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Colin Andrews | The Crop Circle/E.T. Connection, Consciousness, & 2012

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The joy of this Veritas interview is that Colin Andrews' crop circle research turns out to be the vehicle through which greater realities about ourselves and our world (and about him!) come into focus in a unique and beautiful way.

Crop circle confidante and counselor to British royalty (which they deny) and for decades now the world's authority on the mysterious manifestations, Andrews delivers a rare gift on this show. He reveals some of his own metaphysical experiences, secrets that he, like so many in the know, have had to hide from the world.

It's time to be honest and authentic, he says, to take responsibility for what's happening on this planet.

The central message of the crop circles, he explains, is that we are at a turning point in evolutionary history. Human beings must evolve. The planet must be saved. We must find a way to pierce through the lies and deceit and control perpetrated upon the masses by the few. Time is of the essence. Our fate is hanging in the balance.

Crop circles are conveying one overarching fact: There is hugely more to our existence and capabilities than we have been allowed to know.

The second gift Andrews bestows here, by virtue of his own insight, is this: The crop circle phenomenon turns out to be a teaching tool about the "field" in which we exist, where something hears our thoughts and responds either telepathically or materially, or both.

Andrews recounts his and others' experiences of "asking" to appear, and witnessing henceforth, particular crop circle designs. What's awesome to contemplate is that some of these requests have been delivered henceforth by human "counterfeiters," making obvious the fact that whether the crop circles are man made (and he says 80 percent of them are), or not, extra-dimensional influence has taken place.

The palpable undercurrent of this prolific author's entreaty is his love for Earth, humankind and all creatures. A pleading despair percolates between sentences as he mentions the "war machine" that the USA has become, the damage perpetrated upon wildlife that HAARP's desperate measures to combat global warming is causing, about "the complex web of deception," and "the glazed eyes of children worried about jobs and roofs." He laments today's paucity of respect and love.

Andrews has just penned a highly researched book addressing the 2012 phenomenon, and it's an eye-opener when he says that the December 21 night sky will exhibit the ominous "Finger of God" star formation.

He says we are exiting a 26,000-year period of human evolution, currently in a stage that will last until 2033, and moving into a golden age. But "we're looking at a whole spectrum [of collapse] we have to be able to rebuild," he says.

"At the end of the day it's about us. We are the guardians of this planet. And it's time to take the reins in another direction."

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Colin Andrews is an electrical engineer by profession and was a principle official in British Regional Government during the 1970’s and 80’s.

He coined the term Crop Circles in the mid 80s and in 1991 it entered the English Dictionary as a new term. During his years of research he advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet on the mystery and the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth. He supervised the largest crop circle surveillance project of its kind in 1990 named ‘Operation Blackbird’, and amassed the largest data base on the subject.

In 1996 and for two years Colin was funded by anthropologist Laurence Rockefeller, during which time he provided information for the Rockefeller Initiative.

He has made presentations around the world at universities, schools and public venues as well as participate in government meetings and brainstorming sessions. Venues include the special interest group 'U.N.S.R.C..' at the United Nations, and The Hakui Space & UFO Museum Project in Japan. He has been a consultant to international institutes in many countries.

Among Colin’s publications was Circular Evidence, 1989. The book was co-authored with Pat Delgado, this was the first book ever written on the subject and it became an international best seller. It was also chosen by Queen Elizabeth for her prestigious "Summer Reading List", the first time a book of this kind has ever been selected. Crop Circles – Signs of Contact, 2003, co-written with New York Times best selling author, Steve Spignesi covers new aspects of the research and is recognized as the 101 on crop circles. His most recent books include The Andrews Catalogue, Government Circles, The Assessment. The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 and The Complete Idiots Guide to the Akashic Record were co-authored with his wife Dr. Synthia Andrews, author of new book The Path of Energy.

He was consultant for Mel Gibson’s Disney block buster movie Signs; and Marcus Thompson’s British movie A Place to Stay which was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.

Andrews has appeared on numerous well known television and radio programs around the world including 60 Minutes, 20-20 with Barbara Walters, Good Morning America, Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Coast To Coast with Art Bell and George Noory, Histories Mysteries, The Shirley Maclaine Show, Dan Aykroyd’s Out There, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, BBC's Daytime Live, The Ray Martin Show, National Geographic, Nippon TV’s Thursday Special, The Gloria Hunniford Show, History v Hollywood, American Movie Classics with Mel Gibson and M. Night Shyamalan, CNN Live Today, The Learning Channel's Looking for a Sign, Discovery one hour special, CBS Gateway to the Unknown and many more.

Colin has just completed two new television documentaries which will show his current findings and perspective and will be aired in the United States and Europe during 2012.

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Mel Fabregas | 2011 Inside Veritas

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This is Mel Fabregas' second solo episode. After three years on the air, many listeners continue to ask for a program that would discuss the "INSIDE" aspects of Veritas Radio. And that's exactly what Mel did for over three hours, answering questions for Veritas members. Mel reflected on the past two years, including the spark that ignited the Veritas fire: Milton Torres. Members from around the world submitted questions and Mel answered with the utmost candor during a Christmas eve special edition.

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By now you know who Mel is... If not, please visit

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Kim Carlsberg | A True Story of Close Encounters & Alien Abduction

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This Veritas interview reveals Kim Carlsberg's heartbreaking, horrific, bittersweet story of eight years of abductions by Grays who mined her DNA, bred human-Gray hybrids, implanted in her and then removed and incubated the fetuses, introduced her to her children, and kept them.

"The most traumatic experience of my life was being implanted with an alien species,” says Carlsberg. "Some [of the fetuses] were too frail to live. I may have five or six hybrid children. April and Aqua are mine for sure.”

Seemingly at peace with it all now and unusual in terms of near total conscious recall, Carlsberg includes 150 individual stories of contact accompanied by art work submitted by the experiencers sent to her from around the world, in her new contributor-illustrated book, The Art of Close Encounters.

The mid-west raised, California art school-educated Carlsberg is an accomplished photographer, author and businesswoman now living in Sedona, Arizona.

With a Jane Fonda-like voice and cadence, Carlsberg recounts visits to other planets; experiences in ships and underground; vast halls of tables upon which unconscious humans were being anatomically manipulated; of being submersed in liquid for transport to other planets; of dying and being brought back to life; of telepathic exchanges with "anorexic Pillsbury dough boys," as she initially described the Grays, and of her relationship with her hybrid children.

"The grays have taken the best of each species and created these beautiful children. I've seen every combination [of the] different races on our planet."

After her initial abduction, she was in her 20's, she says, "Next thing, I woke up in my bed. My boyfriend had not moved. I lay there thinking, "What just happened?" Life as Carlsberg knew it, would never be the same. For the next eight years, she would experience repeated abductions. Carlsberg was determined to stay awake and aware during the incidents, to make sense of what was happening. "Then I learned how to make it stop." Likely at the expense of never seeing her children again.

"They say it's multi-generational" [this involvement with the Grays]. "I assume I've been manipulated, probably my Mom, too," says Carlsberg. "They could be replacing us because we are destroying the planet. They could be trying to move here because they can't sustain themselves, but I didn't get that. They may be coming back in time to fix something in the DNA, or, they are geneticists, and they create species."

