Friday, September 30, 2011

Santos Bonacci - Reclaiming Dominion and Breaking the Fictions of Law, Religion and Science

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Another installment in the clarion call for understanding how the world has been stolen from us; how we've been manipulated and deluded on every level, Santos Bonacci discusses the concepts necessary to understand ourselves, the cosmos, and enlightenment.

And it's all about Rome, and the solar system, and "as above, so below."

Bonacci is an Australian of Italian parents, born into Catholicism and raised a Jehovah's Witness. "A good student of the bible" in his youth, Bonacci became disenchanted as a teenager and put spiritual pursuits aside. What the self-taught musician-theologian now shares, in lectures and videos, is what he has come to understand to be true enlightenment. And it has nothing to do with churches.

Bonacci teaches what he calls ageless wisdom, what was being taught in Egypt before the Julian family (Julius Ceasar and his adopted nephew Augustus) began to rework things in service of self. Since that epoch, modern man has suffered "the Church of Rome and the Roman cult;" ubiquitous, enslaving systems of law, politics, economics, language, and organized religion.

"The deceitful, lying hijackers of the truth about Christianity: They go preaching from their pulpits but they are not enlightened."

The historical Jesus has nothing to do with enlightenment, says Bonacci. In fact, there was no historical Jesus.

"The bible is a pure registry of astrological phenomena done in metaphor. Rome came along and counterfeited these beautiful works, meant to be taken as spiritual, veiled truths that would benefit only those prepared to undertake the journey of reclaiming dominion of their spirituality in order to return to the causal world."

The true Christ is enlightenment, Bonacci says, looking into the self, understanding the multifaceted concept of "as above, so below;" that we are all interconnected; that each of us is a "galaxy of the soul."

Too much of what passes for information in the realm of spirituality is either completely erroneous or utterly incomplete, Bonacci says. His work aims to present the whole, integrated truth. "Busting the fictions of law, religion and science -- that's what I'm exposing."

What's described above is only part of what Bonacci talks about in this interview. For detailed esotericisms about the astrological, astronomical, cosmological and metaphysical elements of the truth, you'll have to have yourself a good listen. (Or three.)

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Santos Bonacci deals with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science. The Holy Science, the ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, 'as above so bellow', enables one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world has on offer. This ancient fascinating wisdom which Santos is disseminating and teaching will have a profound spiritual effect on your life! This knowledge will enable you to remember that which you already know. His studies span over 30 years, recently he has put together many things that will help so many make sense of so much that is going on in today's world, and the future that we all face. Santos wishes to help and aid you in discovering unanswered questions, and share the solutions. Santos is here to bust wide open the world of corruption that is all around us, the world in which most live out each day of their lives. He's here to show you that you are the change that is needed. This will guide you on your path and enable you to guide others on their path. So that we may all come together as one, as was meant in the beginning. Santos Bonacci currently lectures in Australia and on Global Radio on Astrotheology and Sovereignty Law. He offers a perspective which brings some of our beliefs back into context by joining some of the dots that have otherwise made this information highly subjective, controversial and used as a major historical source of humanity's exploitation.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Walter Cruttenden - Veritas Radio - Changing Our Future by Remembering Our Past

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Drink some coffee for this one, folks. It's about cycles of time, celestial mechanics, and ancient knowledge -- a discussion with author, producer and alternative historian, Walter Cruttenden, another techie gone esoteric and with the best of intentions.

Cruttenden says humankind is moving out of a brutally dark period and into the light, a golden age, just like those described so often in myth and legend. But Cruttenden's take on things melds folklore with astronomy and hard science with the Vedas. He isn't adverse to quoting the Bible. "The further back you go, the closer you get to the higher ages."

Cruttenden says high-functioning consciousness is cyclical, that both dark and golden ages wax and wane with proximity to the Sun, just as do the seasons, as the solar system moves through the heavens. But then he adds that we may well live in a binary system. There may be two suns affecting things.

Paraphrasing some of the discussion, Cruttenden tells us that:

Our solar system may be moving at a high rate of speed, circling some object.

