Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Incredible UFO activity for July in 2009 / Only the beginning

Gregory Brewer
Sacramento UFO Examiner

Just when we thought we have seen it all with the recent increase of UFO sightings, the month of July 2009 has been super hot for UFO enthusiast and reporters. Many UFO traffic reports have been hitting the INTERNET at breakneck speed leaving us all asking those questions as to what’s up. Not only has UFO traffic on the rise but the descriptions of what people are witnessing has without a doubt changed as well. People still want an answer as to what these objects are, be it black ops projects or objects of extraterrestrial origin.

While we do our best to perpetuate the pressure on those who know the answers to our questions, we are now entering into a new phase to dazzle UFO enthusiast around the world. Is it not enough to just mention and report to the public on spontaneous luck that someone had in capturing a UFO? Is it not enough to understand that other people have incredible luck when it comes to filming UFO phenomena? The answer is no. Deep down inside we all want to witness something strange like a UFO. Well that time is coming for us all.


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