Carlsberg detected plenty of individuality among the Grays. There were times when she knew them to be "full of joy and happiness." Mostly they mask their feelings while around us, though. And so much of it was torture, plain and simple. "I was part of a pain threshold program," Carlsberg says. "The bad room," she recounts, is where "they tortured me until I died, and then they would bring me back. I don't know why. To know what we can take?"

"Once after one of my surgeries -- they destroyed my reproductive system -- I was in bed resting, and one being came to me and said very lovingly, 'You are us. We are all one.' I had a nirvana experience. I felt at one with all beings. That's why it's so confusing. It's both so good and so bad."

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Kim Carlsberg is as UFO Researcher, International Keynote Speaker, and three time author on the ET / UFO phenomenon. A “contactee” herself, Kim’s first book “Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee” chronicled eight years of continuous contact with seven different species of ETs and was published nearly two decades ago. Considered a milestone in contact literature at the time, her life story was optioned by Tri-Star Pictures.

Kim is a  graduate of the “Art Center College of Design” Pasadena, CA in commercial photography, Kim’s career as an advertising and portrait photographer has covered all aspects of the entertainment and music industries. She has been commissioned to photograph the most noted celebrities in private sittings, from rock stars to presidents. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide including Rolling Stone, TV Guide and Time, and her five year stretch as the exclusive photographer on the TV series BayWatch, brought her the honor of being the first woman accepted into the Hollywood Camera Union

Kim's new book “The Art Of Close Encounters” has been coined “The Quintessential Cosmic Coffee Table Book”. It is a favorite in the UFO community with endorsements from George Noory -, DR LEO SPRINKLE, Steven Basset, and many others.

Kim’s newest venture in Sedona, AZ, Sedona UFO Sky Tours,  takes sky watchers to UFO hotspots with the most powerful night vision equipment available. UFOs are spotted every time out and sometimes up to 100 craft have been seen at once.

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Anthony Sanchez | Dulce, Human Origins, Blue Beam & Project Leonid

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In this, his second Veritas interview, software engineer, author and researcher Anthony F. Sanchez delves into the stuff of his lauded new book, UFO Highway. He talks about secret underground bases, the Maglev rail lines that connect them, ET technology, anatomical mutilation, the Illuminati, HAARP, and more – all corroborated, he says, by his interviews with a mysterious "Colonel X” who worked at Dulce.

Weighing in with almost 400 pages of data, UFO Highway material percolates throughout this discussion in tantalizing bits and starts. During the second hour facts start flying fast and furiously. Among some of the bombs Sanchez drops on us:

An 1870s Apache warrior/small being confrontation left bones and guns lying inside a New Mexico cave, evidence of a violent battle left untouched until 1938. Within those caves tablets were found documenting the entire history of the Grays "since their creation on Earth.” The Grays are expecting their progenitors to return in 2012.

There are many groups and types of Grays. One group was created by the progenitors to manage the human population who were mining gold and doing agriculture, serving the Anunnaki. Then there are the Austra Albus, placed at Dulce and infected with some disease, although they survived.

Dissident Grays fought lower level Grays alongside U.S. military personnel at Dulce at one point. The dissidents are 600 years old mostly, and have a different doctrine than the lower level Grays. The lower level Grays are thousands of years old.

The Austra Albus can breed with humans. They are, in fact, 99.99% human. The Honorable Lady Barbara Judge, chairman of Hyperion, is one of them. Hyperion is working out of Dulce and Judge is in charge of the program that intends to sell miniature nuclear reactors as individual-use power devices across the planet. "Pine Gap uses them, Mount Weather, all these underground facilities use them.”

The 4-corners area of New Mexico has the highest levels of missing people in the country; women of child-bearing age, and young men from 10 to 15, the prime age for super soldier programs. These military abductions are an outgrowth of things the Grays have been teaching us since the 1940s. "The Dulce facility -- it's horrific what they are doing to these people.”

Chemtrails have two objectives: To seed the environment with nano-technology brain implants that render humans subject to visions; and to create temporary plasma films upon which images can be projected.

There is a base on the moon with cybernetic organisms waiting to…[he doesn't finish his sentence!]

China has been selected by the new world order to invade the rest of the world after a false flag, mass landing event causes pandemonium. China has built "the mother of underground bases,” and is developing stealth technology at an alarming rate. "It's alien technology.” A massive human depopulation program is going to be implemented thereafter. What China doesn't know is that "the Chinese are being manipulated by human-alien hybrids who have controlled this planet since the very beginning.” The human depopulation program is to begin with them.

Project Leonid is a low Earth orbit defense system successfully launched by the U.S. Using satellites of various sizes, it will combat a space war with the Chinese and ETs. It uses artificial intelligence, however, and has a 30% chance of following its own plans.

B i o

Anthony F. Sanchez received his BSc. in Computer Information Systems from Western Governors University of Salt Lake City, UT in 2008. In addition to being a Software Consultant for the State of California through his own company, Anthony has been employed for 16 years as a Software Engineer working for 3Com, Intel, Acer, Netscape Communications, and Hewlett Packard performing high level software development supporting scientific engineering and business intelligence projects.

He became interested in UFOs back in 1989, at the time Area 51 surfaced as a public phenomenon. Since 2000 he has researched the subject matter thoroughly employing various scientific methods and hands on approaches, thus compiling over 20 years worth of UFO related research data.

For the purposes of augmenting his knowledge on Human Origins, Anthony has also studied in detail, ancient Hebrew religious texts such as the Old Testament Bible, and gospels from the the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the 'book of Giants', and 'book of Enoch'. He has also studied famous Sumerian-Babylonian translations such as the Enuma Elish, and the Atra-Hasis as well as numerous Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals and Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions.

Each year he is a regular visitor to the deserts of the American Southwest, visiting crash sites conducting interviews, and performing scientific field work. His most recent interviews include the likes of fellow investigative UFO researchers, Norio Hayakawa, and Joerg Arnu. His work represents an unbiased and impartial reporting style ensuring he uncovers every aspect of every story.

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The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long


This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War .

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Vietnam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties, Sally [name changed to protect privacy] was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Most of them had served in Vietnam.

Sally said, "I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor's Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example.

As I read the documents, I learned why. It seems that during the Vietnam War special forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these Indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious causalities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistently that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer 'sense' the enemy, they could no longer access a 'sixth sense', their 'intuition' no longer was reliable, they couldn't 'read' subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information.

So the testing institute recruited more Indian trackers, let them keep their long hair, and tested them in multiple areas. Then they would pair two men together who had received the same scores on all the tests. They would let one man in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut. Then the two men retook the tests.

Time after time the man with long hair kept making high scores. Time after time, the man with the short hair failed the tests in which he had previously scored high scores.

Here is a Typical Test:

The recruit is sleeping out in the woods. An armed 'enemy' approaches the sleeping man. The long haired man is awakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of danger and gets away long before the enemy is close, long before any sounds from the approaching enemy are audible.

In another version of this test the long haired man senses an approach and somehow intuits that the enemy will perform a physical attack. He follows his 'sixth sense' and stays still, pretending to be sleeping, but quickly grabs the attacker and 'kills' him as the attacker reaches down to strangle him.

This same man, after having passed these and other tests, then received a military haircut and consistently failed these tests, and many other tests that he had previously passed.

So the document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from military haircuts. In fact, it required that trackers keep their hair long."