"Our sun may have a partner -- a binary star. Astronomers don't agree about this, but some are looking for one. They think it might explain some things, like dinosaur extinction. Scientist Mike Brown at Cal Tech -- the guy who killed Pluto, found Sedna, which has an unusual 12,000 year, elongated orbit. He thinks there's something out there -- a 10th planet or dark star, a big mass. We're not far along there, but there's evidence that something must be there.

Prior to 1998 it was thought that no star except for the Sun had any effect on Earth. But magnetosphere disruptions experienced on the night side of the planet that year meant that it was not an X-class solar flare, and it was concluded that a soft gamma repeater over 20,000 light years away was having the same affect on our planet as a solar flare would. So now it's known that yes, other stars do affect planet Earth. Our ionosphere and magnetosphere can be highly affected by them.

We are coming out of a dark age, and the truths coming from the Vedas are starting to ring true. There may be a lot more to life than we think. After all, while most of us think we are physical beings walking on a physical earth and not much else, with conscious evolution we begin to understand that everything is made of energy and that there are many subtle influences. There will be deeper truths revealed as we reach higher stages."

Cruttenden says myths depicting repeating cycles of golden and dark ages may have a basis in fact, as forces may be affecting Earth as our solar system moves through a 24,000-year dual star orbit. He says the way the stars move across the sky -- the precession of the equinox -- is the clue to, the reason for these alternating cycles, exactly as folklore describes.

"Think of the solar system as a space ship. We are approaching a sweet spot. It's profound. The Great Year cycle is 24,000 years long-- 12,000 moving toward the higher age, and 12,000 moving away.

I'm hopeful about mankind. Higher consciousness is beginning to peak through. At first, of course, you just see the shadows."

For more information about Cruttenden's book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, his teachings, and a link to his radio show, go to Be on the lookout for Cruttenden's next book: The Great Year Adventures With Tommy the Time Traveling Turtle.

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Walter Cruttenden is an amateur theoretical archaeo-astronomer and author of the binary theory of precession. As Executive Director of the Binary Research Institute he researches the celestial mechanics of the precession of the equinox, as well as myth and folklore related to this phenomenon. He is the writer-producer of The Great Year, a PBS broadcast documentary film (narrated by James Earl Jones) that explores evidence of astronomical cycles of time known to cultures throughout the ancient world. Most recently Cruttenden wrote Lost Star of Myth and Time, a book that provides an alternative view of history based on the solar system's motion through space. It is his belief that the myth and folklore depicting a repeating cycle of Golden Ages and Dark Ages may have a basis in fact, due to the alternating stellar forces that affect Earth as our solar system moves in a 24,000-year binary (dual star) orbit.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gwen Olsen | Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher

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Gwen Olsen never intended to become a whistleblower. For 15 years she peddled drugs door-to-door and made plenty of money doing it. Her role as a sales rep for "big pharma" meant she was highly-trained. No, not medically—she had the scripts down cold. Scripts -- as in acting. She could counter physician concerns, misinform and persuade with the best of them. So deep was her spending account, she never met its limit.

But then things began to change. She was now taking an anti-depressant and contending with one of the serious side effects she'd down-played for so long -- manic psychosis. It nearly cost her her life. Then, as if her Faustian bargain hadn't been harrowing enough, Olsen watched a protracted prescription drug-related scenario lead to the death of her medical student niece.

"I'm not anti-drugs, I'm anti-misinformation," Olsen says in this interview. "People have the right to know what they are putting into their bodies and what these prescriptions are doing to our children."
The prescription drug industry in this country is about nothing but profit, Olsen proclaims, bringing an insider's perspective to a growing whiff of rot in the land of "first do no harm."

"We have to rein in these pharmaceutical companies. Profiteers are pushing anti-psychotics on our children." She illuminates big pharma's agenda; and they don't want us well.

Olsen is now a writer and lecturer. "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher" is in print and she's working on her next book: "Duped, Doped and Dying in America."

