Friday, October 22, 2010

Jim Nichols on VERITAS - Aliens, Archons, and the Gnostic Grail 1 of 5

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Jim Nichols is one of the most renowned UFO illustrators of modern time and a respected UFO researcher. Jim discussed the ET-Archon-Gnostic connection. Many religions and governments have omitted or removed factual data from the books. Could history have been mythologized to limit our potential? We discussed who the Archons are and what their mission on this planet was/is. Could they be the ones controlling our lives?

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Jim Nichols was born a Post-War baby-boomer in 1948 in the flatlands of northwestern Ohio. By the time he had reached his senior year of high school, Jim’s restless creativity fueled in him an abiding ambition to become an artist. Even while serving two years of Army service, he managed to complete a correspondence course in commercial art. Following his discharge, Jim resettled in Tucson, Arizona in 1972. For a time, cactus, sagebrush, mountains and skies dominated his artistry and he made something of a name for himself as a painter of southwestern landscapes. By the late 1970s, however, he discovered he could not be content to limit his art to just desert scenes. Popular films of the day like Star Wars and Close Encounters rekindled a love of science fiction that he knew as a youngster. Soon alien landscapes and space ships captivated his creativity. Beginning in 1980 and throughout the following decade, Jim painted numerous UFO illustrations that have been published internationally. His notoriety in the field of UFO research earned him a co-host seat on a weekly, public access television program in Tucson, produced by Ted Loman, entitled UFOAZ Talks. This popular award-winning program ran from 1991 through 1997 and was aired on public access channels across the country. Currently, after so many years of painting fine art and illustration, Jim has expanded his creative talents to include sculpting as well, thus bringing an added dimension to his legacy of artistic skill.

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