The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Survival skills of human and animal at times seem almost supernatural. Science is constantly coming up with more discoveries about the amazing abilities of man and animal to survive. Each part of the body has highly sensitive work to perform for the survival and well being of the body as a whole.The body has a reason for every part of itself.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved 'feelers' or 'antennae' that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut.

When hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment are greatly hampered. This results in numbing-out .

Cutting of hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.


In searching for solutions for the distress in our world, it may be time for us to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are in error. It may be that a major part of the solution is looking at us in the face each morning when we see ourselves in the mirror.

The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible has a lot of encoded truth to tell us. When Delilah cut Sampson's hair, the once undefeatable Sampson was defeated.

Reported by C. Young

Comment: SOTT can't confirm this story or the research it suggests took place, however, we have wondered on many occasions, what is the use of hair and why so many legends refer to hair as being a source of strength, from Samson, to Nazarenes, to the Long Haired Franks. ... -Hair-Long

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Veritas Radio Preview | Anthony Sanchez | Dulce, Human Origins, Blue Beam & Project LEONID

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The interview will air on Friday, December 9, 2011

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Experts stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings


Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) - Mysterious stone carvings made thousands of years ago and recently uncovered in an excavation underneath Jerusalem have archaeologists stumped.

Israeli diggers who uncovered a complex of rooms carved into the bedrock in the oldest section of the city recently found the markings: Three "V'' shapes cut next to each other into the limestone floor of one of the rooms, about 2 inches (5 centimeters) deep and 20 inches (50 centimeters) long. There were no finds to offer any clues pointing to the identity of who made them or what purpose they served.

The archaeologists in charge of the dig know so little that they have been unable even to posit a theory about their nature, said Eli Shukron, one of the two directors of the dig.

"The markings are very strange, and very intriguing. I've never seen anything like them," Shukron said.

The shapes were found in a dig known as the City of David, a politically sensitive excavation conducted by Israeli government archaeologists and funded by a nationalist Jewish group under the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in east Jerusalem. The rooms were unearthed as part of the excavation of fortifications around the ancient city's only natural water source, the Gihon spring.

It is possible, the dig's archaeologists say, that when the markings were made at least 2,800 years ago the shapes might have accommodated some kind of wooden structure that stood inside them, or they might have served some other purpose on their own. They might have had a ritual function or one that was entirely mundane. Archaeologists faced by a curious artifact can usually at least venture a guess about its nature, but in this case no one, including outside experts consulted by Shukron and the dig's co-director, archaeologists with decades of experience between them, has any idea.

There appears to be at least one other ancient marking of the same type at the site. A century-old map of an expedition led by the British explorer Montague Parker, who searched for the lost treasures of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem between 1909 and 1911, includes the shape of a "V'' drawn in an underground channel not far away. Modern archaeologists haven't excavated that area yet.

Ceramic shards found in the rooms indicate they were last used around 800 B.C., with Jerusalem under the rule of Judean kings, the dig's archaeologists say. At around that time, the rooms appear to have been filled with rubble to support the construction of a defensive wall.

It is unclear, however, whether they were built in the time of those kings or centuries earlier by the Canaanite residents who predated them.

The purpose of the complex is part of the riddle. The straight lines of its walls and level floors are evidence of careful engineering, and it was located close to the most important site in the city, the spring, suggesting it might have had an important function.

A unique find in a room beside the one with the markings - a stone like a modern grave marker, which was left upright when the room was filled in - might offer a clue. Such stones were used in the ancient Middle East as a focal point for ritual or a memorial for dead ancestors, the archaeologists say, and it is likely a remnant of the pagan religions which the city's Israelite prophets tried to eradicate. It is the first such stone to be found intact in Jerusalem excavations.

But the ritual stone does not necessarily mean the whole complex was a temple. It might simply have marked a corner devoted to religious practice in a building whose purpose was commonplace.

With the experts unable to come up with a theory about the markings, the City of David dig posted a photo on its Facebook page and solicited suggestions. The results ranged from the thought-provoking - "a system for wood panels that held some other item," or molds into which molten metal would could have been poured - to the fanciful: ancient Hebrew or Egyptian characters, or a "symbol for water, particularly as it was near a spring."

The City of David dig, where the carvings were found, is the most high-profile and politically contentious excavation in the Holy Land. Named for the biblical monarch thought to have ruled from the spot 3,000 years ago, the dig is located in what today is east Jerusalem, which was captured by Israel in 1967. Palestinians claim that part of the city as the capital of a future state.

The dig is funded by Elad, an organization affiliated with the Israeli settlement movement. The group also moves Jewish families into the neighborhood and elsewhere in east Jerusalem in an attempt to render impossible any division of the city in a future peace deal.

Palestinians and some Israeli archaeologists have criticized the dig for what they say is an excessive focus on Jewish remains. The dig's archaeologists, who work under the auspices of the government's Israel Antiquities Authority, deny that charge. ... m-markings

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Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts

Euro Crisis Uncertainty

Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts

By Ferry Batzoglou in Athens

Many Greeks are draining their savings accounts because they are out of work, face rising taxes or are afraid the country will be forced to leave the euro zone. By withdrawing money, they are forcing banks to scale back their lending -- and are inadvertently making the recession even worse. 

Georgios Provopoulos, the governor of the central bank of Greece, is a man of statistics, and they speak a clear language. "In September and October, savings and time deposits fell by a further 13 to 14 billion euros. In the first 10 days of November the decline continued on a large scale," he recently told the economic affairs committee of the Greek parliament.

With disarming honesty, the central banker explained to the lawmakers why the Greek economy isn't managing to recover from a recession that has gone on for three years now: "Our banking system lacks the scope to finance growth." He means that the outflow of funds from Greek bank accounts has been accelerating rapidly. At the start of 2010, savings and time deposits held by private households in Greece totalled €237.7 billion -- by the end of 2011, they had fallen by €49 billion. Since then, the decline has been gaining momentum. Savings fell by a further €5.4 billion in September and by an estimated €8.5 billion in October -- the biggest monthly outflow of funds since the start of the debt crisis in late 2009.

The raid on bank accounts stems from deep uncertainty in Greek households which culminated in early November during the political turmoil that followed the announcement by then-Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou of a referendum on the second Greek bailout package.
Papandreou withdrew the plan and stepped down following an outcry among other European leaders against the referendum, and a new government was formed on Nov. 11 under former central banker Loukas Papademos. That appears to have slowed the drop in bank savings, at least for the time being.

Bank Withdrawals Worsening Crisis 
Nevertheless, the Greeks today only have €170 billion in savings -- almost 30 percent less than at the start of 2010.

The hemorrhaging of bank savings has had a disastrous impact on the economy. Many companies have had to tap into their reserves during the recession because banks have become more reluctant to lend. More Greek families are now living off their savings because they have lost their jobs or have had their salaries or pensions cut.

In August, unemployment reached 18.4 percent. Many Greeks now hoard their savings in their homes because they are worried the banking system may collapse.

Those who can are trying to shift their funds abroad. The Greek central bank estimates that around a fifth of the deposits withdrawn have been moved out of the country. "There is a lot of uncertainty," says Panagiotis Nikoloudis, president of the National Agency for Combating Money Laundering.

The banks are exploiting that insecurity. "They are asking their customers whether they wouldn't rather invest their money in Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Germany."

