were not chaired or controlled by the NSC. “Under Obama”, according to one Foreign Policy analyst, “the NSC chairs everything, though some committees can and will be cochaired.” Prior to his current appointment, General Jones was involved in a secretive Boeing Corporation effort to declassify antigravity technology for commercial application. Boeing’s declassification efforts were denied. Obama’s Directive now gives General Jones a second opportunity to have antigravity technology declassified for commercial development.

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New Veritas Video Contest Submission (Click on HD for best quality). Submitted by Nicky from the U.K.

A Light Fantastic: Could Aliens Be Sending Us Laser Signals?

Laser beam

Over a decade ago SETI pioneer Jill Tarter and I had a dinner discussion about the protocol procedures for announcing to the world the first detection of a signal broadcast from an extraterrestrial civilization.

I expressed relief that I would never have to worry about publicizing such a discovery from Hubble Space Telescope. “Hold on Ray,” Jill said, “you never know, Hubble might conceivably pick up a signal that other telescopes can’t detect.”

Oh, my worst nightmare! Imagine keeping that information under a news release embargo!

Now, some readers will scratch their heads at this because SETI has been popularized in the 1997 movie Contact where actress Jodie Foster “listens” for radio signals from E.T. with the huge radio telescope array near Socorro, New Mexico.

But another communication strategy that aliens might use instead of radio signals is to send brief and intense bursts of laser light across the galaxy – sort of like a signal lamp between two ships. Some space telescopes would be ideally suited to pluck out such a signal from the sky background.

Why laser beams instead of radio transmitters? A directed beam across interstellar space would be unmistakable from the stellar background and could penetrate thousands of light-years. With each pulse of energy a signal from a big enough laser optics system could appear 1 million times brighter that the transmitting planet’s parent star. The thought is that an alien society would use an agile laser-transmitter to “paint” nearby target sunlike stars with a “searchlight beam.”

Texas laser

An advanced alien civilization would not have to bust its annual GNP to construct a super-laser. Ideally, they would build a telescopic mirror the width of 10 football fields. They’d shine a laser into it that is capable of pumping out a blinding 1 quadrillion watts of energy in brief bursts (just such a laser is already in operation at the University of Texas).

Now, a petawatt is 1,200 times the entire electrical generating capacity of the United States -- but the shots last for less than a trillionth of a second each. The laser could pulse at one blast per second or so.

The pulse sequence might have a mathematical pattern embedded in it. This could yield a complex and lengthy message, or simply repeat a shorter transmission for redundancy (so long as it does not decode into those sappy musical tones from the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

There have been numerous optical SETI (OSETI) searches with ground-based telescopes, going all the way back to the early 1970s. Ironically, the newly launched NASA Kepler space observatory might be capable of stumbling across just such a signal too. It has the light sensitivity, photometric precision, time resolution, and sample size (170,000 stars) to do, serendipitously, an unofficial (and unsanctioned) OSETI experiment from a space platform.


In addition to doing a census of stars with Earthlike worlds, it is not entirely impossible – however remote – that the observatory could stumble upon an artificial laser transmission. In fact SETI researcher Steve Kilston has gone so far as to assert that if Kepler doesn’t get laser-zapped, the result would statistically reduce the estimated number of actively laser-transmitting civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy to less than one million (and of course it could also be "zero").

A variety of other space telescopes could be similarly adept at coming across an OSETI signal. The European Space Agency’s Gaia observatory (2011 launch) will map the position and velocities of one billion stars in our galaxy. Its onboard multi-color photometer is capable of serendipitous OSETI detections.

A wildly ambitious, spendthrift super-civilization – a million years more technically evolved that us -- might build a moon-sized laser mirror. They would tap a fraction of their star’s energy just to power a godzillion-watt laser capable of transmitting an intergalactic beacon across millions of light-years.

Perhaps a future space telescope might intercept such a signal. The question is, how long will it take the researchers to shake off their amazement and disbelief, and dare tell their colleagues?

Photo Credit: University of Texas, Adam Contos/Ball Aerospace

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In preparation for next week's interview with Robert Emenegger, I am including a small video regarding the incident he was involved in:

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New UFO secrets are revealed in MoD files

Release of classified documents sheds light on infamous 'alien' encounters

As close encounters go, the claim by a woman that an alien attempted to seduce her on a country road sounds far-fetched, but files released today reveal that it was considered serious enough for the Ministry of Defence to investigate.

The Norfolk woman who claimed she was approached by a man who said he came from another planet similar to Earth was questioned by the MoD intelligence branch DI55, whose brief was to investigate credible UFO reports.

She told them that, during their 10-minute chat, the man said his race was responsible for creating crop circles and explained the importance of contact between humans and his own people.

The woman, whose identity is not revealed in the government's "X-Files", was described by officials as "agitated" following the incident in which she "heard a loud buzzing noise behind her, then turned to witness a large, glowing spherical object rise steadily until it disappeared".

