Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Italian professor to reveal evidence of extraterrestrials among us

By Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

Professor Stefano Breccia led a distinguished career as an electrical engineer and taught at a number of universities in Italy and Europe before his retirement. He is the author of Mass Contacts, a book detailing evidence of human looking extraterrestrials having lived in several underground bases in Italy from 1956-1978. According to Prof Breccia, some of the extraterrestrials were over 8 foot tall and allowed themselves to be photographed. In early January he will travel to the U.S. to present evidence for his remarkable conclusions. He is a keynote presenter at the annual Earth Transformation Conference in Hawaii (Jan 7-10, 2010) that brings together pioneers in New Science, Alternative Healing, human consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. Prof Breccia plans to present audio and film evidence of human looking extraterrestrials interacting with more than 100 private citizens over several decades in the largest contact case in modern history.


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