Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mel Fabregas: The 2010 International UFO Congress Interviews!

Captain Robert Salas talks about the Malmstrom AFB UFO Incident, in which he was in charge of 10 nuclear warheads. The warheads were shut down after a UFO stood and hovered above the base in 1967. Captain Salas was one of Dr. Steven Greer's 2001 Disclosure Project.

David Sereda talks about his plans to build a flying saucer.

This is a brief conversation with Jordan Maxwell about his new work and projections for 2010.

Ted Loman and Jim Nichols discusses why Disclosure may never originate from the government, as well as other topics.

Richard Dolan.

Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine - Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident. Larry was a military guard at the base when the incident occurred. Gary Heseltine is a U.K. police detective who has been investigating this case and is now working on the screenplay for an upcoming movie.

Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds Production.

Ross Hemsworth, the founder and presenter of the popular British Show "Now That's Weird". Ross has an audience of about 500,000 listeners and growing every day.

Stan Romanek - The UFO/ET Abductee.

Dolores Cannon.

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