For more information and resources, check out

On December 2, 2004, Gwen Olsen's niece Megan committed suicide by setting herself on fire-and ended her tortured life as a victim of the adverse effects of prescription drugs. Olsen's poignant autobiographical journey through the darkness of mental illness and the catastrophic consequences that lurk in medicine cabinets around the country offers an honest glimpse into alarming statistics and a health care system ranked last among nineteen industrialized nations worldwide. As a former sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, Olsen learned firsthand how an unprecedented number of lethal drugs are unleashed in the United States market, but her most heartrending education into the dangers of antidepressants would come as a victim and ultimately, as a survivor. Rigorously researched and documented, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher is a moving human drama that shares one woman's unforgettable journey of faith, forgiveness, and healing.


Gwen Olsen is the author of the award-winning book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher and contributing author to two other books, Doctor of the Future by Dan Yachter, D.C., and the Maximized Living Makeover Manual by Dr. Ben Lerner et al. Gwen has also published health-related articles in the Well Being Journal, Natural News, and the Health News Digest.

Gwen is a passionate mental health activist, writer, and dynamic speaker who devotes much of her time to mental health and child advocacy. Gwen volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the Travis County court system from 1995 to 2000, serving as an advocate for abused and neglected foster children in Texas. A 2007 Human Rights Award recipient, she is sought after internationally as a speaker and media resource, and has testified numerous times before Congress and the FDA. Please use the "Hire Gwen" tab in this website to schedule Gwen to speak at your upcoming event.

A fifteen-year-veteran pharmaceutical rep from 1985 -- 2000, Gwen worked for McNeil Pharmaceutical, Syntex Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Labs and Forest Laboratories. She was a hospital rep and specialist rep for the majority of her career, educating residents in hospital teaching settings and selling prescription drugs to doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology and psychiatry.

Gwen has a unique industry insider's perspective of the current U.S. healthcare dilemma, and utilizes both her experience and the insight she received in her extensive sales training with Pharma to illuminate marketing trends and illustrate how current greed and conflicts of interest make the system itself the biggest health risk to American consumers.

For the past 5 years Gwen has made hundreds of appearances and presentations and has been interviewed and featured on national and international television, radio, on-line and print media, documentary films, etc., Please visit the "Videos" page and the "Media Coverage" section in this website to view some of these events.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood on Veritas Radio | 9/11: The New Investigation (Full Interview)

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Reading Dr. Judy Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go?, continues to awaken minds of note among truth seekers while mainstream media looks the other way and many in the "truth movement" bash it for its differing conclusions.

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, Dr. Wood returns to Veritas to discuss the book's reception thus far, and her hopes for the future.

"I'd like to empower the reader to understand what happened. I want them to trust themselves, their own judgment, rather than what they've heard." Of course, one has to read the book. Those that do often return to buy another five or so, she says.

During this discussion we hear a recording of Governor Jesse Ventura lauding Dr. Wood's work to a skeptical Alex Jones. "It was some sort of microwave weapon. It wasn't a controlled demolition." We hear a recording of self-proclaimed 40-year hurricane expert Geraldo Rivera say, "Too bad there wasn't a hurricane on 9/11."

Ah, but there was a hurricane on 9/11. The public was never warned. Nor were pilots.

On 9/11/2001, a category-three Hurricane Erin stood menacingly off the shore of Long Island and Cape Cod for four days, Woods explains. Just after the towers disintegrated, it made a 90-degree turn away from the continent.

Free energy weaponry apparently requires a highly-charged, controlled atmosphere.

Wood laments that the truth movement has been derailed by distracting misinformation alluding to controlled demolition, radiation, bombs, thermite, molten metals, and more.

She says that surviving recordings reveal silence during the demise of the buildings. "The towers did not burn up, nor did they slam to the ground. They turned to dust in mid-air."

She mentions that there is no evidence any steel, or other tower remains, was shipped off to China.

Toasted cars blocks away, spontaneous combustion, papers flying while solids "dustified..." Wood's 800-pages of findings beg to be read. And bring on the skeptics.

"Just look at my book. There is no denying the evidence of directed, free-energy technology. This technology is not a secret anymore. Think of what knowing this will change."

So far no one has disputed any of the evidence presented in her book.
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