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I believe in UFOs... and I've seen them': Former Canadian defence minister accuses American government of cover-up

I was privileged to have dinner last Saturday with Mr. Hellyer and his lovely wife.

I believe in UFOs... and I've seen them': Former Canadian defence minister accuses American government of cover-up

* He says he'd get fired for his views if in office today

* Claims U.S. military had weapons to use against UFOs and that aliens can help us learn about climate change

He is on an advisory body to the Queen, works as an environmental campaigner and is credited with integrating Canada's armed forces.

But aside from all this, the ex-Canadian defence minister says UFOs are real, aliens have visited Earth and the U.S. government is covering up information about them.
Paul Hellyer says he would probably get fired for his views if he was still Canada's Minister of National Defense today, but is adamant he has seen UFOs himself.

Paul Hellyer: The ex-Canadian Minister of National Defense says he is convinced that UFOs are real and alleges the U.S. has covered up information on them

Hon. Paul Hellyer with Mel Fabregas at the 2011 International UFO Congress - Feb 26, 2011  Photo courtesy of Paola Harris -

The 87-year-old, who is the longest-serving member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, said he never discussed his views with top officials when he was in office.
‘This is the kind of thing that sometimes they don't tell politicians about,’ he said.
‘I have no doubt that there were probably people in my employ who would have been more knowledgeable than I was at the time.’

‘I got periodic reports on sightings and I looked at them very casually. It was decided that about 80 per cent of them were natural phenomena of one sort or another and the other 20 per cent roughly were unexplained and therefore unidentified.’

'Home at last': Ferry packed with U.S. citizens has finally arrived in Malta
Mr Hellyer is presenting his views on UFOs this week at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona, and says he is ‘convinced’ of their existence.

‘We lived too long in a sense of isolation, thinking that Earth was the centre of the cosmos, that we were the only species and, therefore, probably the most advanced.'
‘And when we come to the realisation that we're not any of those things, then I think we should be aware of it (and) learn to live with it,' he told AOL News.


Mr Hellyer claims to have seen a UFO with his wife when spending last Thanksgiving near Toronto, and they stared at the sky for 20 minutes watching it moving.

Theory: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has praised his writings on a 'shadow U.S. government' using alien technology

He told AOL: ‘By process of elimination, we determined it wasn't a star or satellite and it wasn't the space station, so there was really no explanation for it other than it was, in fact, a UFO. It looked like a star, but it manoeuvred in a way that stars don't.’

He believes the U.S. has developed new forms of energy at secret ‘black operation’ units using alien technology and that a ‘shadow government’ is behind this activity.

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences research group, has described Mr Hellyer's theory as an 'important contribution' to literature.
‘His experience in government, his interest in exo-politics and the issues of sustainability of civilization are significant areas of current discourse,' he said.

Retired Army Colonel John Alexander, also speaking at this week’s conference, believes UFOs are real but says there has never been a cover-up. Mr Hellyer added: ‘People keep talking about transparency and still not telling the truth, and this applies in various other areas as well as UFOs.

'It's just about time that we started getting open with each other and trying to get along and live together.’

He said he would 'probably be open-mouthed about it' and 'might get fired for it' if he talked about his opinions in office today.

He said in 2005 that the U.S. military was preparing weapons to use against aliens, and they 'could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning'.

Sighting: Mr Hellyer says he saw a UFO when spending last Thanksgiving near Toronto and he stared at the sky for 20 minutes watching it moving

He said two years later that governments should be using alternatives to fossil fuels from alien technology obtained during alleged UFO crashes to fight climate change.
Mr Hellyer was responsible in 1963 for creating the Canadian Armed Forces from the integration of the Royal Canadian army, navy and air force into one organisation.
He has also campaigned over issues such as monetary reform, the Middle East and the environment.

Mr Hellyer's website says that he is the 'first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead".'
Other public figures who have stated UFOs are of extra-terrestrial origin include former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Professor Stephen Hawking and Ronald Reagan.

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Len Kasten on Veritas - The Secret History of Extraterrestrials - 1 of 5

S y n o p s i s

Researcher Len Kasten discussed his research into UFOs and the alien agenda. Kasten said his interest in UFOs began at Eglin Air Force Base, where one night he witnessed a glowing green and gold craft moving swiftly and silently over the Gulf of Mexico. The sighting was confirmed the next day by radar operators and reported to a superior in the aptly titled 'UFO Office', he noted. Some years after Kasten's initial encounter, he began looking into the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

According to Kasten, a malevolent alien race with whom Hitler had allied himself, and perhaps themselves bent on world domination, helped the Nazis develop flying saucer technology during World War II. After the war, in 1946, the U.S. launched a covert military action against an alleged secret underground Nazi base in Antarctica, where the troops were greeted by flying saucers from the ocean, he continued. The extraterrestrials warned American forces to never again return to Antarctica with weapons, Kasten added.

In 1954, shortly after rejecting a deal with a benevolent race known as the Pleiadians, President Eisenhower made his own arrangement with less kind aliens, Kasten revealed. Under the Treaty of Graeda, the Grays promised to help advance technology and weapons development in America in exchange for freedom to abduct the country's citizen, Kasten said. The ETs used these human abductees in a Hybrid Project, he asserted, noting that the aliens were part of a dying race.

Kasten believes several subsequent presidents were made aware of the government's dealings with aliens, and even suggested a possible connection between Project Serpo and the Kennedy assassination. Despite so much ET interaction over the decades, Kasten does not think the U.S. government will ever disclose their existence to the public -- which is a shame, as an alignment with good aliens could bring about paradise on Earth, he said.

B i o
Len Kasten has a B.A. degree from Cornell University, where he majored in psychology and minored in literature and philosophy. After graduating from Cornell he entered the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program. While in the Air Force he experienced a UFO encounter that had a transformative effect on his life, although he didn't realize it until a few years later. After serving in the Air Force he moved to Richmond, Virginia. On frequent trips to Virginia Beach, he spent a lot of time in the extensive New Age library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the organization founded by psychic Edgar Cayce, where he acquired a self-education in metaphysics. He then moved to Boston where he was introduced to Theosophy and joined the Boston Theosophical Society.

Then later, while working in Washington D.C. in the 1960s, he felt drawn to join the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). NICAP was the most prestigious organization in the country investigating UFO phenomena. Len then moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he joined the American Philosopher Society. Upon the death of the founder, Cyril Benton, Len became the president of the society. In the 1980s, the APS, under Len's leadership, commenced a program of weekly public lectures by prominent metaphysical and ufology researchers, writers, and leaders. While living in Connecticut Len became the editor of an early New Age publication, Metamorphosis Magazine co-founded with Gordon-Michael Scallion.