The claims were examined by DI55 (whose very existence was denied by the government until recently) and described by an intelligence official as "one of our most unusual UFO reports".

Other cases include the description of a black inverted boomerang-shaped UFO by two experienced air traffic controllers at Heathrow. The sighting, from the airport's control tower on the morning of 17 December 1992, came a week after numerous witnesses in Louth, Lincolnshire, reported seeing three lights attached to a large, triangular craft.

Today's release of the MoD documents also sheds light on one of Britain's most infamous UFO episodes, namely the death of an American air force pilot, Captain William Schaffner, whom conspiracy theorists believe was killed during a high-speed duel with aliens above the North Sea.

On the evening of 8 September 1970, Schaffner's RAF Lightning crashed into the sea during a low-level exercise following take-off from RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire. Schaffner's body was never found, which became significant after claims that Schaffner's plane was scrambled to intercept UFOs.

Although the 28-year-old's death continues to be attributed by some internet sites to a secret war between aliens and earthlings, the MoD files contain a previously unreleased summary of the original RAF Board of Inquiry report into the crash, which makes no mention of UFOs. It concluded that the pilot's death was a tragic accident.

Dr David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University and author of Flying Saucerers: A Social History of UFOlogy, said: "From suspected US Air Force spy planes to Russian rockets burning up in the atmosphere, these new files show the many and varied explanations for UFO reports submitted to the MoD. Making the material available allows us all to make an informed decision on the mystery of UFOs."

One of the themes to emerge from these papers is the Aurora spy plane saga, with the files containing a little-known set of colour photographs, apparently taken in the Scottish Highlands, which appear to show a large diamond-shaped UFO shadowed by military jets.

During the 1980s, rumours abounded about a spy plane codenamed Aurora, said to be capable of hypersonic speed. Although the US authorities denied its existence, alleged sightings frequently made headlines in UFO magazines. The DI55 papers confirm that officials also believed it was possible that someone was flying an advanced aircraft within UK air space.

The most intriguing incident involving such a craft occurred at 9pm on 4 August 1990, at Calvine, a remote hamlet near Pitlochry in Scotland. According to the brief details released by the MoD, witnesses saw a diamond-shaped UFO hovering for about 10 minutes before it disappeared upwards at high speed. During the incident, Harrier jump jets were seen making a number of low-level passes. Colour photographs reveal both the UFO and at least one of the jets.

Former MoD official Nick Pope described the photographs as "one of the most intriguing [UFO] cases in the MoD's files".

However, Clarke said the papers failed to address long-standing questions over the incident. He said: "Many questions remain. Who was the photographer and how can we be sure his story was genuine? Why did the Daily Record decide not to publish the photographs in 1990? If they really were taken on the date stated, then why was the MoD unable to trace the origin of the Harriers clearly shown in the print?

"All we have is the usual rather bland statement that the MoD decided the incident was unexplained, but of no defence significance: case closed."

Whistleblower Protection Act and UFO disclosure

On March 12 a Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 was launched as a Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that gives protection to whistleblowers working on national security issues and for federally funded contractors. Currently whistleblowers who disclose cases of abuse in the national security and corporate arenas have no legal protection against retaliation from their employers. The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 would for the first time give protection to whistleblowers who disclose abuses in the national security and corporate arenas. A number of whistleblowers have come forward to disclose abuses concerning the willful suppression, manipulation and destruction of evidence concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life by national security agencies covered by the proposed Act. If passed in its present form, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act will make it easier for whistleblowers to come forward to reveal such abuses without retaliation. This may finally lead to disclosure of evidence concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The original 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act, did not give protection to national security employees. An initial version of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act was first passed by the House of Representatives in March 2007, but was not passed by the Senate due to Republican opposition. A renewed version of the Act was introduced in the 111th session of Congress on March 12, 2009. Both the 2007 and 2009 House versions of the Act protect whistleblowers in various national security agencies and federally funded contractors from retaliation for blowing the whistle on government or corporate corruption or abuse.

One of the co-sponsors of the House Bill is Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) who said:

We're here to reintroduce the legislation to insure that national security whistleblowers are protected. If somebody has already received a top-secret clearance, if someone has already been determined by our government to meet all the security clearances, if that individual sees waste, fraud and abuse, we have to have a mechanism for that individual to report it without fear of retribution and firing.”

Section 10 of the Bill extends whistleblower protections to employees of “the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office.” Furthermore, Section 11 extends whistleblower protections to employees of companies with government contracts. This is a very significant development given the role of corporations in government funded projects related to advanced technologies that may be related to recovered UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The Senate earlier introduced its own version of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 in February which was weaker since it omitted protection to whistleblowers from federally funded contractors and the National Reconnaissance Office. The Senate Bill was later amended to cover corporate whistleblowers. Both House and Senate (as amended) versions of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act mark a major step forward in encouraging whistleblowers in national security agencies and corporations to come forward to reveal wrongdoing.