Nikoloudis has detected a further trend. At first, it was just a few people trying to withdraw large sums of money. Now it's large numbers of people moving small sums. Ypatia K., a 55-year-old bank worker from Athens, can confirm that. "The customers, especially small savers, have recently been withdrawing sums of €3,000, €4,000 or €5,000. That was panic," she said.
Marina S., a 74-year-old widow from Athens, said she has to be extra careful with money these days. "I have no choice but to withdraw money from my savings," she said.

Bad Loans 
The shrinking Greek bank deposits compare with bank loans totalling €253 million. Analysts say the share of bad loans could rise to 20 percent next year, or €50 billion, as a result of the recession. This in turn will worsen the already pressing liquidity problems faced by Greek banks.

Nikos B., a doctor in the Greek military, has had enough of the never-ending crisis his country is going through. While the 31-year-old has a secure job, repeated salary cuts have made it increasingly hard for him to make ends meet. He needs most of his money to make loan repayments for a small car. "How can I clear my account? There's hardly anything in it," he says. He started learning German two months ago and wants to leave Greece. "As soon as possible!"
Nikos pauses and looks down. He quietly utters words that must be painful for a proud Greek. "It would be best to change nationality.",1518,802051,00.html

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Crystal Clark | Perception Management, Planned Chaos, & The New Future

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Crystal Clark envisions a world ahead of "no more disease, abundance, the ability to explore our own planet, (the Vatican vaults, undersea cities), technology that will blow your mind, and traveling out to the stars." But we cannot do any of this unless certain things happen first. The corruption, the police state, lies, manipulation, poisons in our food and water, vaccinations that cause sterility…"We can't put it off any more. We have to do what is right."

Clark calls upon the whistleblowers to tell us what they know, and upon individuals to contribute in ways unique to each. The Occupy Wall Street Movement gives her hope.

"It's fantastic. We have been waiting for it. We have a group who do terrible things to the rest of us on the planet. We deal with it by not dealing with it. But when all these people show up, they have to face what they've done. They see faces, not charts and graphs." Non-violent demonstrations work, she says.

Clark's mission on the planet is to wake people up, to educate. She is the author of two books, Who Are We Really 101, 102, and 103 is due out this spring.

At the center of Clark's teachings is her understanding of Natural Law, ancient knowledge long camouflaged by dogmatic religious orders, and to which we must return. Natural Law explains how the world works on every level. From her website:

"There is a force at work in the Universe that creates, and it does so for only one reason: the experience a soul can gain from it. Whether you want to call this force God, Creator, Allah, or any other term, is irrelevant. It does what it does for only one reason: Love.

Nothing this Master Builder has ever created moves outside of that one purpose - it has but one idea that manifests itself in endless ways. From this One Law of Love, all of creation manifests through two equal but opposite forces that continue creation through balanced (equal) interchange between opposite energies."

Today's world is not in balance. It can not thrive. We are being utterly manipulated. "Nothing is as it seems."

"The matrix is breaking down and people are seeing it for what it is," says Clark in this interview. She talks about planned obsolescence, manufactured lack, trauma-based mind control and perception management. We are being systematically psychologically broken, she says. "We are all being suicided at a slow rate."

Those who perpetrate the imbalance we are experiencing are "insane," Clark decries. Of course they are. By the end of this Veritas interview you will be asking yourself what you yourself are doing to advance the cause of rectifying a world gone mad. "There is work to be done. Stand up, do something," she implores. "Courage is contagious."

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Men Zebah Hasati & Nehez Meniooh | The Mystery & Secrecy of Ancient Kemetic Culture & The Dogon

What a gift it is to be exposed to the traditional spiritual teachings of ancient Africa.

This week’s guests are Nehez Meniooh and Men Zebah Hasati, American initiates into the secret teachings of the late Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon High Priest whose lineage comes from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Master Naba founded and taught at The Earth Center in Chicago from the late 1990s until his death in 2008.

Burkina Faso, we learn, along with Mali, comprise the area considered the traditional capital of Africa, home to the secret teachings of ancient Merita, (Africa).

"These countries are some of the poorest by Western standards. But they are the richest in traditional knowledge." The teachings had to be kept secret during generation after generation of invasion "just to stay alive and get the knowledge to the next generation."

Earth Center students take annual missions into the heart of these ancient wisdom locales where they live among the spiritual leaders and visit sites significant to the teachings. True learning must be experienced. "Education is your right to understand for yourself, without the filter of someone else’s agenda."

The term "colonialism" takes on broad meaning in this discussion. Colonialism, a "momentum of evil," is a force separating the individual from knowledge of self and harmony with all things. This force has many faces: academia, government, even a family member. Colonialism takes you from yourself. It divides and redefines for purposes of power. Immunity starts by understanding that construct. "We protect ourselves by being good people, good in the tradition that our ancestors defined it."

We learn that the Dogon is a culture made up of many different bloodlines, of which Master Naba’s line is one, the Gormanche. The Gormanche specialized in spiritual and astronomical knowledge. They were the keepers of the knowledge for the pharaohs.

"Every culture has all the answers we seek; that’s what a culture is." But modern life has no culture, per se, they explain. We’ve been tricked into living to serve our own ambitions; thinking we can cherry pick what suits us from a smorgasbord of cultures. That’s why we find ourselves confused, philosophically at sea.

Master Naba taught a code of human behavior that has 77 commandments. It was the dismantling of this code of behavior that disenfranchised humanity. "We say that what you can do does not define you. What defines you is what you will not do under any circumstance. Nowadays we put our ambitions ahead of what we will not do."

We learn the story of The Garlic Effect - a story that elucidates that humans are vulnerable to manipulations that affect perception, and perception is everything.

"Those of us on the path to enlightenment, on the path of honesty, integrity, intelligence, we must defend ourselves against these influences [that alter perception] every day.

"The modern world tells us we can only investigate our world through science." But all life is "a dialog of energies on a universal scale. Everything that exists (yes, non-Earth beings as well) has an influence on us. We are all connected so much more than we know."

"The Earth Center teachings are a return to what works. "We must preserve all that has been passed down to us. We have to return to the processes aligned with life preservation."

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fernando Vossa | Free Energy, Healing Technology, & Cosmic Awareness

Fernando Vossa is a busy man. And of late, more than an optimist.

"While the dark forces are busy with their games, we are shifting the entire planet into another dimension completely. You should see what's happening on the universal level."

While he refers to himself as a monster of design, and an esoteric freak, Vossa is a de-facto visionary, teacher, healer, world traveler, and philosopher - with a science background. Vossa studied virtual reality engineering. "I used to work for military contractors. I helped make B-2 bombers." It was a life of frustration and despair.

Vossa works for the light now. He's built Sonic Reiki, a system where one's own voice is delivered into the body, affecting change at the DNA level. He runs a camp for children. "Those diagnosed as autistic and ADHA: They are the first generation that is multi-dimensional." They are being bombarded with information. They are filtering out the matrix.

One day soon you may be able to experience Vossa's Hypercube Resonator, an invention so radical, he closed it down for further development, for fear of misuse.

Just listening to Vossa is medicinal; his delivery informed, his intentions creative, bold and beautiful. Vossa aims to be an ambassador for technology for the next presidential administration "to bring all this technology into the government in a non-militarized way." The next president will have no option other than to embrace these changes, he says. "The breakaway society - it will be the enlightened."