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Adrian Salbuchi | 'Bilderberg Hand': Deadly chaos in Libya, Bahrain as Wave of Rage spreads

Dear Friends,

I’m sending this message to just a few of you…

Last night (midnight in Buenos Aires) I was (again) interviewed on Russian Television English Channel to talk about the Middle East (Libya this time) and a rather notable thing happened.   They clearly pick up our message that to understand what is happening, you need to understand that Bilderberg, Trilateral and CFR are behind this…

Please look at this link with an excerpt (the original interview lasted 8 minutes and was broadcast live on Moscow’s 6AM News Report)…

I hope they keep calling me (so far, they’ve been doing so both for their English and Spanish news reports…)

Keep you all posted

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Brooks Agnew, PhD on Veritas - What is happening to planet Earth? - 1 of 5

S y n o p s i s

During this fascinating show, we discussed a possible pole shift. According to Dr. Agnew, the magnetic north has been moving at a rate of 25 miles per year. If this continues, and it seems to be accelerating, people who live on the coast should be concerned.

The sun is starting to "wake up" and the intensity of the solar flares may impair global communications and electronics. He also discussed how the United States is literally spending trillions of dollars with no chance of ever repaying the debt. That could only mean two things: 1. They expect and windfall to cover the debt or 2. They may have used the money to build underground bases, at which point there will not be a need to repay the debt. We discussed 2012, the animal deaths, HAARP, and a plethora of other topics of scientific and geopolitical interest.

B i o
Brooks A. Agnew grew up in Pasadena, California around JPL and Cal Tech. He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering. He was one of the most successful scientists with ground probing radar technology in the nation for oil and gas exploration. Similar technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program. He received his bachelors in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University with honors. He is the author of thousands of technical papers, seminars, documentaries, or books on precision measurement and exploration into the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth. He is the host of X-Squared Radio, one of North America's most widely listened to internet paranormal radio programs. He is the co-author of The Ark of Millions of Years Trilogy that has been critically acclaimed as the most comprehensive publication ever written on the 2012 End Times. He is also the Expedition leader of the greatest civilian expedition in history to the Arctic Circle to examine the theory that planets form as hollow spheres. The team's hypothesis was Japan's Genes of Galileo Winner in 2007. He is currently the president of Sirius Energies Corporation, building electric vehicles.

There is also a BOMBSHELL by Dr. Brooks Agnew about the WHAT and WHO of the Haitian earthquake. You will only hear here on VERITAS

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Cancer fear over cola colourings: Call to ban ingredient used in Coke and Pepsi

Cancer fear over cola colourings: Call to ban ingredient used in Coke and Pepsi

Last updated at 9:57 AM on 17th February 2011

A health risk? America's National Toxicology Program says both 2-MI and 4-MI found in Coke are animal carcinogens
A health risk? America's National Toxicology Program says both 2-MI and 4-MI found in Coke are animal carcinogens
An ingredient used in Coca-Cola and Pepsi is a cancer risk and should be banned, an influential lobby group has claimed.

The concerns relate to an artificial brown colouring agent that the researchers say could be causing thousands of cancers.

‘The caramel colouring used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other foods is contaminated with two cancer-causing chemicals and should be banned,’ said the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a health lobby group based in Washington, DC.

‘In contrast to the caramel one might make at home by melting sugar in a saucepan, the artificial brown colouring in colas and some other products is made by reacting sugars with ammonia and sulphites under high pressure and temperatures.

‘Chemical reactions result in the formation of two substances known as 2-MI and 4-MI which in government-conducted studies caused lung, liver, or thyroid cancer or leukaemia in laboratory mice or rats.’

America’s National Toxicology Program says that there is ‘clear evidence’ that both 2-MI and 4-MI are animal carcinogens, and therefore likely to pose a risk to humans.
Researchers at the University of California, Davis, found significant levels of 4-MI in five brands of cola. 
    The executive director of the CSPI, Michael F Jacobson, has petitioned America’s food regulator, the Food & Drug Administration, to take action.He said: ‘Carcinogenic colourings have no place in the food supply, especially considering that their only function is a cosmetic one.’

    Mr Jacobson said the name ‘caramel colouring’ does not accurately describe the additives, explaining: ‘It’s a concentrated dark brown mixture of chemicals that simply does not occur in nature.’
    Popular drink: The Beatles drinking bottles of coca cola in Paris in 1964. Scientists say its 'caramel colour' is a mixture of chemicals that does not occur in nature
    Popular drink: The Beatles drinking bottles of coca cola in Paris in 1964. Scientists say its 'caramel colour' is a mixture of chemicals that does not occur in nature

    He added that while regular caramel could not be described as healthy, ‘at least it is not tainted with carcinogens’.

    U.S. regulations distinguish between four types of caramel colouring, two of which are produced with ammonia and two without it. The CSPI wants the two made with ammonia to be banned and has received backing from five prominent cancer experts, including several who have worked at the National Toxicology Program.

    The type used in colas and other dark soft drinks is known as Caramel IV, or ammonia sulphite process caramel. Caramel III, which is produced with ammonia but not sulphites, is sometimes used in beer, soy sauce, and other foods.

    The CSPI admitted that any risk associated with consumption of the chemicals would be extremely small. It said the ten teaspoons of sugar found in a can of regular cola would be more of a health problem.

    However, it argued the levels of 4-MI in the tested colas still may be causing thousands of cancers in the U.S. population alone.

    Earlier this week, it was claimed that Coca-Cola’s secret recipe had been leaked. It was even suggested it might be possible to recreate the taste and look on the kitchen table.
    The leak claims were denied by the company, where a spokesman said: ‘Many third parties have tried to crack our secret formula. Try as they might, they’ve been unsuccessful because there is only one “Real Thing”.’

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi did not respond to a request for a response to the CSPI claims.
    This morning Coca-Cola rejected the CSPI’s concerns.

    A spokesman said: ‘Our beverages are completely safe. CSPI’s statement irresponsibly insinuates that the caramel used in our beverages is unsafe and
    maliciously raises cancer concerns among consumers. 

    'This does a disservice to the very public for which CSPI purports to serve.
    ‘Studies show that the caramel we use does not cause cancer.’
    The company said its drinks do not contain 2-MEI. It said they do contain 4-MEI in trace amounts.