A number of whistleblowers have come forward to claim that they witnessed abuses concerning suppression and manipulation of evidence concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life while working for federal agencies dealing with national security issues. Among the most prominent is the National Security Agency (NSA). Karl Wolf served with the USAF for four and half years, and was once taken to a secure NSA facility to repair satellite communications systems. There he witnessed Apollo imagery of artificial structures on the dark side of the moon that was highly classified and never publicly released despite subsequent FOIA requests to the NSA. Dan Sherman, who spent 12 years in the USAF, was stationed at the NSA as an electronic intelligence expert. He revealed his participation in a classified communications project with extraterrestrial entities. Clifford Stone, a 22 year Army veteran, claims that he was escorted to the Pentagon by a NSA employee who arranged for him to meet with an extraterrestrial entity in a secure underground location. Finally, Daniel Morris Salter, a 22 year USAF veteran who also worked with the National Reconnaissance Office, claims that the NSA was directly involved in suppressing witnesses with information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

It is hoped that the House and Senate versions of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 are quickly reconciled and signed into law by President Obama. Obama must avoid using a signing statement to dilute implementation of whistleblower protection as he did on March 12 with the budget bill passed by Congress. President Obama has expressed his support for strong whistleblower protection. He supported the stronger House version of the Bill but still voted in favor of the weaker Senate version when Senator and Presidential candidate. Prospects are good that legislation can still be signed in the first 100 days to support national security and corporate whistleblowers. This can lead to further disclosures by national security whistleblowers of abuses involving evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life without them facing retaliation.

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THE TERRA PAPERS - Revelations of Morning Sky!

Who are we? Why are we here? What is the Divine Femininity? Who created monotheism? Who created us? Why are women stronger than men? Was Adam really a woman and Eve a man? Who is the Madonna? How did RA alter our view of Isis and Osiris? Who really is Moses? Who built the pyramids? Why are the pyramids aligned with the Orion constellation? What is the connection between Earth and Orion and Sirius? Who built all the monoliths? What are the Nazca lines for? Why is 19.5° so important and what does it all mean? What will happen in 2012? What does the prophecies from Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and the Dogans mean? Are we humans or extraterrestrial? Is David Icke correct about the reptilians? Where do we go from here? What is the Terra Papers Solution?

For an in depth examination of all these questions and much more, please take a listen to a wide-ranging interview HERE with Robert Morning Sky, conducted by Mel Fabregas of the Veritas Show.

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Are astronauts free to talk or are they monitored at all times? You decide.

I have been promising to post an audio clip from our January 30, 2009, Veritas interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell. As we were approaching the one-hour mark, I asked him a very direct question, based on the response he gave on a British radio talk show last year, when asked if he believed we "were not alone". As you will find out, my question was very direct (you have to listen to find out).

Dr. Mitchell could not hear me. I could hear him perfectly fine but he could not. I am not speculating; however, it's almost as if "someone" did not want the question asked. I will leave it up to you to decide if it was a technical glitch or perhaps someone did not want Dr. Mitchell to listen nor respond to the question. This audio clip will also be included on the March 20th edition of Veritas for those who do not have access to a computer and will listen on the radio.

The audio clip starts with Dr. Mitchell responding to a previous question.

For the audio clip: CLICK HERE

Discovery of New Microorganisms in the Stratosphere

Three new species of bacteria, which are not found on Earth and which are highly resistant to ultra-violet radiation, have been discovered in the upper stratosphere by Indian scientists. One of the new species has been named as Janibacter hoylei, after the Distinguished Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, the second as Bacillus isronensis recognising the contribution of ISRO in the balloon experiments which led to its discovery and the third as Bacillus aryabhata after India’s celebrated ancient astronomer Aryabhata and also the first satellite of ISRO.

The experiment was conducted using a 26.7 million cubic feet balloon carrying a 459 kg scientific payload soaked in 38 kg of liquid Neon, which was flown from the National Balloon Facility in Hyderabad, operated by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). The payload consisted of a cryosampler containing sixteen evacuated and sterilised stainless steel probes. Throughout the flight, the probes remained immersed in liquid Neon to create a cryopump effect. These cylinders, after collecting air samples from different heights ranging from 20 km to 41 km, were parachuted down and safely retrieved. These samples were analysed by scientists at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad as well as the National Center for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune for independent examination, ensuring that both laboratories followed similar protocols to achieve homogeneity of procedure and interpretation.

