Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pennsylvania responds to UFOs over holiday weekend

Many Pennsylvania readers responded to the story on related UFO sightings there over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, including a few from other states.

Pennsylvania MUFON Director John Ventre asks that anyone who had a sighting here over the holiday weekend should report it to mufon.com.

Here are some of their comments. All comments are unedited.

Phil G - Around 9:00 PM on July 4th, myself and about a dozen others were sitting on my father in laws garage roof, watching the very illegal fireworks display from our magistrate neighbor. I looked south of us and saw exactly 13 orange lights, moving in a coordinated pattern in a south easternly direction. After reading some of the comments, this would be somewhere around the Hanover Township area. Oddly enough, this is our second "UFO" sighting in two years on the 4th of July. Last year, myself and roughly the same group of people witnessed an orange light traveling across the sky, which initially we thought to be a plane. The object then came to a complete stop for approximately 20-30 seconds, which grabbed our attention. It then continued on in its path, only to completely vanish and not be seen again. It should be noted that both nights were completely clear of cloud cover. Freaky.
Phil G - I did not mention my area in the previous comment. We reside in Old Forge PA, which is just south of Scranton.


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