    It said: ‘These extrapolations by CSPI to human health and cancer are totally unfounded.’

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    A huge plankton bloom in the North Pacific is traced to a volcanic eruption and offers a test in iron fertilization.

    By Larry O'Hanlon Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:00 PM ET 0 Comments | Leave a Comment
    • The Aleutian Kasatochi volcano happened to conduct a vast natural ocean iron fertilization experiment.
    • A lucky conjunction of sensors, ships and satellites made the discovery possible.
    • A lucky conjunction of sensors, ships and satellites made the discovery possible.
    ocean bloom
    Phytoplankton from the subarctic Pacific. The plankton was among a large and unusual plankton bloom that resulted from a volcanic eruption. Click to enlarge this image. 
    Angelica Peña, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

    A large and very unusual plankton bloom in the North Pacific has been tracked, whodunnit style, to the eruption of a remote volcano in the Aleutian Islands. The volcano-plankton connection is the iron-rich volcanic ash that was launched out of the Kasatochi volcano and then rained down into the ocean.
    "People have hypothesized about it in the past," said researcher Roberta Hamme of the University of Victoria, regarding the possibility that volcanoes can have such an effect on iron-poor seas. "This the first time we have observed it."
    Hamme is the lead author on a paper in Geophysical Research Letters which shows how data from two spacecraft, two research ships, buoys and a robotic ocean glider all came together serendipitously to implicate the volcano well after the event had occurred in the summer of 2008.
    She and a diverse group other researchers had found signs of the unprecedented bloom, but it wasn't until they all started talking to one another at a meeting that they discovered they had encountered something in common affecting one to two million square kilometers of ocean.
    That's what got Hamme looking at the satellite images of volcanic ash Aleutian eruptions. The Kasatochi volcano stood out because it was timed right and had a wide plume of ash which covered the vast area of the plankton bloom.
    "I hadn't put any credence in it until we eliminated the other possibilities," Hamme told Discovery News.
    The same sort of plume was not seen in the North Atlantic from the recent Icelandic volcanics, says Hamme, because those waters are not iron deficient. In the north Pacific, just about everything is present for plankton to thrive except iron. So all it takes is a jolt of iron to start a plankton explosion.
    The discovery also provides scientists with data on the largest case of ocean iron fertilization ever measured. According to the field measurements, the bloom sucked up 0.01 petagrams of carbon (10 million metric tons). That's just half of one percent of how much carbon the oceans take up all year and an even smaller fraction of the 6.5 petagrams or so of carbon humans release into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.
    Hamme and her colleagues compared the carbon uptake to that of a deliberate iron fertilization experiment done in the same part of the ocean called in 2002. The Subarctic Ecosystem Response to Iron Enrichment Study (SERIES) managed to get plankton revved up over 1,000 square kilometers of ocean.
    "Certainly the take home message is that the purposeful experiment had never been able to get greater than 1,000 square kilometers," said Philip Boyd of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Boyd was a key scientist in the SERIES experiment.
    "It's a pretty big kahuna," said Boyd regarding the accidental experiment created by the volcanic eruptions. Yet the amount of carbon update, as in the smaller deliberate experiments, is not impressive. "It's a pretty valuable study and certainly I'll be talking about it," said Boyd.
    Despite this, there are some geoengineering people who will likely ignore the study, said Boyd, and continue trying to sell iron fertilization as a way to sequester atmospheric carbon.
    "If I were a geoengineer and had a couple of venture capital people on the line I'd direct them elsewhere," Boyd said.

    Adrian Salbuchi's take on the Middle East [Russia Times]

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    Unexplained Phenomenon Observed during Mel Fabregas' History Channel Appearance

    "Though just a remark, if I may quickly - as I dipped in to Veritas TV and watched the clip of you last month on the History Channel talking about web bots, don't know if you've noticed, but you were 'clocked' by a 'probe' mid-1min59sec; it whizzed behind you from bottom left to upper right, posing (to the mind's eye) as a bird... have bumped and paused it so many times, I am 99 per cent sure it was what I see so many times in chemtrail videos (though not exclusively, take 9/11 for example and many other filmed 'disasters'..). Itz nothing to be unduly alarmed about; I've been watched for the past 3 years every time I point my camera to the sky - they're little blighters that are somehow connected to the spraying and have been filmed thousands of times by unsuspecting people in our skies on a myriad of occasions. Once difficult to identify on film, the veil is lifting so rapidly, they can't escape being captured on tape (either that or they're past caring; whichever, they fly at such a rate, the mind dismisses them as mere birds or insects. But once you know of their existence, itz hard NOT to see them!). I've done a handful of vids of close ups to the trails and the sun, and they are everywhere... I don't have a theory as to what they are exactly or 'who' they 'work' for but gut tells me they're not operating in the Light." 

    Here are some images I took from the exact moment this object is seen. When watching the video, if you blink, you miss it. 





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    Claude Swanson, Ph.D. on Veritas - The Synchronized Universe: New Scienc...

    S y n o p s i s

    These are just a few of the areas in which science is discovering very real, physical and measurable effects which violate present science. This presentation, which discusses the science behind the paranormal describes this evidence in non-technical language, with many pictures, illustrations, graphs and references. It also shows how our present science can be expanded to begin to understand these mysteries. Of Dr. Claude Swanson's books, best-selling author Brad Steiger says:

    "The Synchronized Universe is a well-written and exciting presentation of the latest scientific evidence proving the existence of the paranormal. Swanson's suggestions about how present physics can be modified to understand and explain some of these strange phenomena may go a long way to healing the ancient split between science and spirituality. The implications of this book are far-reaching."

    --Brad Steiger, author of Mysteries of Space and Time.

    B i o
    Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the "Gravity Group," which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Nobel laureate Robert Dicke. His thesis advisor was Prof. David Wilkinson, who later became chairman of the physics department.

    Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. He then began work for Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, a consulting company, and later formed his own consulting company which carried out studies in applied physics for commercial and governmental agencies, including DuPont, United Technologies, the U.S. Army and Navy, DARPA and the CIA, among many others.

    For the last fifteen years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into "unconventional physics." His principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called "Theory of Everything" which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level. This has led him to investigate many aspects of the paranormal, which appear to be completely real phenomena which violate our present science. Paranormal phenomena, which have now been proven in the laboratory in many cases, offer a window into the deeper universe, the mysteries of consciousness, and unlock new forces and principles which conventional science has only begun to glimpse.