The Analytical Findings are Summarised as Follows:

In all, 12 bacterial and six fungal colonies were detected, nine of which, based on 16S RNA gene sequence, showed greater than 98% similarity with reported known species on earth. Three bacterial colonies, namely, PVAS-1, B3 W22 and B8 W22 were, however, totally new species. All the three newly identified species had significantly higher UV resistance compared to their nearest phylogenetic neighbours. Of the above, PVAS-1, identified as a member of the genus Janibacter, has been named Janibacter hoylei. sp. nov. The second new species B3 W22 was named as Bacillus isronensis sp.nov. and the third new species B8 W22 as Bacillus aryabhata.

The precautionary measures and controls operating in this experiment inspire confidence that these species were picked up in the stratosphere. While the present study does not conclusively establish the extra-terrestrial origin of microorganisms, it does provide positive encouragement to continue the work in our quest to explore the origin of life.

This multi-institutional effort had Jayant Narlikar from the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune as Principal Investigator and veteran Scientists U.R. Rao from ISRO and P.M. Bhargava from Anveshna supported as mentors of the experiment. S. Shivaji from CCMB and Yogesh Shouche from NCCS were the biology experts and Ravi Manchanda from TIFR was in charge of the balloon facility. C.B.S. Dutt was the Project Director from ISRO who was in charge of preparing and operating the complex payload.

This was the second such experiment conducted by ISRO, the first one being in 2001. Even though the first experiment had yielded positive results, it was decided to repeat the experiment by exercising extra care to ensure that it was totally free from any terrestrial contamination.

Words from Robert Morning Sky



"I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to participate in an interview with Mr. Mel Fabregas that will appear on his program on Friday March 20th.

This is the first interview I have had in over ten years, it will be the first opportunity to speak on some of the discoveries that I have made during my absence from the speaker’s circuit.

Thank you, Mr. Fabregas for the invitation. Please tune in, Ladies and Gentlemen, I promise to offer you some new thoughts on the world of the strange and the hidden.

Please join us at: www.VeritasShow.com

Thank you...

Robert Morning Sky"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Terry Waite asks U.S to drop case against UFO Seeker/Computer Hacker.

First a little history on Terry Waite, 1980 Terry Waite first became famous when he successfully negotiated the release of several hostages in Iran. In 1984 he negotiated with Colonel Gaddafi for the release of British hostages held in Libya and again was successful. Then from 1985 Waite became involved in hostage negotiations in Lebanon, and he assisted in successful negotiations that secured the release of two hostages. However, his use of an American helicopter to travel secretly between Cyprus and Lebanon and his appearance with Oliver North meant that he was compromised when the Irangate scandal broke. Against advice, Waite felt a need to demonstrate his continuing trust and integrity and his commitment to the remaining hostages. He arrived in Beirut on 12 January 1987 with the intention of negotiating with the Islamic Jihad Organization, who were holding the men. On 20 Jan 1987 he agreed to meet with the captors of the hostages as he was promised safe conduct to visit the hostages, who he was told were ill. The group broke trust and took Waite hostage on 20 Jan 1987, where he remained in captivity for a total of 1,763 days, the first four years of which were spent in total solitary confinement, and it was not until 18 November 1991 that he was Released.

Now Terry Waite, has asked the US to drop criminal charges against Gary McKinnon. McKinnon, is facing extradition to the US for hacking NASA and Pentagon computers while seeking evidence for UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

The story has spread throughout British media, like BBC News, where he has become somewhat of a hero. McKinnon's supporters include Rock Legend Sting, and other government leaders.

Among his findings while hacking into the computers were references of UFOs and "non-terrestrial officers". NASA has denied doctoring photos that contained images of UFOs, and being part of any cover-up, But whistle-blowers have offered testimony that supports claims that NASA has defrauded American taxpayers for billions of dollars.

Former employees or contractors of NASA have claimed that NASA destroyed vital images of UFOs that provided evidence of ET visitors to Earth and the Moon.

To read the whole article on this please visit : examiner.com

A Ufology Tribute to Angelia Joiner.

Blogged by WebeUFObelievers at 12:22 PM Labels: Angelia Joiner, Mel Fabregas, Veritas Show
Webe would like to pay tribute to a brave lady, for refusing to turn her back on the Stephenville witnesses, disregarding the potential cost to her journalistic career, and for resisting pressure to shelve the story.

Furthermore we recognise how important her role has been in keeping this story alive and in the public eye where it belongs. Thank you Angelia, on behalf of the Webe team.

Angelia Joiner, uncovered what is today considered by many, one of the most puzzling UFO events in North American History. Pilots, Police Officers, and local citizens were among her eye witnesses, of which each of these witnesses attest to have seen the massive, solid rectangular unidentified craft, which was hundreds of metres in length, moving silently 270 metres above them.

The Stephenville Empire Tribune, first covered the story, creating International repercussions, and shortly thereafter ceased all coverage. Ms. Joiner's less than ceremonious departure from the Stephenville Empire Tribune portrays how, and possibly why mainstream journalists are pressured to play-down UFO events of high significance.

