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Brad Meltzer’s ‘Decoded’ Explores Hopi 2012 Doomsday Theories and Features Mel Fabregas and The Web Bot

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Last night on the History Channel, Brad Meltzer and his ‘Decoded’ team of investigators delved into 2012 Doomsday prophecies of the Hopi Indians. As it turns out, much of what the Hopi predict falls in line with the Mayans and others. Good news or bad? Well, it seems that the take the Hopi have may be a bit more optimistic.

Decoded Hopi 2012 Doomsday

Brad Meltzer’s “Decoded” team investigates Hopi Indian prophecies for 2012 Doomsday.

The ‘Decoded’ team heads on mule-back through the Arizona desert to meet with author Gary A. David, an ‘expert’ on the Hopi Indians. Their folklore spins a tale of how we have already been through three previous cataclysms. The first ‘mass-destruction’ of humanity occurred by fire, the second by ice and the third by flood. Sounds good to me so far.

Hopi prophecies foretell of nine signs to the coming 4th destruction of humanity. If interpreted as David does, many have already occurred, such as the invention of the automobile and even the World-Wide-Web. The ‘7th Sign’ deals with the seas turning black and fish dying off. Could the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico be this event? Or is it part of a general trend of global pollution that the Hopi are predicting?

Hopi prophecies also describe a massive earthquake to take place soon, signaled by the coming of a ‘blue star’. A Hopi artifact, known as Prophecy Rock, is a large boulder near an ancient Hopi village, is covered with pictures to be interpreted. The earthquake sign shows that they predicted two previous tremors with a third to come. This sends the ‘Decoded’ team to talk with a geologist, whom invited the team to try out his mobile earthquake simulator. Basically a semi-trailer rigged to shake, rattle and roll.

Brad Meltzer cuts in at this point to tell the viewing audience how truly pointless this exercise is, though it does make for comical television. As the team gets jostled about inside the shaking trailer, Buddy, a 200-pound man, decides that the best thing for him to grab as a support is Mac, a woman who weighs about 100 pounds. I think it may have been kind of mean for Brad to have emphasized this, but, it is his show after all.

The ‘blue star’ connection is explored by the team as they meet with Dr. Matt Kaplan, an astronomer. NASA has recently discovered a blue star that was expelled out of the Milky Way galaxy about 100 million years ago and is flying away some 60,000 light years from Earth. Even if this blue star could turn around and reverse course, it would take 100 million years for it to hit our planet, so no need to worry about it. But then Dr. Kaplan tells the team that it is inevitable that an asteroid or a comet will eventually strike the Earth at some point.

This sends shivers through the ‘Decoded’ team, as a comet could be viewed by the Hopi as a blue star. Needless to say, the team also looks into prophecies by other religions, which seem to support some big disaster as do the Hopi and Mayans. Naturally, they also talk with Victor Barnes, an expert on one of history’s most famous prophets, Nostradamus. While old ‘Nostry’ does predict trouble in 2012, fear not, because Nostradamus predicts the world won’t come to an end until the year 3797. Whew!

While Mac and Joel talk with a reporter who is familiar with a prophet the CIA consults with about his 2012 predictions, Buddy gets a tip from Brad about web-bots. Buddy meets up with Mel Fabregas who explains how web-bots are algorithmic ‘spiders’ that search the Internet for keywords. By monitoring such words, the web-bots discover patterns which seem to be able to predict the future. Oddly enough, according to Fabregas, the web-bots run into a ‘data-gap’ which starts around December 21, 2012, the very day the Mayans predict for the end of the world. However, the good news is that the data-gap is temporary, lasting about six months.

So, in the end (pardon the pun) Brad Meltzer’s ‘Decoded’ team concludes that while prophecies by the Hopi and Mayans should be taken with a grain of salt, there are real potential threats out there. Be it by Man’s own doing or a cosmic collision by a comet, Earth appears to have a big bulls-eye on it. The good news, however, is that whatever does happen, Humanity will survive, at least some of us, and carry on.

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