    Among paranormal phenomena which are now known, it has been found that signals can move much faster than light, and the human consciousness and even human influence, can move backward and forward in time. Science fiction concepts such as teleportation and levitation seem to occur in reality in paranormal events, and offer powerful evidence that this will be the new frontier of science.

    At the same time, thousands of out-of-body and near-death experiences show that other dimensions and other realities do exist. This has been the domain of speculation by theoretical physics, but OBE and NDE cases indicate that parallel realities and dimensions are in some sense real. And finally, paranormal research suggests that the human soul, the center of human consciousness, can survive death and is apparently an energy form which can move and exist independently of the body. Science is discovering that, in the words of the pioneer Robert Monroe, " we are far more than our physical bodies."

    Dr. Swanson has conducted extensive research in these areas, including research of the scientific literature, interviews with scientists in these fields, attended and spoken at conferences, and conducted experiments and investigations, to better understand how such paranormal phenomena can be incorporated into modern science.

    This research has involved underwater archaeology in Bimini, scientific measurements in haunted houses, experiments in remote viewing and psychokinesis, and testing of new devices which can measure these strange forces. He has just published a book, The Synchronized Universe, which summarizes some of the new discoveries of this emerging science.

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    Giants found in Iran

    This article was translated from Farsi to English via Googl Translator.  The translation may not be 100% accurate, but it is better than none.

    Burnt City Where?

    شهر سوخته كجاست ؟ Burnt City Where? اين مردم موفق و دانا چه كساني بودند ؟ These people who were successful and wise? اينان چرا و چگونه همگي يكشب در آتش سوختند ؟؟ These why and how the fire burned all Ykshb? مردم شهر سوخته در 3 هزار سال پيش چگونه به اين همه علم و پيشترفت رسيده بودند ؟؟ People Burnt City in three thousand years ago how all this science and had been Pyshtrft? آيا علم آنان از خارج از كره زمين به آنها آموزش داده شده بود ؟؟ Whether their knowledge from outside the Earth had been taught to them?

    آيا مردم شهر سوخته با موجودات فضايي در ارتباط بودند ؟؟ They burnt the city in connection with space creatures were?

    اينها سوالاتي است كه باستان شناسان طي سالها تحقيق هنوز به نتيجه اي نرسيدند و نمي دانند مردم اين شهر عظيم و مدرن و پيشترفته در 3000 سال پيش از كجا آمده بودند و چگونه به اين همه علم و دانش رسيده بودند و چگونه طي يك شب همگي در آتش سوختند و نابود شدند ؟؟!!!!!! These are questions that archaeologists over the years failed study result and still do not know the people of this great city and modern Pyshtrfth years ago in 3000 came from where and how all this knowledge had been and how during one night in all fire were burned and destroyed ??!!!!!!

    مقاله زير تفسير و توضيحي علميست در مورد تمدن شهر سوخته در سيستان و زابل شهر دليران و سرمين رستم و سهراب و تاريخ بزرگ بشري The following article about the interpretation and the explanation of civilization Lmyst Burnt City in Sistan and the city of Zabol and Srmyn Daliran Rostam and Sohrab and the great history of human

    شهر سوخته در ساحل رودخانه ی هیلمند و ۵۶ کیلومتری شهر باستانی زابل قرار دارد.شهری که نقش بسیار مهمی در ایران باستان داشته است.زادگاه رستم و پهلوانان نامی ایران زمین.اگرچه امروز بخش The Burnt City Hylmnd River and 56 km is the ancient city of Zabol. A very important role in the city has ancient.'s Hometown heroes Rostam and name Persia. Although today's Division

    تصاويري از بقاياي شهر سوخته بهشت باستان شناسان در سيستان سرزمين شگفتيها و مهد دليران Images of the remains of the Burnt City in Sistan Archaeological Garden and nursery land wonders Daliran

    محل قرار گرفتن خانه ها و ديوار هاي شهردر تصوير فوق مشخص شده است . The location of houses and walls Shhrdr these files is specified.
    شهر سوخته از نظر زمانی هم زمان با تمدن سومر در بین النهرین و تمدنهای هاراپا و موهنجودارو در شمال غربی پاکستان بوده است . Burnt City in terms of long time with the Sumerian civilization and the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Mvhnjvdarv Harapa in northwest Pakistan has been. بسیاری از باستان شناسان معتقدند که مردم این ناحیه از همان نژاد سومر یا آنوناکی بوده اند که از سیاره ی نیبیرو به زمین آمده بودند. Many archaeologists believe that the people of this region of the same race or Nvnaky Sumer were Nybyrv the planet came to Earth. شباهت مجسمه های یافت شده با آنچه که در هاراپا وموهنجودارو وجود دارد این نظریه را اثبات می کند علاوه بر اینکه ابزارها و علوم پیشرفته ای که در شهر سوخته وجود دارد حکایت از شهری بزرگ و تجاری در ۶۰۰۰ سال پیش می کند. Statues found similarities with what is there Harapa Vmvhnjvdarv to prove this theory in addition to being an advanced science instruments and the Burnt City is a city of big business story in 6000 years ago does.

    نژاد و زبان مردم شهر سوخته : Race and language of Burnt City:

    علی رغم پیدا کردن بیش از ۴۰۰۰۰ اسکلت در گورستانهای این شهر هیچ کس موفق به شناسایی نژاد مردمی که در این ناحیه می زیستند نشده است. Despite finding more than 40,000 structures in the city's cemeteries No one race to identify people who lived in this area yet.
    همین مشکل در خصوص شهرهای باستانی هاراپا و موهنجودارو نیز وجود دارد و در نتیجه باستانشناسان را به این باور سوق داده است که مردم از همان نژاد ناشناس سومری بوده اند که به مناطق خوش آب و هوای زمین در کنار رودخانه های عظیم کوچ می کردند و با یکدیگر ارتباطاط تجاری می داشته اند.علاوه بر این جثه ی عظیم اسکلتها پس از پوسیده شدن در طول ۶۰۰۰ سال باز هم این باور را تقویت می کند که پهلوانان عظیم الجثه ی ایران باستان همچون گیو - گودرز - گرشاسب - سام و نریمان و رستم از همان نژاد بوده یا دورگه بوده اند The same problem regarding the ancient cities and Mvhnjvdarv Harapa There is also resulting in the archaeologists to believe that people are diverted from the Sumerian race were unknown to welcome climate zones along rivers and massive migration would Artbatat have another business. Besides the massive body structure of spoil during the year 6000 again strengthened the belief that the ancient heroes like giant Gyv - Goodarz - Garshasbi - Sam and Nariman, and Rostam from the or half of the race have been

    در اسكلت هاي كشف شده افرادي با بلندي قد بين 3 تا 4 متر نيز كشف شده است . Skeletons discovered in tall people with 3 to 4 meters has also been discovered. يكي از بزرگترين اسكلتهاي كشف شده در جهان در شهر سوخته كشف شده كه متعلق به يك مردي بين 35 تا 40 ساله است كه دقيقا" 5 متر و بيست و يك سانتي متر قد داشته كه اين بلند ترين اسكلت ديده شده در عصر باستان است.؟؟!!!!؟ One of the world's largest skeletons discovered in Burnt City discovered that belong to a man aged between 35 and 40 is exactly the "twenty-five meters and a height of cm, which had seen the highest structure in the ancient era.? ?!!!!?

