Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | Vaccines, Inc.: Putting Wealth Before Health

In the foreword by Dr. Andrew Moulden he says: "If penicillin shots and peanut butter sandwiches were mandated, many children would be harmed; some would even die. If we cannot give penicillin or peanut butter to everybody safely, the logical progression that injecting live, biologically active, immunogenetic particles cannot be safe for everyone either."

Warfarin is rat poison. Statins weaken the heart. CoQ10 can reverse receding gums. The stuff one learns listening to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny!

But the former emergency room specialist, osteopath, and alternative medicine clinic owner is waging a battle. Her clarion call is for informed consent, for knowledgeable consumers, of vaccinations. They are far more dangerous than orthodox medicine will admit.

The chemicals, heavy metals, adverse effects and sheer number of vaccinations being coerced if not required by a growing preponderance of authorities is cause for concern, she says. Consumers have a right to know that medical directives (thou shalt get your flu shot), government agencies (the CDC, the FDA) and profit-driven pharmaceutical companies are elements of revolving door behemoths that don't necessarily have your good health as highest priority. After all, big pharma makes the drugs that treat other drugs' side effects, don't they?

"The vaccination program has been a 200-year, multi-generational brainwashing campaign," she says, worsened now by laws that protect practitioners and pharmaceutical producers from liability, and that allow medical treatment and insurance to be profit-oriented industries.

Until 1985, children generally got three vaccinations: MMR, DTaP, and Polio. Now, by the time they start kindergarten, Tenpenny says, children have been injected with 40 doses of 16 vaccines. Some 200 more are in development.

Cancer, eczema, asthma are growing problems among our children. The numbers for autism are through the roof. "We've got an epidemic of children losing their minds and we've got a medical industry in denial."

Know your rights, she is saying. Every state has a medical exemption (although it's hard to get). Nineteen states have philosophical exemptions. Forty-eight states have religious opt outs. [Check out your state's laws about vaccinations at National Vaccine Information Center:]

Tenpenny sets the record straight about squalene. It's shark liver oil. Fine to ingest, but injecting it can cause serious neurological damage. Squalene is soon to be a vaccination component, she says.

She talks about the new HPV (Gardasil) vaccination.

About fluoride: "It's a byproduct of the aluminum industry. They use it to sedate prisoners in Russia."

About overeating: "Our body is seeking minerals when we eat, so taking a good multi-mineral supplement often makes those carb cravings go away."

Tenpenny's a strong advocate of herb and vitamin supplements.

"If you can only take one vitamin, take D3 – the level must be between 75 and 80 – get a blood test. It protects from cancer. It's important for brain function, for the immune system. If you're depressed due to the lack of sun in the winter, it's likely a vitamin D3 shortage."

An insider told this doctor that the vision statement of the pharmacy industry wants every human being who walks the planet to be on one, preferably three, prescription drugs for life. Tenpenny's on a crusade to wake people up to that fact.

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