Thursday, September 10, 2009

9-9-9 and the UFO - Crystal Skull connection

2009 Crop Circle displays information coded in Mayan symbology.
2009 Crop Circle displays information coded in Mayan symbology.

Attendees at the World Mysteries Conference in Tempe were dismayed to hear that the famous Anna Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull would not be on display due to the diagnosis of caretaker Bill Homann with a case of the swine flu, however the remainder of the conference did not disappoint. Today's session will conclude with a rare gathering of powerful ancient and contemporary skulls, which promises to be engaging. Thursday is reserved for private session consultations with specific skulls and their custodians.

Tuesday's session began with the activation of a crystal skull by the reading of a lost Codex by Mayan shaman Hunbatz Men. This invocation is part of the more esoteric design of the conference, whose final public day was planned over a year ago to coincide with the last day in this century that can be expressed entirely in single digits. The Mayan culture was driven by nuances in time, time keeping and the significance of certain dates in their complex cyclic calendar.

The opening ceremony yesterday is part of a process of awakening that the followers of the skulls believe is currently underway and of which the Tempe conference is a component.

In a later presentation noted Mexican television presenter Jaime Maussan revealed the existence of his personal crystal skull collection, including 'Rosie' a rose quartz skull discovered when a road construction crew cut into an embankment. Mussan's prime message, however, was to make the connection between the crystal skulls and their prophecy and the UFO phenomenon which he has studied for years.


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