    زبان مردم شهر سوخته و به طور کلی مردم نواحی بلوچستان و زابلستان باستان نا شناس باقی مانده و کسی قادر به رمز گشایی نوشته ها و مهرهای کشف شده نیست.اما آنچه مسلم و قابل اثبات است این است که زبان پهلوی و زبان اوستایی از جمله زبانهایی بوده اند که توسط برخی قبایل و سلسله های باستان تکلم می شده اند و همچنان امروز به ما رسیده اند.( Language townspeople burned and people in general and Balochistan regions Zablstan ancient remains unknown and no one able to decrypt writings and seals are not found. But what is indisputable and verifiable is that the language of Pahlavi and Avestan language, including languages have been by some ancient tribes and dynasties have been spoken, and still today we have been. (

    تجارت: Business:

    شهر سوخته(ایران باستان) به کشورهایی همچون سومر -هاراپا- موهمجودارو و مصر وسایل صنعتی و جواهرات و وسایل تزیینی صادر می کرده است. Burnt City (Ancient) to countries such as Sumer - Harapa - Mvhmjvdarv and Egypt and industrial equipment and supplies decorative jewelry is exported.

    لینک زیر یک وسیله ی تزیینی را نشان می دهد که در شهر اور ( عراق) در سومر باستان پیدا شده است و از شهر سوخته به سومر صادر شده بوده است. The following link a decorative device that shows the city of Ur (Iraq) has been found in ancient Sumer and the Sumerians of the Burnt City has been issued.

    دین مردم شهر سوخته : Dean burned the city:

    به غیر از تعدادی مجسمه ی بت مانند از خدایان مونث و چند پیکره ی مرد که گمان می رود طبقه ی روحانی را نشان دهد علائم دیگری یافت نشده که بتوان دین اصلی مردم را مشخص کرد . Apart from a number of statues of gods idols such as female and some male figures who are suspected of cleric class show no other symptoms that can be found in the main religion of the people identified. اما در جدیدترین کاوشها ساختمان یک معبد بسیار بسیار بزرگ کشف شده است که به زودی پاسخ به این سوال را خواهد داد.منبع را ببینید Explore the new building but a very, very big temple has been discovered that the answer to this question soon will. See sources

    قربانی کردن انسان: Human sacrifice:

    در قبرستانهای شهر سوخته اجسادی پیدا شده است که نشان می دهد آنها طی مراسمی قربانی شده بودند، در یکی از قبرها ۱۳ سر قطع شده به صورت دایره وار و به همراه هدایا و وسایل تزیینی پیدا شده است که نشان از نوعی مراسم مذهبی دارد. Burned corpses in the town cemetery has been found indicating that they were victims of a ceremony at the graves of 13 heads cut into circles and with gifts and decorative devices have been found showing that some form of religious ritual is. همچنین در چند قبر دیگر اسکلتهایی یافت شده که جمجمه ی آنها در بین پاها و جدا از بدن قرار گرفته.از آنجا که این اجساد با احترام و به همراه هدایا دفن شده اند احتمال قتل و یا شکنجه وجود ندارد بنابراین می توان آن را قربانی تلقی کرد Also some other grave Asklthayy found among the skulls of their legs and body were separated. Because the bodies with respect and are buried along with gifts and likely killed or tortured there so it can be seen as victims will

    آب و فاضلاب : Water:

    سراسر شهر سوخته دارای سیستم پیشرفته ای برای انتقال آب به منازل و سطح شهر است و جنس لوله ها از سفال خاصی است.چيزي كه در تمدنهاي بسيار پيشترفته مانند عيلاميها و هخامنشيان مي بينيم و از يك قوم كوچك بسيار بعيد است كه اينقدر به مسئله بهداشت و تامين مصرف مردم و ساكنين اهميت مي دادند.؟؟!!!؟ Burned across the city, an advanced system for transferring water to the homes and the city and made from clay pipes is certain. Something that very Pyshtrfth civilizations like Elamite and Achaemenid and see a small nation, so is very unlikely that the health issue supply and consumption of the people and residents have indicated the importance .??!!!?

    شهر سوخته در منطقه ای کاملا غیر زلزله خیز ( حتی تا امروز) بنا شده ( درست مانند تمدنهای سومر-مصر و دره ی سند ). Burnt City in a completely non-earthquake-prone region (even today) was built (just like the civilizations of Sumer - Egypt Valley of the document). به این دلیل سوخته خوانده می شود که ۲ بار به طور کامل سوخته شده اما باز ساخته شده است و ناگهان بدون هیچ نشانی در ۲۱۰۰ سال پیش از میلاد تخلیه شده است. Because it is called the second burned completely burned once, but again made a sudden without any address in 2100 BC have been emptied. دقیقا هم زمان با نا پدید شدن تمدن های دری ه سند( یعنی هاراپا و موهمجو دارو ) . Exactly the same time disappearance door civilizations E document (ie Mvhmjv Harapa and drugs).