As for 2012, despite upheaval on many levels, Vossa describes a new world ahead.

"It's inevitable. We are going to see technology that is going to blow our minds: time travel, teleportation, multi-dimensional matter replication. The work of Nicola Tesla, Ralph Ring, Prof. John Searl—that work that has been planted: Now we get to harvest." Trillions of dollars have been invested, he says, issuing a call for the world's first free-energy-dedicated nation to so identify.

New energy frequencies are changing our world on every level. "You're going to see migrational patterns around the planet changing with these new frequencies. You're going to see your ideas changing. Moving from fear and trouble, now we get into solutions, action, transformation.

"This is a time for us to investigate reality first hand, to discover your self. Ask your own body, your own intelligence. Ask to dream about it, to be told. Build the faith that there is a divine unfolding. Millions of people around the world are making this happen."

Vossa's leaving the implant in his body, for now. He is forgiving about the dark work of some of the reptilians and grays. At 8 years of age, walking in the woods, a light came down and spoke to him. For the future, he wants to see the three pillars of the Vossa message unfold: free energy, healing technology, and cosmic awareness. That's the universal trinity that's going to make the breakthrough.

Friday, November 11, 2011

David Sereda | Quantum E.T. Communication & The Hidden Power of Crystals

You might want to put on your physics hat to listen to this Veritas interview. And be patient. While David Sereda spends the entire first hour explaining the definition of "quantum communication" in full science mode - transistors and crystals and bio-photons and Molybdenum - things get gripping when he mentions that the quantum communication device he built sent a question out on August 20th, and a voice answered him. A voice from the Pleiades.

Some people have all the luck.

"We received your transmission. The technology you invented works," the voice said. "What do you want to ask us?"

Turns out this was the second time in his life that Pleiadian friends were investing in Sereda's education. At seven years of age - in 1968, Berkeley, California - Sereda, and a lot of other people, watched a UFO hover clearly above them. The following week, Sereda says, "They were showing me how things work, about super conductivity."

Spirituality and science converge easily in Sereda's world. His explanations segue from black ops to the Bible, from directed energy weapons to the Pyramids. He was director of the Tesla Foundation. He's worked for the Department of Defense.

Angels talk to him. He knows how to imbue stones with energy. And one day he is going to tell everyone how they too can communicate with other intelligences in the universe.

In the fast second hour, Sereda weighs in on the end of the Mayan calendar; the false alien invasion; Sedona, Arizona as ET portal; that the Challenger was shot down, and lots more, but Sereda never does divulge what the Pleiadians told him this past summer. That's all on a new DVD, Reverse Engineered, which comes out in January.

He does say that we are in the midst of a huge cosmic event. And that the motherships are watching.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

UFO HIGHWAY releases images of Dulce NM UFO Investigation


November 5, 2011 -- "These images are going change the way rumors of UFOs, Aliens and Secret Underground Military Bases are perceived from now on." - Anthony F. Sanchez
The website has just released the first set of images to emerge from the investigation conducted in Dulce New Mexico from 10/24/11 to 10/27/11 by Anthony F. Sanchez. These are Military-Grade Steel Shipping Containers used for F-5 Jet Engines. They are marked with U.S. Government Property serial plates and contain a wealth of data which Sanchez is still researching. The last three images are of the famed 1996 UFO crash site and shows how a 300 foot wide rock wall of columnar basalt was smashed into pieces by a 150 foot wide Copper Colored Disc. This is where witnesses from the Apache Jicarilla Nation confirm that an unknown military presence created a controlled perimeter to remove crash site evidence. 

Anthony Sanchez will be on Veritas Radio very soon.  Visit periodically. 

If you're new to the Anthony Sanchez story, listen to our past interview:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Andrew Gause | The Federal Reserve: America's New Slave Masters

(Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about the Federal Reserve System but never thought to ask, author Andrew Gause delivers succinctly in this Veritas interview. And yes, the institution, a group of private American banks handed extraordinary powers to profit from the printing, lending and manipulation of American dollars, is bad news for the country, at least as Gause explains it. And no, not much will change as long as the majority of Americans have a near zero understanding of the money system that runs this country.

Via Gause's impressive depth of historical, political and monetary knowledge, we learn that:

In 1934 Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order requiring [legally confiscating] that all gold in the country - coins and bullion - be sent to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where it still sits in its basement.

All the gold in the Ft. Knox belongs to the Federal Reserve.

100% of everything we pay in income tax is used to pay interest to the Federal Reserve for money it has "lent" the government.

How The Fed makes its money--

They make their money in two ways: (1) on interest from loans it makes to the government, and (2) via financial operations. They get to manipulate interest rates, and this is where the real power lies, they get to buy notes issued by other entities with money that they create. "This allows, effectively, the owners of The Fed to siphon off a greater portion of the productive capacity of this nation, and pay themselves enormous amounts of money for providing what amounts to little more than a dubious service."

Historical precursors to The Fed--

The Federal Reserve's forerunners were two institutions: the First Bank of the United States, which ended with the War of 1812, and the Second Bank of the United States which was killed by Andrew Jackson, who said they were a den of vipers. "Once Jackson forced them into the daylight, their power was revealed and they were swatted down. I'd like very much for that to happen with the Federal Reserve. So Americans can see what they're doing."

What's corrosive about The Fed--

"No question about it: The Federal Reserve Bank, and its owners, own and control the bulk of the wealth of the United States…The Fed is the preeminent financial power in the world."

The Federal Reserve banks and their revolving door, incestuous relationship with the big 22 (Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, etc.) are making top tier money men rich and powerful, while the rest of us divvy up the crumbs, and that's the way they want it.

Why The Fed deal is still there--

President Lincoln intended to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and issue U.S. notes once the war was over. Greenbacks, he called them. But Lincoln was murdered. So, in comes Garfield, intent upon doing the same. Garfield is murdered. Then in comes McKinley, intent upon doing the same. McKinley is murdered. The next and last advocate of bye-bye Fed was John F. Kennedy…

Plus, "The Fed is the number one contributor to BOTH parties. This is why you don't hear anyone speak out in more than a whisper about them."

A little known fact--

In 1934 and in 1950, the U.S. declared bankruptcy, Chapter 13, a reorganization. We are not solvent now. We are bankrupt, and we are still reorganizing.

How to rectify trade imbalances with China--

"We made China. The minute you have strong tariffs on products coming into the country is the moment corporations start moving back into this country. We don't have free trade, or fair trade. We have managed trade. And it's not in the best interest of the U.S. worker. "

What's going to happen to the dollar--

The dollar will be with us for the remainder of the decade at minimum, mainly because the most powerful financial conglomerate on the planet is perpetuating it. Not to mention the fact that: "It is backed with F16s and Marines." And, "any nation that challenges the dollar's supremacy has met a sad fate."

Investment advice--

Invest in gold, silver, valuable metals. "With $15 trillion in circulation and only 260-million ounces of gold on the books, that's a ratio of $57,000 an ounce."

Author's conclusion--

Money should be issued by the government. Not by private profiteers. Yet, "until people understand how the money system works, I don't see any chance of us getting out of this mess.".