In the following interview on The Veritas Show, Mel Fabregas the host, interviews Angelia Joiner, to tell her story about the events that took place, back in January 2008. And about her departure from The Stephenville Empire Tribune.

Running Time : Approx 40 mins

We would also like to thank Mel Fabregas, for his kind permission that allowed us to produce this video.

All the very best to Angelia and Mel,
from The Webe Team.

Michio Kaku: UFOs and Aliens, frequencies.

From documentary "Naked Science. Close Encounters"

UFO Believe - Best UFO Evidence EVER!!!!

Best 5 min UFO film EVER!!! Real footage, authentic quotes and evidence from extremely credible witnesses. This will make you believe! Earth, Space, Flying Ships, Crop Circles, fireball & lights, military official quotes on government cover up, new Mayan 2012 information. UFO footage, NASA video, real camera clips, sightings caught on tape never before seen pictures. The disclosure project, & the astral world, the universe, & other dimensions.

Building Stonehenge - This Man can Move Anything

Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22,000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity. http://www.theforgottentechnology.com/

Friday, March 13, 2009

Exposing U.S. Government Policy on Extraterrestrial Life [VERITAS SHOW QUOTED]

March 13, 2:03 AM · 2 comments
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Cover: Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life
Front Cover. Click here for back cover

On Sunday March 15, the most popular late night radio show in the U.S., Coast to Coast AM, conducts a live interview concerning evidence of secret U.S. government policies on extraterrestrial life. In the interview to be hosted by George Knapp, I reveal more testimonial evidence than ever before that President Eisenhower had not one, but at least TWO secret meetings with extraterrestrial ambassadors at major U.S. Air Force bases. During the meetings, vital national security issues such as hydrogen bomb weapons testing were discussed. The evidence for the meetings comes from first hand witnesses who have revealed what they saw, and how stringent security provisions ensured secrecy over what happened. The meetings allegedly led to formal diplomatic relations between the U.S. and extraterrestrial civilizations that culminated in the signing of secret agreements. There is also strong circumstantial evidence supporting witness claims that President Eisenhower did secretly travel to two USAF bases to conduct highly classified meetings.

The upcoming Coast to Coast interview was originally scheduled for February 22, 2009. This coincided with both the 55th anniversary of the first alleged secret meeting held on February 20/21, 1954, and also the first night of the 18th International UFO Congress where I presented evidence of the 1954 and another meeting in 1955. I was also going to discuss the official launch at the Congress of my latest book, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life (2009), where I analyze U.S. government policies arising out of the meetings and alleged agreements arising from them. Mysteriously, 30 seconds before the show was to air, a 45 minute power black out meant the live interview could not go ahead. Responding to a request to explain what happened by Mel Fabregas, host of Radio Veritas, George Knapp said: “The power went out 30 seconds before I went on the air, stopped for 45 minutes, enough to kill the show”. I contacted Adam Grant from Nevada Power to clarify what happened and he confirmed that the outage lasted approximately 40 minutes.

The ‘accidental’ power outage meant that millions of Coast to Coast listeners were denied the opportunity to hear the most up-to-date evidence of the alleged Eisenhower and extraterrestrial meeting on its 55th anniversary. More significantly, the show may have encouraged witnesses to step forward to reveal what they knew on the anniversary of the most secret diplomatic meeting in U.S. history. A replay of an earlier Coast to Coast Show featuring the host, George Knapp, was aired for the night. The power blackout may have been entirely accidental. Alternatively, it may be that some unknown entity wanted to dampen public interest or leaks concerning the possible secret nuclear diplomacy conducted by President Eisenhower 55 years ago on the night of February 20/21, 1954.

Evidence concerning secret meetings between U.S. government officials and extraterrestrials is discussed in the first chapter of my Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life. The book goes on to reveal how these secret meetings and agreements led to the establishment of joint government and extraterrestrial bases; an enormous black budget to fund military-corporate projects concerning extraterrestrial life and technology; and a highly classified system for managing personnel involved in such projects. During the upcoming Coast to Coast interview I will reveal more details concerning these issues and other aspects of U.S. government policies on extraterrestrial life as it currently relates to the Obama administration. Those with information on the alleged meetings and other aspects of U.S. government policy will be able to call in during the latter part of the show which begins at 10 pm PDT.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UFO visits Hunt County — mysterious object seen by resident, deputies

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE No one is sure exactly what it was which reportedly hovered through the Hunt County skies this past weekend, but several people said they saw something.

At least one civilian and three uniformed law enforcement officers reported seeing an unidentified flying object north of Greenville Saturday night.

Similar sightings were also reported near The Colony in Denton County, according to Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Meeks said his office received the first call about the object at around 9:20 p.m. Saturday, from a woman who lives along Farm-To-Market Road 2358 near Webb Hill Country Club.