    طبق کتیبه های آشور باستان این دقیقا همان تاریخی است که آنوناکی ناگهان زمین را ترک کردند . The ancient Assyrian inscriptions exactly the date that they left the ground abruptly Nvnaky. دلیل این خروج ناگهانی در کتب عهد عتیق و متون باستان تغییر ناگهانی آب و هوای زمین از مرطوب به خشک بوده است . Because of this sudden departure in Old Testament and ancient texts sudden change in climate from wet to dry is. تمامی مناطقی که این تمدنها در آن به وجود آمده بود به دلیل تغییر مدار زمین گرم و خشک شدند و این موجودات (آنوناکی) برای حیات به محیطی بسیار سبز و مرطوب نیاز داشته اند. All areas where these civilizations came into existence due to orbit changes were hot and dry, and these organisms (Nvnaky) for life to a very green and humid environment have needs. از این رو ناگهانی ناپدید می شوند اما انسانهای دو رگه که از آمیزش آنوناکی و مردم زمین به وجود آمده بودند در زمین باقی ماندند که احتمالا همین انسانها سلسله های مشهور و پادشاهان و پهلوانان را تشکیل می داده اند Thus suddenly disappear, but people who touched crossover Nvnaky land and people there were probably on the ground remained the same series of famous men and kings and heroes are made up

    بهر حال اين منطقه و تمدن اعجاب انگيزچيزي حدود 4500 سال پيش بر اثر يك آتش سوزي عظيم ، انقدر عظيم كه نمي توانسته كار حمله احتمالي قومي به اين منطقه باشد اين شهر را از بيم برده است . However, the region and Ajab Angyzchyzy civilization about 4500 years ago caused a huge fire, so great that the work could not attack the ethnic region, the city has taken the fear. اين آتش سوزي مي تواند آتش سوزيهاي عظيم ناشي از گرم شدن زمين ، يك جنگ ويرانگر ، و يا صاعقه هاي بزرگي بوده كه توانسته شبانه و طي چند روز يك شهر را كاملا" تبديل به خاكستر بنمايد ... It can fire massive fires resulting from global warming, a devastating war, and the lightning that really large during the night and the city quite a few days "turned into ash may call upon ...
    شهر سوخته به علت رمزها و رازهاي بسيار بهشت باستان شناسان معرفي شده و هر روز چيز تازه اي براي كشف شدن دارد...اينان چه كساني بودند ؟؟!!!؟ Burnt City codes and secrets because many archaeologists paradise and introduced a new thing every day has to be discovered ... Who were these ??!!!?

    اسكلت كامل پيدا شده از يك دختر 14 ساله كه مورد جراحي مغز قرار گرقته است...چهره اين دختر توسط اندام شناسان باستان شناس در تصوير فوق باز سازي شده است . Complete skeleton found of a 14-year-old girl who is about Grqth brain surgery ... She faces by Sociologists limb archaeologist in the above image reconstruction has been.

    محل كشف اسكلتهاي مورد جراحي قرار گرفته به همراه وسايل زينتي و چند كوزه Place discovered the skeletons had surgery with instruments and a few ornamental sea

    پزشکی پيشترفته مردم شهر سوخته و احتمال روابط آنها با موجوداتي غير زميني و مدرن : Medical Pyshtrfth townspeople burned and their possible relationships with other land animals and modern:

    اگرچه تاکنون نشانی از سفینه های این مردم یافت نشده !!! Although the ship so far does not find these people!
    و يا مداركي دال بر ارتباط اين مردم با موجودات فضايي !! Or evidences indicating the spatial relationship of people with animals! ( اگر هم یافت شود به من و شما گزارش نمی دهند ! ) جالب است دلايلي را كه باستانشناسان رابطه اين مردم را با موجوداتي پيشترفته و يا شايد غير زميني رد نمي كنند و بر پايه يك فرضيه وجود افرادي پيشترفته در كره زمين را ممكن مي دانند را بدانيد : (To be found if you do not report me!) Is interesting that the reasons archaeologists relationship with these people and perhaps animals Pyshtrfth do not reject non-land based on a hypothesis Pyshtrfth there who may know the Earth know:

    اولا: تعداد محدودي اسكلت در شهر سوخته كشف شده كه جمجمه ها و اعضاي بدن آنها اصلا" شباهتي به انسان كامل ندارد و بيشتر شبيه موجوداتي انسان نما مي باشد. Firstly: few skeletons in the Burnt City discovered that their skulls and body parts at all, "not unlike the perfect man and more like creatures are humanoid.
    اين اسكلت ها از نظر ظاهر و فيزيك كاملا" با اسكلت يك انسان متفاوت بوده و درست شبيه و نقاشيهاي موجود از موجودات فضايي است !!؟؟ The skeleton in terms of physical appearance and completely "with a human skeleton is different and just like the painting is the space creatures!?

    دوما" : علم و پيشترفت تكنولوژي اين قوم كوچك در 5 هزار سال پيش آنقدر مدرن و امروزي بوده كه باستانشناسان حتي در دوران هاي بعدي تاريخي مانند دوران با عظمت هخامنشيان كه ايرانيان به علومي مانند پزشكي ، ستاره شناسي و ديگر علوم آشنايي داشتند ديده نشده است . مثلا" عمل جراحي بسيار ظريف معز يك زن كه شما در تصاوير فوق مشاهده مي كنيد...بسيار جاي تعمق و تعمل دارد!!! Secondly ": science and technology Pyshtrft this small nation in five thousand years ago that was so modern and modern archaeologists, even during the next historical period such as the greater Achaemenid Iranians, like medical science, astronomy and other sciences were familiar has not been seen . for example, "very delicate surgery Mz a woman you see in these pictures ... so instead do is meditate Tml! چرا كه ما حتي در دوران ساساني كه دانشگاه علوم پزشكي در جندي شاپور (دزفول كنوني ) داشتيم همچين پيتشرفتهايي در علم پزشكي نكرده بوديم و گزارشاتي مبني بر جراحي مغز و يا جراحي چشم و يا ساخت چشم مصنوعي نداشتيم. Why we even during the Sassanid University in withdrawal symptoms (Dezful present) we take such Pytshrfthayy in medicine and reports were not based on brain surgery or eye surgery or did not build an artificial eye.
    تعجب باستانشناسان و مورخين به اين خاطر است که در ۵۰۰۰ سال قبل از میلاد جراحی مغز و کار گذاشتن چشم مصنوعی انجام می شده است.تصويري كه در اين صفحه مي بينيد، جمجمه ی دختری ۱۴ ساله را نشان می دهد که به دلیل بیماری مغزی جراحی شده بوده است. Archaeologists and historians surprised to remember that in 5000 BC and set the brain surgery performed by Artificial Eye. A picture that you see on this page, 14-year-old girl skull shows due to illness, brain surgery has been. پیش از این تصور میشد که تنها مصر باستان دست به جراحی می زدند (بر اسای نوشته های پزشك مخصوص فرعون ،سینوحه پزشک مصری). Previously thought that only the ancient Egyptians went to the surgery (doctor's written on the lounge for Pharaoh, the Egyptian doctor Synvhh). . .

