Sunday, June 14, 2009

Restoration of American heroes: astronauts who report about extraterrestrial encounters

Photo credit "Who's Dated Who": Late astronaut Gordon Cooper, 1927-2004

American heroes

A long list of American astronauts who have reported seeing UFOs and/or extraterrestrials have been discounted and shamefully treated by the media. These men have spoken out despite non-disclosure agreements, and despite the media ridicule and marginalization heaped upon these men, once selected as America’s finest servicemen and pilots to make the grandest flights this planet has ever seen… flying rockets into space, and to the moon itself.

Here's a partial list, not including the hundreds of other military, commercial and other pilots around the globe:

Gordon Cooper (pictured here on the cover of Time Magazine, 5-24-1963)
Edgar Mitchell
Donald Slayton
Walter Schirra
John Glenn
Scott Carpenter
Buzz Aldrin
Clark McClelland
Neil Armstrong
Story Musgrave
James Lovell
Frank Borman
Jim McDivitt
Joe Walton
Robert White
Mike Collins
John Young
Pete Conrad
Alan Bean
Dick Gordon


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