Friday, October 1, 2010

Veritas Radio Show - Wayne Herschel - The Hidden Records

S y n o p s i s

Researcher of ancient mysteries, Wayne Herschel shared his theory that modern day humans are descendants of ETs who came to Earth 10,000 years ago. Various ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Mayans, designed the locations of their pyramids, such that they reflected specific star constellations, he argued-- and in particular, two stars, both 16 light years away, were indicated as the ETs' home worlds. If the beings hadn't come here, Herschel believes that Earth would still be populated by the Neanderthals who would likely have not advanced much further. He said that shortly before arriving on Earth, the ETs colonized Mars, and that the artifacts of the Cydonia region.

B i o

Wayne Herschel was Born in Bulawayo Southern Africa now living in Cape Town, South Africa has always had a passion for the unexplained.

Two critical life experiences: One a mass UFO sighting, the other, a near death experience.

These two life changing events were determining factors for a research basis that would be very different to that of academics.

He believes in his near death experience he came back with a lot more than he left with.

His investigation into subjects like astronomy, the pyramids and ancient paranormal events, would culminate in an unrelenting quest for knowledge about humanity’s origins.

Wayne Herschel is the author of "The Hidden Records, The Star of the Gods", a book so controversial that it was denied publication for years.

Wayne's two decades of research reveals that all 50 pyramids of Lower Egypt actually represent a star map, and this theme is repeated across the globe in many sacred sites. But the most amazing thing - among those "sacred sites" are included Stonehenge, Rome, the Vatican and... Washington, D.C.! And - all of these reveal a secret about the "Star of the East" and its connection to Freemasonry. And - there is a connection to the tradition of the Christmas tree.

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