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | Vaccines, Inc.: Putting Wealth Before Health

In the foreword by Dr. Andrew Moulden he says: "If penicillin shots and peanut butter sandwiches were mandated, many children would be harmed; some would even die. If we cannot give penicillin or peanut butter to everybody safely, the logical progression that injecting live, biologically active, immunogenetic particles cannot be safe for everyone either."

Warfarin is rat poison. Statins weaken the heart. CoQ10 can reverse receding gums. The stuff one learns listening to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny!

But the former emergency room specialist, osteopath, and alternative medicine clinic owner is waging a battle. Her clarion call is for informed consent, for knowledgeable consumers, of vaccinations. They are far more dangerous than orthodox medicine will admit.

The chemicals, heavy metals, adverse effects and sheer number of vaccinations being coerced if not required by a growing preponderance of authorities is cause for concern, she says. Consumers have a right to know that medical directives (thou shalt get your flu shot), government agencies (the CDC, the FDA) and profit-driven pharmaceutical companies are elements of revolving door behemoths that don't necessarily have your good health as highest priority. After all, big pharma makes the drugs that treat other drugs' side effects, don't they?

"The vaccination program has been a 200-year, multi-generational brainwashing campaign," she says, worsened now by laws that protect practitioners and pharmaceutical producers from liability, and that allow medical treatment and insurance to be profit-oriented industries.

Until 1985, children generally got three vaccinations: MMR, DTaP, and Polio. Now, by the time they start kindergarten, Tenpenny says, children have been injected with 40 doses of 16 vaccines. Some 200 more are in development.

Cancer, eczema, asthma are growing problems among our children. The numbers for autism are through the roof. "We've got an epidemic of children losing their minds and we've got a medical industry in denial."

Know your rights, she is saying. Every state has a medical exemption (although it's hard to get). Nineteen states have philosophical exemptions. Forty-eight states have religious opt outs. [Check out your state's laws about vaccinations at National Vaccine Information Center:]

Tenpenny sets the record straight about squalene. It's shark liver oil. Fine to ingest, but injecting it can cause serious neurological damage. Squalene is soon to be a vaccination component, she says.

She talks about the new HPV (Gardasil) vaccination.

About fluoride: "It's a byproduct of the aluminum industry. They use it to sedate prisoners in Russia."

About overeating: "Our body is seeking minerals when we eat, so taking a good multi-mineral supplement often makes those carb cravings go away."

Tenpenny's a strong advocate of herb and vitamin supplements.

"If you can only take one vitamin, take D3 – the level must be between 75 and 80 – get a blood test. It protects from cancer. It's important for brain function, for the immune system. If you're depressed due to the lack of sun in the winter, it's likely a vitamin D3 shortage."

An insider told this doctor that the vision statement of the pharmacy industry wants every human being who walks the planet to be on one, preferably three, prescription drugs for life. Tenpenny's on a crusade to wake people up to that fact.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dan Sherman - Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny

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Even though Dan Sherman wrote his book some 14 years ago, his account of communicating with advanced extraterrestrial intelligences during three years of secret work in the Air Force has lost nothing since then, and the story comes across as utterly credible.

Currently a businessman living in Arizona with a wife and two children, Sherman had to be coaxed to be a Veritas guest. He says there's a price to be paid as a businessman for telling these kinds of truths. While always proud of his contribution to "keeping the world in balance" through government secrecy, Sherman says some things are so profoundly part of the human story that they need to be shared.

Since 1949, for one thing, we have been in contact with beings far more intelligent than we, beings that interbred with humans at some point in the past, beings that shared and are probably still sharing information and technology. These beings tinkered with his DNA while in utero, back in 1963/64. They built a human, thousands of them, by Sherman's account, who could receive and send communiqu├ęs telepathically. This was done with full consent of entities within the U.S. government, which wanted a special force of individuals who could carry messages when electro-magnetic incidents took down all normal Earthly communication.

Sherman's thinking that might be within the next 20 years. "It would have to be, if they expected it to happen within our lifetimes."

Sherman double-crossed his superiors—played the black program against the gray program (gray is more secret than black; he worked for both; and neither knew about the other)—and got out. By then the transmissions he was getting were talking about pain levels relative to abductions. He's still feels special that the ETs chose him to be a conduit, and he's still a patriot. But by that point he felt trapped. Precious little of the big picture would anyone tell him. "No need to know." He was worried he was involved with something nefarious.

Sherman deemed the first entity he communicated with, Spock, and the second one, Bones. The information downloaded into his brain, always while at work, except for one time when he was supposed to be at work, seemed scripted at first -- information dumps that started with an identifying number. He would type the gist of what he was getting into a box on his computer screen. Some unknown receiving entity whisked it off.

Once when Sherman spontaneously beamed a question on a different "channel," Spock disconnected, later explaining that no human had come through on that level before. That was the beginning of a more personal exchange between Spock and Sherman. These entities come with emotion and texture and personality, Sherman says.

No longer an authorized tool, Sherman hasn't heard from Spock or Bones since leaving the Air Force. He does have the ability to predict strong earthquakes now, though.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nick Redfern - The Real Men in Black

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S y n o p s i s

Who's the weirdo? And what's with the outfit?

Those two questions don't seem to occur to those visited deep in the night by gaunt men with bulging eyes, Fedora hats, black suits and crisp white shirts. No, the door just opens and in they go.

Some sort of mind control.

With a new book on the subject, respected researcher and prolific author Nick Redfern parses the multi-level mystery that is the Men in Black, or MIB, phenomenon. And we get to hear about vanishing goons and midnight I see what you're doing. I see what you're wearing phone calls.

But it's a serious subject. They've been around, whatever they are, for some 60 years, menacing, metaphysical, and life altering. Of course, some become stupefied when challenged, and eat soup with a fork.

Spanning genres from Hollywood to history, (a J. Edgar Hoover entry wonders if they're Communists), Redfern says the Men in Black are still very much among us. Exactly what are they, though?

They could be time travelers or multi-dimensionals. "And certainly if you needed clothing that would blend into this span of decades, a black suit would do it," Redfern says.

They could be mind-controlled street people doing some dark entity's bidding. They could be robots, or clones.

Some of them are clearly imposters, like the female MIB who showed up to intimidate some guy freaked out about a chupacabra in Puerto Rico. She had a big badge that said NASA.

A priest Redfern knows thinks they're sent by Satan, definitely demonic.

But one thing is undeniable: For a darn long time a darn lot of people have been visited by spooky-looking men in black suits with Fedoras and sunglasses and shiny black shoes, whose m.o. has been to scare the living daylights out of someone doing something that someone wants quiet.

And Redfern is still working on getting to the bottom of it. He's got Strange Tales of the Men in Black in the pipeline, stories that didn't make this book. He's also got The Pyramids and the Pentagon - How the Government has taken a deep interest in ancient technology. This newest is The Real Men in Black.

"My goal is to share data, because the more we have, the better chance we have of solving the mystery. I encourage people to come forward and share their stories."