    همچنین این لینک اسکلت زنی ۳۵ ساله را نشان می دهد که از چشم مصنوعی استفاده می کرده . Link skeleton also 35-year-old woman shows that have used the artificial eye. جنس این کره ی چشم نا مشخص است و توسط تارهای بسیار باریکی از طلا به عصبهای چشم متصل شده بوده است. Korea made the eyes is unknown, and by a very thin cords of gold was attached Sbhay eyes.

    اسكلت پيدا شده در شهر سوخته Skeleton found in Burnt City

    كشف اسكلت يك زن متعلق به حدود 4 هزار سال پيش كه يك چشم وي مصنوعي بوده و مورد جراحي بسيار عجيب و ظريف و پيشترفته قرار گرفته است. Skeletons found belonged to a woman about four thousand years ago an artificial eye and his very strange about the surgery and has been fine and Pyshtrfth.

    كشف چشم مصنوعي به گزارش استاد سجادي : The artificial eye discovered Master Sajjadi:
    مطالعات اوليه نشان داده اند که چشم چپ زن تنومند مدفون در قبر شماره 6705 مصنوعي بوده است .سن اين زن بين 25 تا 30 سال تخمين زده شده است .بررسي بيشتر توسط پزشكان مشخص نمود كه زير تاق ابروي زن مذکو آثار آبسه و چركي و جراحي داشته است .به علت طول زمان زيادي كه بخش زيرين چشم مصنوعي با پلك چشم در تماس بوده آثار ارگانيكي پلك چشم بر روي پروتز مصنوعي مشخص است .جنس اين چشم مصنوعي يا پروتز كاملا" هنوز مشخص نگرديده است اما به نظر مي رسد از جنس قير طبيعي با مخلوط يك نوع چربي حيواني درست شده است . وسط اين پروتز خالي است كه چشم از داخل آن پيدا بوده است .بدنه چشم مصنوعي با نوعي مفتول طلايي احاطه گرديده و توسط 2 سوراخ موازي به چشم اين زن پيوند زده شده بودند.نقشي كه در روي اين چشم مصنوعي طراحي شده دقيقا" شبيه به مويرگهاي ريز داخل چشم انسان مي باشد. Preliminary studies have shown that the left eye robust woman buried in grave No. 6705 was artificial. Among women age 25 to 30 years is estimated. Be determined by physicians for further evaluation under the brow arch Mzkv woman works and purulent abscess and surgery has had. a lot of time due to the lower part of artificial eye lid in contact with the organic effects of artificial prosthesis on the eye lid is clear. prosthesis or artificial eye made this perfectly "are not yet known but seems to be made of bitumen a natural mixture of animal fat is made. middle of the prosthesis is empty from inside the eye has been found. fuselage artificial eyes with a kind of golden rod was surrounded by two parallel holes in their eyes had been grafted onto the female. a role that The artificial eye on the design exactly "like capillaries inside the human eye is fine. ضمنا" به همراه اسكلت اين زن عجيب تعدادي لوازم مانند : يك كيسه چرمي ، يك آينه مفرغي ، وتعدادي مهر هاي تزئيني و تعدادي ظروف سفالي كشف شده است.زمان فوت و درگذشت اين زن با استفاده از كربن 14 و مطالعات آزمايشگاهي حدود 3هزار سال قبل از ميلاد مسيح تائيد شده است. Meanwhile, "with skeletons these women odd number of accessories such as: a valise, a mirror, bronze, and number of the Persian month Mehr decorative and some clay dishes are explored. Time is the death and the death of this woman using carbon-14 and laboratory studies of about three thousand years ago birth of Christ is confirmed.

    تصوير بازسازي شده چهره زني كه با يك چشم مصنوعي در 4 هزار سال پيش زندگي مي كرده و توسط پزشكان آن دوره مورد جراحي زيبايي و بازسازي قرار گرفته است. Reconstructed image with a woman who faces an artificial eye in four thousand years ago and live in that period by physicians about cosmetic surgery and has been reconstructed.

    زنان شهر سوخته : Women's Burnt City:

    تازه ترين يافته های باستان شناسان در گورهای شهرسوخته حاکی از اين است که زنان شهر سوخته لباس های زيبايی شبيه به ساری می پوشيدند. The most recent archeological findings in the graves indicate Shhrsvkhth Burnt City is that women like beautiful clothes are Pvshydnd Sari. و به آرايش و زيورآلات قيمتی اهميت می داده اند. And the importance of makeup and jewelry are precious.

    پروتز يا چشم مصنوعي كه در داخل جمجه يك اسكلت زن در 4 هزار سال كه به تازگي كشف گرديد و جهانيان را شگفت زده كرد؟؟!!؟؟ Prosthesis or artificial eye within the skull of a female skeleton in four thousand years which was discovered recently surprised the world ??!!??
    اين پروتز و محلهاي بخيه بر روي آن ديرينه شناسان را با پزشكاني متبحر و عجيب مواجه كرده The prosthesis and suture sites on the paleontologists with experts and physicians have encountered a strange
    كه اين قوم ناشناخته وعجيب ولي پيشترفته در 4 هزار سال پيش در كشور ايران چگونه مي توانشتند عملهاي جراحي به اين ظرافت و دقت انجام بدهند؟!!؟ But these people Vjyb Pyshtrfth unknown in four thousand years ago in Iran How Tvanshtnd surgery performed to give the elegance and precision??

    يكي ديگر از عجايب شهر سوخته :؟؟!!!؟ Another wonders :??!!!? Burnt City
    يك اسكلت كشف شده كه مورد جراحي مغز قرار گرفته است. A skeleton discovered that the brain surgery is located. با كشف اين اثر پيشينه پزشكي در ايران به بيش از 4000 سال مي رسد. Discovering the history of medicine in Iran reaches more than 4000 years. جراحي مغز به اين شكل هنوز در هيچ جايي از كره زمين با ساده ترين وسايل موجود و بدون تجهيزات اتاق عمل ديده نشده است ؟؟!!!؟؟!!؟ This form of brain surgery is still nowhere from earth with the simplest equipment and operating room without the equipment has not been seen ??!!!??!!?

    تاس هاي بازي كشف شده به همراه تخته نرد در شهر سوخته!!؟؟ Dice game with Backgammon discovered in Burnt City!? نكته جالب اينكه اولا" چه تفكر عظيم و پويايي در اين مردم وجود داشته و دوم اينكه چقدر شبيه با وسايل امروزي است؟!!؟؟ First interesting point that "what huge and dynamic thinking in the people there and Second, how has modern equipment like ?!!??