“She said it was hovering above her house,” Meeks said. “It was real bright, then it went dim, then it went bright again. Then it moved away. It was moving from that area toward Dallas.”

The witness said the object did not sound like an aircraft or a helicopter and noted one of her relatives in The Colony also reported seeing a similar phenomenon later that night. And, they were not alone.

“Three of my officers also saw a bright light,” Meeks said, including the deputy who first responded to the sighting. “The officer who got the call was pretty close to Campbell.”

Meeks said he personally checked with L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, the local defense contractor who operates out of Majors Field Municipal Airport in Greenville.

“They said they did not have anything in the air that night,” Meeks said.

Veritas First Radio Promo

I would like to share with you the first VERITAS radio promo: CLICK HERE

Monday, March 9, 2009

VERITAS Update: 102 Countries Listening!

In just 90 days from our first show, 102 countries are listening to the VERITAS show. That is 12 countries more than a month ago. We can definitely say that VERITAS is an international movement. Truth has no borders. Thank you to all of you who are spreading the word.

I would like to welcome the following 12 countries:

- Algeria
- Bahamas
- Bangladesh
- Bolivia
- Burkina Faso
- Egypt
- Estonia
- Jordan
- Kazakhstan
- Kuwait
- Paraguay
- Tunisia

To see the rest of the countries CLICK HERE.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Veritas Now Accepting Volunteer Transcribers

First, we have received numerous requests to start transcribing our interviews. I had not requested assistance, but due to the limited resources we have, we are now accepting volunteers to accomplish this task. We already have two volunteers working on two shows.

Once we have transcribed our twelve shows to date, we will then open the door to languages other than English (every language is welcome). Remember, our goal is to inform the world, and the world does not speak one language. This will help us achieve my goal of full inclusion.

One of the reasons why I want to get this done is to also include the hearing impaired. For more information on this new initiative, visit us on the forum. There is a new thread where you can see what shows have already been committed and those that are still available: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your assistance, as we continue finding new ways to spread the word. If you have listened, I am sure you will agree these interviews are definitely worthy of being transcribed.

You will be given proper credit for the show(s) you volunteer to transcribe. Thank you for your participation.

In Veritas,


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ufology, What Is It?

Ufology is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object reports and associated evidence. While Ufology does not represent an academic research program, UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years, varying widely in scope and scientific rigor. Governments or independent academics in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and the Soviet Union are known to have investigated UFO reports at various times. No national government has ever officially and publicly asserted that UFOs represent any form of alien intelligence. However, several governments have displayed interest in UFO phenomena. Perhaps the best known study was Project Blue Book, previously Project Sign and Project Grudge, conducted by the United States Air Force from 1947 until 1969. Other notable investigations include the Robertson Panel (1953), the Brookings Report (1960), the Condon Committee (1966–1968), the Project Twinkle investigation into green fireballs (1948–1951), the Sturrock Panel (1998), and the French GEIPAN (1977-) and COMETA (1996–1999) study groups.

Ufology has never been fully embraced by academia as a scientific field of study even though it was, in the early days, the subject of large scale scientific studies that produced reports described to follow. Prior to August, 2008, one could not obtain a "ufology" degree from any college or university, though there have been a few college or university courses on the subject, often from a folklore perspective.

Ufologists vary from fringe proponent David Icke to respected mainstream scientists like Peter A. Sturrock, J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, James E. McDonald, or Auguste Meessen, some of whom argue that UFO reports are as worthy of study as any topic, and deserve case-by-case analysis using the scientific method. Debunkers include Philip Klass and Dr. Donald Menzel.

Not all ufologists believe that UFOs are necessarily extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even that they are objective physical phenomena. Even those UFO cases that are exposed as hoaxes, or found to be delusions or misidentifications may still be worthy of serious study from a psychosocial point of view.

Dr. Carl Sagan was quite skeptical of any extraordinary answer to the UFO question, but in 1969, he co-organised a symposium on the subject, thinking that science had unfairly neglected the UFO question. However, Westrum wrote that "Sagan spent very little time researching UFOs ... he thought that little evidence existed to show that the UFO phenomenon represented alien spacecraft and that the motivation for interpreting UFO observations as spacecraft was emotional". Sagan's college classmate Stanton T. Friedman criticized Sagan for ignoring evidence, such as "600-plus UNKNOWNS of Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14". Friedman refers to a table in Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 that he says "shows that the better the quality of the sighting, the more likely it was to be an 'unknown', and the less likely it was to be listed as 'insufficient information'". Friedman argued that this empirical data directly contradicts Sagan's claim in Other Worlds, that the "reliable cases are uninteresting and the interesting cases are unreliable. Unfortunately there are no cases that are both reliable and intesting".