B i o

Originally from England, Nick Redfern lives in Arlington, Texas. He is a full-time author and journalist specializing in a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including UFOs, alien contact, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, government conspiracies, and paranormal phenomena. He writes regularly for UFO Magazine, Fortean Times, Paranormal Magazine, and Fate. His previous books include Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; Strange Secrets; A Covert Agenda; and There's Something in the Woods, and his most recent publication "Contactees: A History of Alien Human-Interaction". Nick also lectures on the UFO subject both in the U.K. and abroad. Among his many exploits, Redfern has investigated reports of aliens in Mexico; lake-monsters in Scotland; vampires in Puerto Rico; werewolves in England; and crashed UFOs in the United States.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Paul LaViolette, Ph.D. | Solar Extinctions, Atlantis & Extraterrestrial Beacons

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We’re overdue for a super galactic wave like the ones that torched the planet 40,000, 12,700 and 12,900 years ago, extinguishing bird, mastodon and man, says Dr. Paul LaViolette in this, his second, Veritas interview.
“There’s a 90-percent chance we’ll get some sort of superwave within the next 400 years.” Not that there’s much we’ll be able to do about it; they travel at the speed of light.
A prolific writer, researcher and multi-degreed scientist, LaViolette’s brilliance lies in the way his explanations skitter across disciplines like stones skipping across a proverbial pond. At the core of his work is this galactic wave theory. Most breathtaking is his assertion that pulsars are extra-terrestrially planted beacons warning of impending trouble ahead. Mix in what he says the zodiac, the pyramids and the Sphinx are telling us....
He’ll send you to his books for the details, but LaViolette touches upon all of the above and: chemtrails, holographic technology, the Fibonacci sequence, quantum inter-connectiveness, electrogravitics, microwave beam technology, radio-pulsation particles, sub-quantum kinetics, Atlantis as allegory, the black hole at the center of the universe; ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Greek myth, Hopi legends, cosmic dust, and more.
This gentleman’s outreach to the Obama administration’s Department of Energy has thus far been ignored. LaViolette wanted to share what he knew about anti-gravity propulsion that would “greatly revolutionize air travel, reducing costs immensely,” and alternative energy technologies.
As for what the coming year holds for Earthlings: “We won’t have a super wave in the next year. The financial situation is the main challenge I see.”
LaViolette conducted this interview from his home in Athens, Greece.

B i o

Dr. Paul LaViolette is an interdisciplinary scientist. He has authored four books and has published numerous articles in professional scientific journals. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins University, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and his Ph.D. in systems science/astronomy from Portland State University. Currently he is president of the Starburst Foundation, an interdisciplinary scientific research institute. Dr. LaViolette's findings open a new doorway to the interpretation of our ancient past. Aided by his background in general system theory and physics, he was able to successfully decipher the lost science said to be encoded in the lore of the Tarot and astrology.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Santos Bonacci - Reclaiming Dominion and Breaking the Fictions of Law, Religion and Science

S y n o p s i s

Another installment in the clarion call for understanding how the world has been stolen from us; how we've been manipulated and deluded on every level, Santos Bonacci discusses the concepts necessary to understand ourselves, the cosmos, and enlightenment.

And it's all about Rome, and the solar system, and "as above, so below."

Bonacci is an Australian of Italian parents, born into Catholicism and raised a Jehovah's Witness. "A good student of the bible" in his youth, Bonacci became disenchanted as a teenager and put spiritual pursuits aside. What the self-taught musician-theologian now shares, in lectures and videos, is what he has come to understand to be true enlightenment. And it has nothing to do with churches.

Bonacci teaches what he calls ageless wisdom, what was being taught in Egypt before the Julian family (Julius Ceasar and his adopted nephew Augustus) began to rework things in service of self. Since that epoch, modern man has suffered "the Church of Rome and the Roman cult;" ubiquitous, enslaving systems of law, politics, economics, language, and organized religion.

"The deceitful, lying hijackers of the truth about Christianity: They go preaching from their pulpits but they are not enlightened."

The historical Jesus has nothing to do with enlightenment, says Bonacci. In fact, there was no historical Jesus.

"The bible is a pure registry of astrological phenomena done in metaphor. Rome came along and counterfeited these beautiful works, meant to be taken as spiritual, veiled truths that would benefit only those prepared to undertake the journey of reclaiming dominion of their spirituality in order to return to the causal world."

The true Christ is enlightenment, Bonacci says, looking into the self, understanding the multifaceted concept of "as above, so below;" that we are all interconnected; that each of us is a "galaxy of the soul."

Too much of what passes for information in the realm of spirituality is either completely erroneous or utterly incomplete, Bonacci says. His work aims to present the whole, integrated truth. "Busting the fictions of law, religion and science -- that's what I'm exposing."

What's described above is only part of what Bonacci talks about in this interview. For detailed esotericisms about the astrological, astronomical, cosmological and metaphysical elements of the truth, you'll have to have yourself a good listen. (Or three.)

Bonacci's material and videos can be found at and

B i o

Santos Bonacci deals with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science. The Holy Science, the ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, 'as above so bellow', enables one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world has on offer. This ancient fascinating wisdom which Santos is disseminating and teaching will have a profound spiritual effect on your life! This knowledge will enable you to remember that which you already know. His studies span over 30 years, recently he has put together many things that will help so many make sense of so much that is going on in today's world, and the future that we all face. Santos wishes to help and aid you in discovering unanswered questions, and share the solutions. Santos is here to bust wide open the world of corruption that is all around us, the world in which most live out each day of their lives. He's here to show you that you are the change that is needed. This will guide you on your path and enable you to guide others on their path. So that we may all come together as one, as was meant in the beginning. Santos Bonacci currently lectures in Australia and on Global Radio on Astrotheology and Sovereignty Law. He offers a perspective which brings some of our beliefs back into context by joining some of the dots that have otherwise made this information highly subjective, controversial and used as a major historical source of humanity's exploitation.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Walter Cruttenden - Veritas Radio - Changing Our Future by Remembering Our Past

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Drink some coffee for this one, folks. It's about cycles of time, celestial mechanics, and ancient knowledge -- a discussion with author, producer and alternative historian, Walter Cruttenden, another techie gone esoteric and with the best of intentions.

Cruttenden says humankind is moving out of a brutally dark period and into the light, a golden age, just like those described so often in myth and legend. But Cruttenden's take on things melds folklore with astronomy and hard science with the Vedas. He isn't adverse to quoting the Bible. "The further back you go, the closer you get to the higher ages."

Cruttenden says high-functioning consciousness is cyclical, that both dark and golden ages wax and wane with proximity to the Sun, just as do the seasons, as the solar system moves through the heavens. But then he adds that we may well live in a binary system. There may be two suns affecting things.

Paraphrasing some of the discussion, Cruttenden tells us that:

Our solar system may be moving at a high rate of speed, circling some object.

"Our sun may have a partner -- a binary star. Astronomers don't agree about this, but some are looking for one. They think it might explain some things, like dinosaur extinction. Scientist Mike Brown at Cal Tech -- the guy who killed Pluto, found Sedna, which has an unusual 12,000 year, elongated orbit. He thinks there's something out there -- a 10th planet or dark star, a big mass. We're not far along there, but there's evidence that something must be there.

Prior to 1998 it was thought that no star except for the Sun had any effect on Earth. But magnetosphere disruptions experienced on the night side of the planet that year meant that it was not an X-class solar flare, and it was concluded that a soft gamma repeater over 20,000 light years away was having the same affect on our planet as a solar flare would. So now it's known that yes, other stars do affect planet Earth. Our ionosphere and magnetosphere can be highly affected by them.

