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Veritas TV - Dr. Carol Rosin - Veritas Show - 1 of 5

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During this two hour interview, aerospace consultant, Dr. Carol Rosin, announced a proposed treaty she developed with her colleagues, including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, to keep space free of weapons. She discussed her background and how she came to work for Dr. Werner von Braun in the 1970s. Dr. Rosin and her husband have been the victim of threats, blackmail, theft, and even physical attacks. She decided to come forward publicly to propel the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011. As Dr. Rosin says: Would we rather have weapons above our heads or a transformation of the war industry into a peaceful World Cooperative Space Industry?

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Dr. Rosin is an educator, perhaps best known as the original political architect of the movement to stop the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASATs). Carol became the first woman executive in the aerospace industry, a Corporate Manager at Fairchild Industries, a U.S. aerospace company, where she was also spokesperson for the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, the "father of rocketry." With von Braun, Carol coordinated the award-winning "It's Your Turn" educational program to motivate youth, women, and minorities in fields of science and technology as they could be applied to achieving world peace in a clean and safe environment for all. Their program won various awards including the Aviation Writers Award, Science Teachers Gold Medal, and others. Rosin helped set up the ATS-6 satellite educational and medical training programs across the U.S. in Appalachia, the Rocky Mountains, and Alaska, and the first national and international two-way, audio-visual satellite educational programs in over 20 countries, including 5,000 villages in India. Dr. Rosin is the founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS. World Peace Ambassador, International Association of Educators for World Peace, IAEWP (NGO, UN-ECOSOC)

Upon leaving Fairchild after the death of von Braun, Carol became the National Chancellor of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), founded by Dr. Charles Mercieca, in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council. After bringing several experts to the UN Second Special Session of the Peaceful Uses and Exploration of Outer Space in Vienna, Austria, Rosin founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space (ISCOS) in 1983. In that initial incarnation of ISCOS, the Board included Honorary Board Chairman Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Chairman of the Advisory Board Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and Advisory Board members that included the late Dr. Rashmi Mayur, the late Dr. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, the late Dr. Isaac Asimov, attorney Daniel Sheehan and many others. The new ISCOS Boards are soon to be announced.

Dr. Rosin was a witness in The Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in May, 2001. She has appeared in numerous media productions, interviews, and publications, and on YouTube. She has served on technical and non-technical boards including the Advisory Board of The Exopolitics Institute, and among her awards was the United Societies in Space award for her 30 years of Humanitarian Work for the Peaceful Uses of Space for Peace on Earth.

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