Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anderson Institute revealing information on Time Travel

Welcome to the Anderson Institute ...where history is becoming an experimental science.

Time Travel and Time Control at the Anderson Institute
Imagine, traveling in time. Some process that would let you go backward in time to witness the events that changed history, or into the future to see if mankind survives, and then to return to the present with the knowledge of what will happen tomorrow. The process is intriguing, even mind boggling, but the science is more real than imagined.

Explore the possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time control and time travel with the Anderson Institute, dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time control capabilities.

The Anderson Institute is a private research and development laboratory whose resources are targeted specifically at the time control applications using time-warped field technology in its proprietary time reactor systems (patent pending).

In addition to leading-edge development research and development activities a key goal of the Institute is to actively support education initiatives. The Institute promotes and supports the ongoing collection, correlation, communication and development of scientific information and theories on time control and time travel. A three-part strategy to achieving its goals in education that includes:

The World Time Research Association The World Time Research Association (WTRA) provides an easy and free networking opportunity for students, scientists and teachers from around the world to monitor, study and advance the development of time control capabilities. The WTRA also encourages the free exchange of educational materials for teachers. Membership is easy and free.

The World Encyclopedia of Time, Time Control, and Time Travel The "World Encyclopedia of Time" is hosted on this website as a free educational resource representing the largest collection of information on time, time control and time travel in the world. The encyclopedia addresses not just the science of time control and time travel but also concepts of time and its use in religion, philosophy, literature, art and culture.

Lecture by David Lewis Anderson Educational programs and lectures are supported with selected universities, organizations and youth programs via the World Genesis Foundation and its association with the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization.

The greatest scientific development in the history of mankind is now underway and leading to discoveries that will change our world and reality in ways difficult to comprehend. We invite you to join us in the largest effort to network time control information and interests from around the world.

We wish you success in your research and studies and thank you for visiting our site.


at the Anderson Institute


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