In her critique of the Condon Report, Diana Palmer Hoyt notes that "The UFO problem seems to bear a closer resemblance to problems in meteorology than in physics. The phenomena are observed, occur episodically, are not reproducible, and in large part, are identified by statistical gathering of data for possible organization into patterns. They are not experiments that can be replicated at will at the laboratory bench under controlled conditions." (see external links below)

Along these lines, Peter A. Sturrock suggests that UFO studies should be compartmentalized — as are most scientific endeavors — into at least "the following distinct activities:

  1. Field investigations leading to case documentation and the measurement or retrieval of physical evidence
  2. Laboratory analysis of physical evidence
  3. The systematic compilation of data (descriptive and physical) to look for patterns and so extract significant facts
  4. The analysis of compilations of data (descriptive and physical) to look for patterns and so extract significant facts
  5. The development of theories and the evaluation of those theories on the basis of facts."

Study of UFO sightings has yielded results applicable to other fields, such as in weather phenomena (see Hessdalen) and in human perception, such as the study lead by the SOBEPS for the Belgian flap in 1989-'90 or the studies of the GEPAN/SEPRA in France.

The lack of acceptance of ufology by mainstream academia as a field of study means that people can claim to be "UFO researcher", without the sorts of scientific consensus building and, in many cases peer review, that otherwise shape and influence scientific paradigms. This has allowed many to stake out territory and disseminate claims, information and analysis of widely varying rigor and quality.

Some ufologists, such as Stanton Friedman (2008), consider the general attitude of mainstream academics as arrogant and dismissive, or bound to a rigid world view that disallows any evidence contrary to previously held notions. Others charge that mainstream rejection of UFO evidence is a classic case of pathological science. Astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek's famous comment regarding this subject is, "Ridicule is not part of the scientific method and people should not be taught that it is." Another comment by Hynek regarding the frequent dismissal of UFO reports by astronomers was, "Close questioning revealed they) knew nothing of the actual sightings, of their frequency or anything much about them, and therefore cannot be taken seriously. This is characteristic of scientists in general when speaking about subjects which are not in their own immediate field of concern."

Critics like Robert Sheaffer have accused ufology of having a "credulity explosion." He claims a trend of increasingly sensational ideas steadily gaining popularity within ufology. Sheaffer remarked "the kind of stories generating excitement and attention in any given year would have been rejected by mainstream ufologists a few years earlier for being too outlandish."

Whether or not this view has a basis in evidence, James McDonald long ago expressed the view that extreme groups undermined serious scientific investiation, stating that a "bizarre "literature" of pseudo-scientific discussion" on "spaceships bringing messengers of terrestrial salvation and occult truth" had been "one of the prime factors in discouraging serious scientists from looking into the UFO matter to the extent that might have led them to recognize quickly enough that cultism and wishful thinking have nothing to do with the core of the UFO proglem." In the same statement, McDondald said that

"Again, one must here criticize a good deal of armchair-researching (done chiefly via the daily newspapers that enjoy feature-writing the antics of the more extreme of such subgroups). A disturbing number of prominent scientists have jumped all too easily to the conclusion that only the nuts see UFOs."

We all need to join together for truth, and to get Ufology recognized as a scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, and the have website add Ufology as a category

Thank you to Wikipedia for the info above,to view its source Click here and thank you to you tube member redstarfilms for the video

MUFON to Receive Major Funding from Billionaire Backer

Robert Bigelow gives the keynote address at the NewSpace 2006 conference in Las Vegas. (Credit: Jeff Foust/The Space Review)

Billionaire real estate investor and entrepeneur Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas is now betting his bucks on MUFON to find valuable new knowledge about alien propulsion systems.

Bigelow, who has long been known to give millions of dollars to fund serious UFO research, has just concluded a deal with MUFON whereby he will supply this organization with whatever it needs to be able to go out and bring back the hard evidence, not only to document the reality of UFOs interacting with us, but most importantly to gather the kind of information that will truly advance scientific understanding of this phenomenon.

This may well prove to be a historical occasion for MUFON and for the science of Ufology in general. MUFON since its inception has been a volunteer effort on the part of civilians who devote whatever spare time and energies they can afford in order to fulfill MUFON’s stated mission of scientifically investigating the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity.

Now for the first time MUFON’s members are going to be paid to do their work. MUFON’s agreement with Bigelow is to train and qualify a special rapid response team of Field Investigators who can be deployed within 24 hours to the scene of a major UFO event, the kind designated as Category 2 or 3 in the classification system devised by legendary UFO researcher Jacques Vallee. These are the rarer cases where either physical traces are left or physiological effects are caused in the witness.

Bigelow has hired 50 top-flight scientists to assist MUFON in this endeavor who will function as consultants and do expensive lab analysis of alien materials gathered at the location of a UFO event. Bigelow, who never does anything on a small scale, a few years ago founded BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies) with the incredibly ambitious goal of putting a commercial hotel up in orbit around the earth. He thinks that even one category 2 or 3 case if properly investigated can yield significant scientific paydirt.

