Sunday, August 2, 2009

Veritas Video Contest Voting Now Underway (Please Vote)


Dear Veritas Show listener,

At the beginning of the year, I sent a request out to volunteers who could help spread the word for Veritas. Even a few months after the show started, you would Google the the words "Veritas Show" and nothing would appear. Because of your assistance, now dozens and dozens of pages. appear. You put Veritas on the "cybermap" and I thank you.

The voting for the videos submitted was delayed due to technical reasons; however, the voting is now underway. If you have not watched the promotional videos, please do so: CLICK HERE

The voting mechanism is on that page as well. Please submit your vote. I will announce the winner in the month of August 2009.

Thank you for spreading the word and making Veritas one of the last bastions of unscripted, uncensored and uncut truth.


Mel Fabregas
The Veritas Show

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