    وسيله اي بازي شبيه به تخته نرد كه داراي تاس و مهره هايي شبيه به تخته نرد امروزي بوده است. Made a game similar to backgammon dice and beads which have some similar to modern backgammon is.
    گزارش استاد سجادي باستانشناس ايراني از كشف تخت نرد باستاني : Iranian archaeologist Professor Sajjadi reported discovery of ancient dice beds:

    به تازگی از گور باستانی موسوم به شماره ۷۶۱ قديمی ترين تخت نرد جهان به همراه ۶۰ مهره آن Ancient graves recently called 761 the world's oldest backgammon bed with its 60 vertebrae
    در شهر سوخته کشف شد، بسيار قديمی تر از تخت نردی که در گورستان سلطنتی اور در بين النهرين کشف شده بود. Was discovered in Burnt City, much older than the beds Nrdy Royal Cemetery of Ur in Mesopotamia had been discovered.
    آقای سجادی گفته که اين تخت نرد از چوب آبنوس و به شکل مستطيل است. Mr. Sajjadi said that the Backgammon bed of ebony wood and has a rectangular shape. چون آبنوس در سيستان و بلوچستان نمی روئيده و مشخص است که از هند وارد شده است. Because ebony grown in Sistan and Baluchestan not clear that India has been compiled.
    روی اين تخت نرد، ماری که ۲۰ بار به دور خود حلقه زده و دمش را در دهان گرفته، نقش بسته است. Dice on the bed, Mary 20 times around the circle and the tail in the mouth, the role is closed.
    به نظر می رسد که چنين طرحی هم به موضوع های فرهنگی و فلسفی هند مربوط باشد، چرا که چنين علامتی در فرهنگ هند به معنی مرکز انرژی های حياتی در بدن انسان است. It seems that such a plan together cultural and philosophical issues related to India is because of such symptoms in Indian culture means vital energy centers in the human body.
    اين تخت نرد ۲۰ خانه بازی و ۶۰ مهره دارد. It houses 20 beds backgammon game and has 60 vertebrae. مهره ها که در يک ظرف سفالی در کنار تخت نرد قرار داشتند از سنگ های رايج در شهر سوخته يعنی از لاجورد، عقيق و فيروزه است. Nuts in a ceramic container in the bed of stone dice were common in the Burnt City, ie lapis, agate, turquoise is.
    به نظر آقای سجادی اين تخت نرد ۱۰۰ تا ۲۰۰ سال قديمی تر از تخت نرد بين النهرين است و به همين دليل او فکر می کند اين بازی از شهر سوخته به تمدن بين النهرين رفته است. Mr. Sadjadi the bed to 100 to 200 years old backgammon than backgammon bed Mesopotamia and why he thinks the game of the city burned to the Mesopotamian civilization is gone. گروه تحقيق و کاوش هنوز روش بازی با اين تخت نرد را نيافته است Research and explore not play dice with the bed has not

    خاكستر جسد يك انسان 3 هزار ساله در شهر سوخته كه در هنگام آتش سوزي در هنگام نيايش و يا خواب بسر مي برده است. Ash 3 thousand year old corpse of a man burnt in the fire during prayer or when sleep is taken to be held.

    كشف يك گور قديمي در شهر سوخته متعلق به يك زن و شوهر . An old grave discovered in Burnt City owned a couple. اينان مدتي قبل از آتش سوزي و نابودي هميشگي شهر سوخته از دنيا رفته بودند. These time before the fire and burnt the city a permanent destruction of the world were gone. جالب است بدانيد هنوز دستبند و زيور آلات زن به همراه اسكلت مشخص بود و با نگاه اول مشخص مي شد كه كدام زن و كدام مرد هستند...سن تقريبي اين دو حدود 30 سال بوده و چنان عاشقانه در بغل و كنار يكديگر بخاك سپرده شدند كه گويي در آن دنيا نيز با يكديگر خواهند بود. It is interesting to know yet bracelets and ornaments, along with female skeletons was clear and was clear at first glance which are women and men ... Which of these two approximate age 30 years and so romantic side and were buried together telling the world that it will be with each other.
    در كنار آنها مقداري غذا و لوازم مورد نياز در آن دنيا برايشان گذاشته شده ؟!! Beside them some food and supplies needed in the world put on them?!

    يك نمونه مهر ، كشف شده در شهر سوخته . Sample October, discovered in Burnt City.
    اين مهرها كه جهت شناسايي افراد مهم ،يا حكومتي و يا براي شناخت تجار معروف در طول تاريخ استفاده مي شده است . The seals, which identify important people, or government or business to identify known throughout history has been used. تا كنون اين مهر ها بيشتر در حفاريهاي دوران هخامنشي كشف گرديده بود . That kindness is far more excavations had been discovered the Achaemenid era.
    اين مهر ها براي فرمان هاي حكومتي و شناسايي مالاتجاره استفاده مي گرديده است. That kindness for steering government and has been used to identify Malatjarh.
    نكته قابل توجه اينكه با كشف تعداد زيادي از اين مهر ها معلوم گرديد كه ساكنان شهر سوخته چنان پيشترفته بودند كه از تجارت و سلسله مراتب اجتماعي كاملا" برخوردار بودند و چنان طبقات اجتماعي جالب و پيشترفته اي داشتند كه افراد با توجه به موقعيتشان نسبت به يكديگر از برتري و شناسايي خاصي برخوردار بودند. Important point that the discovery is a lot of that kindness was known as the Burnt City inhabitants were Pyshtrfth the social hierarchy of the business and completely "and so had the social classes were interesting and that people Pyshtrfth a given position relative to each other of excellence and recognition enjoyed special.

    يك فقره شانه بسيار جالب كه در كوره به شكل ماهرانه اي ساخته شده است. Shoulder a very interesting item in the furnace to form a skillfully made.
    اين اثر نشانه اي از نوع تفكر و رفتار اجتماعي ساكنان ايران زمين در 4 هزار سال پيش مي باشد. This type of thinking and a sign of social behavior in the inhabitants of the earth is four thousand years ago.
    باستان شناسان از روي همين اثار مكشوفه با عمق و عادات و تمدن يك ملت پي مٽ8 Archaeological artifacts from the same depth and habits of a nation and civilization followed M
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