Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another view of UFO disclosure: Look within

Steve Hammons
(This article also appears on the Joint Recon Study Group site.)

We seem to hear and read quite a bit about "disclosure" in the media nowadays in reference to unconventional and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Some people say we must lobby for the release of government-held information so that the American and international public can understand what, if anything, is going on.

Are there important new discoveries? Are there threats to the human race? How might the government be handling unconventional scenarios?

Actually, quite a bit of disclosure has already taken place. By doing a reasonable amount of research, any average person can get a very good feel for what may be going on.

Sometimes, things are spelled out quite clearly. Sometimes we have to read between the lines.


There seems to be an assumption that somewhere within the secret groups of, or associated with the U.S. government, there exists a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation when it comes to UFOs, contact with other worlds or dimensions and various kinds of mysterious phenomena.

Although there undoubtedly is classified information that could shed light on some of these topics, specific facts about UFO crashes and other activities may not provide a truly insightful understanding of the larger picture.

In fact, we may not see the forest for the trees. Or, layers of deception could surround apparent facts and situations.

What makes us believe that politicians and those from the military, intelligence and scientific fields have the necessary perspectives to fully understand the real whole situation? Some may and some may not.

Undoubtedly, many or most have tried to do their duty to the best of their ability. Even so, the probable compartmentalization found within secret programs often prevents people – even people on the "inside" – from seeing the bigger and deeper realities invovled.

One view is that when more understanding about unconventional situations emerges, it may be through a "grassroots" method. That is, it might not come from the top down – from Washington, D.C. – down to the rest of us.

New understanding may come from average people who, through one way or another, make discoveries within themselves about what may be going on.


Some researchers have indicated that many unconventional phenomena may be part of our natural environment, part of Nature, part of an ecosystem that is more complex than we may have imagined.

Within this larger ecosystem, humans may not be the most technologically, intellectually or spiritually advanced species involved.

However, the human race may hold some key to ongoing developments in the next stages of an unfolding story.

What is our role? Will that role evolve? Are we being oriented and acclimated about this new role our species plays in the larger environment?

Another element to consider is that our situation with regard to unconventional phenomena may be a mystery by nature. That is, even extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitors may not understand the whole story, let alone U.S. government officials.

This universe or multiverse of ours may be an ever-unfolding mystery. There may be no final answers. There may be no secret government files that will explain it all.


Through classified investigations, we may have learned about things like UFOs and exotic physics. These might have lead to mind-boggling spacecraft and advanced technologies that remain secret.

No doubt, these could be interesting and potentially very helpful.

But is that really where the important answers lie?

Maybe we should also look to the human heart, human kindness, human passion and compassion, human creativity and beauty in music, the arts and other endeavors. Maybe we should look to human consciousness.

Unconventional research in human consciousness, including activities of the U.S. government, have yielded significant results that we have heard plenty about: ESP, remote viewing and similar phenomena.

Maybe this type of research is a good jumping off point for valuable discoveries. Maybe this is the path that will lead us through the mysteries of unconventional phenomena of many kinds, including the UFO phenomena.

And what might we find on that path? Possibly deeper, stranger and even more wonderful mysteries.

NOTE TO READERS: For more information, visit the Joint Recon Study Group and Transcendent TV & Media sites and have a look around.


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