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Barbara Hand Clow on Veritas - The Mayan Code

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Time acceleration, super string theory, Trigons, the World Tree, and past life regression are but a few of the many threads Mayan Calendar researcher, teacher, astrologer and healer, Barbara Hand Clow, weaves into this interview. Clow says mankind is standing on the precipice of the pinnacle of human evolution. December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the end of an eons-long progression of evolutionary phases, the veritable beginning of a whole new age.

The author of more than half a dozen books and CDs, Clow's breadth of knowledge and fluid delivery belies a life spent foraging for truths outside of the mainstream. She has channeled Pleiadians, but prefers left-brain, analytical research. She teaches people how to understand the fear they feel, so as to transcend it. (Past life regression helps. She says Cherokee culture includes ceremonial healing of cellular memory of early epochs of Earth cataclysms.)

Influenced by the work of Carl Jung, Thomas Berry and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, not to mention the mystical teachings of her Cherokee grandfather and Celtic grandmother, Clow also credits Brian Swimme, Graham Hancock, Paul LaViolette, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Terrence McKenna, and Jose Arguellas during the interview. But it was the 2001 translation into English of Swedish biologist Carl Johan Calleman's decoding of the Mayan Calendar, she says, that proved pivotal to her 25-years of study. His findings provided a discernable structure, a board into which so many of her puzzle pieces fit. His findings brought clarity to the Calendar's implications for mankind. Calleman had established that the Calendar conveyed a timeline—a date—on the breakthrough in human consciousness. He had discovered the Mayan concept of time acceleration.

"We are living through a great awakening. We're going to go through a lot," Clow says, "but I'm optimistic. We live in a benevolent universe."

Here is some of what she asserts in our discussion:

Humans carry traumatic cellular memory of a cataclysm that affected the entire solar system. We lost a lot of our knowledge over a 7000 year period, from the explosion of a supernova, through the destructive climatic changes that followed it. While Vedic lore held onto some of it, somehow the Maya managed to retain the whole story.

There was an ancient global maritime civilization that understood sonics, levitated material, moved stones. The cataclysm ended it.

The official explanation of 9/11 is fiction. It was likely the work of Pakistani secret police, the Mossad, and the CIA.

When we reach universal consciousness, we become 9-dimensional, living in many worlds.

While debunking astrology, the elite use it to exert their power and control.

On October 28, 2011, all nine levels of cosmic evolution—the Mayan cycles of time—culminate. 2012 is the first year after the ascent into enlightenment.

Currently in the 9th wave of time acceleration, time is moving 20 times faster, in 2011, that it did in 1999.

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Barbara Hand Clow was first introduced to ancient wisdom cultures by her Cherokee/Celtic grandparents. She majored in Russian language and psychology at the University of Michigan, Seattle University, and the University of Washington, and she received her Master's degree in Theology at Loyola University in Chicago while studying with the Dominican scholar, Matthew Fox, and physicist Brian Swimme. The same year, she became the acquisitions editor for Bear & Company, publishers of ancient wisdom and healing, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Barbara's books are as varied as her interests. Her personal studies of past-life regression resulted in three books in The Mind Chronicles trilogy, which are now in one volume entitled The Mind Chronicles (2007). Her astrological studies produced Chiron (1987) and Liquid Light of Sex (1991), and her life-long research into ancient cultures led her to Catastrophobia (2001) and The Mayan Code (2007). Her training as a ceremonial teacher inspired her to channel her bestselling book, The Pleiadian Agenda (1995), while her interest in contemporary science led her to write Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2004).

Barbara is the mother of four children and lives in Vancouver, BC. She teaches workshops with her husband and partner, Gerry Clow, in North America and Europe.

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  1. There is so much focus on the Elite, the Illuminati, that they are steering our global ship into troubled waters.

    From my research it seems that they are not at the top of the chain. Look at the work of Rik Clay into 2012 Olympics & the website illuminati maxtrix (wordpress). They show that the reality we are living in is even greater than the illuminati who are controlling it, even they are controlled by this reality.

    Once again I return to my familiar adage that "we are simply actors acting out a script" - although we probably have room for improvisation (free will).

    With this new understanding, that even the illuminati are pawns in this game, then why hate them, why send that energy out into the collective?

    We have a choice here - which is unconditional love. Yes, even love to illuminati and dictators BECAUSE unconditional love does not choose that I love that one person and not another!

    Love is the only healing energy that is going to save the world, although it seems exciting to uncover all these secret plots and cover-ups the net questions is WHAT DO WE DO? Then we have the choice to fight/protest/live in fear or to start living in our hearts. This is the real secret as I see it. By the way I do not mean to sit back and not do anything. But to strongly act from a centre of love and not hatred or anger or fear etc.

    The way the illuminati control is to keep us locked within the bottom 3 chakras. When we reach into the heart (into unconditonal love) they can't control us any longer. Until that point comes and until enough people move into that with a critical mass, we are stuck going round and round this merry go round!

    Choose love. It is the only real choice for me.


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