We are coming out of a dark age, and the truths coming from the Vedas are starting to ring true. There may be a lot more to life than we think. After all, while most of us think we are physical beings walking on a physical earth and not much else, with conscious evolution we begin to understand that everything is made of energy and that there are many subtle influences. There will be deeper truths revealed as we reach higher stages."

Cruttenden says myths depicting repeating cycles of golden and dark ages may have a basis in fact, as forces may be affecting Earth as our solar system moves through a 24,000-year dual star orbit. He says the way the stars move across the sky -- the precession of the equinox -- is the clue to, the reason for these alternating cycles, exactly as folklore describes.

"Think of the solar system as a space ship. We are approaching a sweet spot. It's profound. The Great Year cycle is 24,000 years long-- 12,000 moving toward the higher age, and 12,000 moving away.

I'm hopeful about mankind. Higher consciousness is beginning to peak through. At first, of course, you just see the shadows."

For more information about Cruttenden's book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, his teachings, and a link to his radio show, go to Be on the lookout for Cruttenden's next book: The Great Year Adventures With Tommy the Time Traveling Turtle.

B i o

Walter Cruttenden is an amateur theoretical archaeo-astronomer and author of the binary theory of precession. As Executive Director of the Binary Research Institute he researches the celestial mechanics of the precession of the equinox, as well as myth and folklore related to this phenomenon. He is the writer-producer of The Great Year, a PBS broadcast documentary film (narrated by James Earl Jones) that explores evidence of astronomical cycles of time known to cultures throughout the ancient world. Most recently Cruttenden wrote Lost Star of Myth and Time, a book that provides an alternative view of history based on the solar system's motion through space. It is his belief that the myth and folklore depicting a repeating cycle of Golden Ages and Dark Ages may have a basis in fact, due to the alternating stellar forces that affect Earth as our solar system moves in a 24,000-year binary (dual star) orbit.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gwen Olsen | Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher

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Gwen Olsen never intended to become a whistleblower. For 15 years she peddled drugs door-to-door and made plenty of money doing it. Her role as a sales rep for "big pharma" meant she was highly-trained. No, not medically—she had the scripts down cold. Scripts -- as in acting. She could counter physician concerns, misinform and persuade with the best of them. So deep was her spending account, she never met its limit.

But then things began to change. She was now taking an anti-depressant and contending with one of the serious side effects she'd down-played for so long -- manic psychosis. It nearly cost her her life. Then, as if her Faustian bargain hadn't been harrowing enough, Olsen watched a protracted prescription drug-related scenario lead to the death of her medical student niece.

"I'm not anti-drugs, I'm anti-misinformation," Olsen says in this interview. "People have the right to know what they are putting into their bodies and what these prescriptions are doing to our children."
The prescription drug industry in this country is about nothing but profit, Olsen proclaims, bringing an insider's perspective to a growing whiff of rot in the land of "first do no harm."

"We have to rein in these pharmaceutical companies. Profiteers are pushing anti-psychotics on our children." She illuminates big pharma's agenda; and they don't want us well.

Olsen is now a writer and lecturer. "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher" is in print and she's working on her next book: "Duped, Doped and Dying in America."

For more information and resources, check out

On December 2, 2004, Gwen Olsen's niece Megan committed suicide by setting herself on fire-and ended her tortured life as a victim of the adverse effects of prescription drugs. Olsen's poignant autobiographical journey through the darkness of mental illness and the catastrophic consequences that lurk in medicine cabinets around the country offers an honest glimpse into alarming statistics and a health care system ranked last among nineteen industrialized nations worldwide. As a former sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, Olsen learned firsthand how an unprecedented number of lethal drugs are unleashed in the United States market, but her most heartrending education into the dangers of antidepressants would come as a victim and ultimately, as a survivor. Rigorously researched and documented, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher is a moving human drama that shares one woman's unforgettable journey of faith, forgiveness, and healing.


Gwen Olsen is the author of the award-winning book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher and contributing author to two other books, Doctor of the Future by Dan Yachter, D.C., and the Maximized Living Makeover Manual by Dr. Ben Lerner et al. Gwen has also published health-related articles in the Well Being Journal, Natural News, and the Health News Digest.

Gwen is a passionate mental health activist, writer, and dynamic speaker who devotes much of her time to mental health and child advocacy. Gwen volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the Travis County court system from 1995 to 2000, serving as an advocate for abused and neglected foster children in Texas. A 2007 Human Rights Award recipient, she is sought after internationally as a speaker and media resource, and has testified numerous times before Congress and the FDA. Please use the "Hire Gwen" tab in this website to schedule Gwen to speak at your upcoming event.

A fifteen-year-veteran pharmaceutical rep from 1985 -- 2000, Gwen worked for McNeil Pharmaceutical, Syntex Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Labs and Forest Laboratories. She was a hospital rep and specialist rep for the majority of her career, educating residents in hospital teaching settings and selling prescription drugs to doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology and psychiatry.

Gwen has a unique industry insider's perspective of the current U.S. healthcare dilemma, and utilizes both her experience and the insight she received in her extensive sales training with Pharma to illuminate marketing trends and illustrate how current greed and conflicts of interest make the system itself the biggest health risk to American consumers.

For the past 5 years Gwen has made hundreds of appearances and presentations and has been interviewed and featured on national and international television, radio, on-line and print media, documentary films, etc., Please visit the "Videos" page and the "Media Coverage" section in this website to view some of these events.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood on Veritas Radio | 9/11: The New Investigation (Full Interview)

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S y n o p s i s

Reading Dr. Judy Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go?, continues to awaken minds of note among truth seekers while mainstream media looks the other way and many in the "truth movement" bash it for its differing conclusions.

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, Dr. Wood returns to Veritas to discuss the book's reception thus far, and her hopes for the future.

"I'd like to empower the reader to understand what happened. I want them to trust themselves, their own judgment, rather than what they've heard." Of course, one has to read the book. Those that do often return to buy another five or so, she says.

During this discussion we hear a recording of Governor Jesse Ventura lauding Dr. Wood's work to a skeptical Alex Jones. "It was some sort of microwave weapon. It wasn't a controlled demolition." We hear a recording of self-proclaimed 40-year hurricane expert Geraldo Rivera say, "Too bad there wasn't a hurricane on 9/11."

Ah, but there was a hurricane on 9/11. The public was never warned. Nor were pilots.

On 9/11/2001, a category-three Hurricane Erin stood menacingly off the shore of Long Island and Cape Cod for four days, Woods explains. Just after the towers disintegrated, it made a 90-degree turn away from the continent.

Free energy weaponry apparently requires a highly-charged, controlled atmosphere.

Wood laments that the truth movement has been derailed by distracting misinformation alluding to controlled demolition, radiation, bombs, thermite, molten metals, and more.

She says that surviving recordings reveal silence during the demise of the buildings. "The towers did not burn up, nor did they slam to the ground. They turned to dust in mid-air."

She mentions that there is no evidence any steel, or other tower remains, was shipped off to China.

Toasted cars blocks away, spontaneous combustion, papers flying while solids "dustified..." Wood's 800-pages of findings beg to be read. And bring on the skeptics.

"Just look at my book. There is no denying the evidence of directed, free-energy technology. This technology is not a secret anymore. Think of what knowing this will change."

So far no one has disputed any of the evidence presented in her book.
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