Whatever high-tech equipment needed by the investigators on the scene will be drop-shipped to them overnight by BAASS. These high-profile cases will be investigated using the strictest methods of scientific protocol.

Bigelow who has been known to keep his findings on the UFO subject secret has agreed per his contract with MUFON to hold nothing back from this organization that is revealed in the BAASS lab analysis of materials supplied by MUFON. This project which just launched on March 1 is codenamed SIP (for Star Impact Project) . It is a pilot experiment and will be reviewed on June 30 to see if it has proven successful enough to warrant funding for the rest of the year.

Understandably there is a lot of excitement at MUFON Headquarters and among its membership. Now with this major infusion of funds from Bigelow, it will be better able than ever to carry out its stated mission. And Bigelow possibly will get what he wants to forward his goal.

How this will all work out is hard to guess. This is something that has never been tried before. They are moving into unchartered territory here. In any case, Bigelow’s investing so heavily in MUFON’s ability to make SIP a successful search and find operation for greater knowledge about alien technology is some extremely good PR for MUFON whose credibility can be expected to take a significant leap forward in the eyes of the general public.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grant Cameron - UFOs & Presidents

I just wanted to let you know the interview with Grant Cameron went great and, once again, we broke another time record. There was so much information to discuss that the interview alone lasted three hours. Nonetheless, if you wanted to take a university-equivalent class about UFOs and United States presidents, Grant Cameron would be the ideal person to facilitate such a class. After you listen to the show, you will know the most important aspects of each administration that had something to do with this phenomenon. You don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Revealed: The headset that will mimic all five senses and make the virtual world as convincing as real life

A virtual reality helmet that recreates the sights, smells, sounds and even tastes of far-flung destinations has been devised by British scientists.

The device will allow users a life-like experience of places such as Kenya's Masai Mara while sitting on their sofa.

They can also enjoy the smell of flowers in an Alpine meadow or feel the heat of the Caribbean sun on their face.

Scientists say the device will also enable users to greet friends and family on the other side of the world as though they were in the same room.

And students will even be able to find out what it was like to live in ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece.

Previously, scientists have only been able to use virtual reality technology to recreate sound and vision...

Veritas jumps to the radio waves for the first time...

A few days ago, KROCKS/ZeroPointRadio contacted us to do some test runs airing Veritas. Today, I received a message stating the following:

"I also wanted to touch base with you about your program. I have done a few test runs with the John Lear interview on my station. I have noticed huge listener increases during your program. I would like to continue to air your shows on a rotational basis and provide your show an added outlet for them..."

I would like to thank KROCKS/ZeroPointRadio for giving us the opportunity of opening another door to our message of truth. This is our first step into reaching the radio waves. As we promised on our first show, we will be contacting a few and select radio stations to carry Veritas. Tomorrow we will be celebrating our third month on the cyber-waves and we have accomplished so much in just 90 days.

All thanks to you: THE AUDIENCE!



Veritas now available on The Black Vault Radio Network

We are very excited to be included on John Greenewald's Black Vault Radio Network website along with 38 other shows.

Aliens Are Already Here

Alien worlds may exist billions of light years away or at the bottom of your coffee cup. The latest chemical and biological research suggests that extraterrestrial life may exist all around us or even inside human bodies.

Biologists found out long ago that many microorganisms, including bacteria, can survive in the hostile space environment.

University of Arizona researchers suggest that alien microorganisms travelling inside asteroids were able to withstand freezing space temperatures and searing heat during re-entry, eventually settling on the terrestrial surface. Moreover, it appears that such microorganisms are arriving all the time.

Biochemists say alien life forms could appear on Earth as a result of several evolutionary processes, and that they either dwell among us or even inside human bodies.

Scientists have started doubting the theory of evolutionary development as the primary means for creating life on this planet. New data on space microorganisms can revolutionize our understanding of the origin of life...

France: Sport personality’s UFO confession

Once upon a time UFO sceptics mulled over the question as to what is it specifically about the psyche of undereducated rural folk in places like Kentucky that makes them believe that they see spaceships belonging to little green men in sky.
The question might be a moot one these days. A string of high profile international media personalities have lately come forward claiming that they too have seen more or less the same things French Ufologists have welcomed the admission by high profile TV sports personality Nelson Monfort that he witnessed a UFO. ‘In 1985, on holiday in Les Arcs, me and my wife saw an unidentified flying object. It was rectangular and white, glowing very brightly. It hovered above us for about twenty seconds then shot up.'

'I know what I saw’ insisted Monfort. 'I believe in life on other planets and am not afraid of what people will think of me regarding this’. By all accounts the French public’s opinion of the TV personality seems to have in no way diminished since his confession.

‘There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing a UFO’ noted one French ufologist.
Monfort is best known for a number of high profile interviews he has had with famous sports people including Martina Navratilova.
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