Friday, November 25, 2011

Men Zebah Hasati & Nehez Meniooh | The Mystery & Secrecy of Ancient Kemetic Culture & The Dogon

What a gift it is to be exposed to the traditional spiritual teachings of ancient Africa.

This week’s guests are Nehez Meniooh and Men Zebah Hasati, American initiates into the secret teachings of the late Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon High Priest whose lineage comes from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Master Naba founded and taught at The Earth Center in Chicago from the late 1990s until his death in 2008.

Burkina Faso, we learn, along with Mali, comprise the area considered the traditional capital of Africa, home to the secret teachings of ancient Merita, (Africa).

"These countries are some of the poorest by Western standards. But they are the richest in traditional knowledge." The teachings had to be kept secret during generation after generation of invasion "just to stay alive and get the knowledge to the next generation."

Earth Center students take annual missions into the heart of these ancient wisdom locales where they live among the spiritual leaders and visit sites significant to the teachings. True learning must be experienced. "Education is your right to understand for yourself, without the filter of someone else’s agenda."

The term "colonialism" takes on broad meaning in this discussion. Colonialism, a "momentum of evil," is a force separating the individual from knowledge of self and harmony with all things. This force has many faces: academia, government, even a family member. Colonialism takes you from yourself. It divides and redefines for purposes of power. Immunity starts by understanding that construct. "We protect ourselves by being good people, good in the tradition that our ancestors defined it."

We learn that the Dogon is a culture made up of many different bloodlines, of which Master Naba’s line is one, the Gormanche. The Gormanche specialized in spiritual and astronomical knowledge. They were the keepers of the knowledge for the pharaohs.

"Every culture has all the answers we seek; that’s what a culture is." But modern life has no culture, per se, they explain. We’ve been tricked into living to serve our own ambitions; thinking we can cherry pick what suits us from a smorgasbord of cultures. That’s why we find ourselves confused, philosophically at sea.

Master Naba taught a code of human behavior that has 77 commandments. It was the dismantling of this code of behavior that disenfranchised humanity. "We say that what you can do does not define you. What defines you is what you will not do under any circumstance. Nowadays we put our ambitions ahead of what we will not do."

We learn the story of The Garlic Effect - a story that elucidates that humans are vulnerable to manipulations that affect perception, and perception is everything.

"Those of us on the path to enlightenment, on the path of honesty, integrity, intelligence, we must defend ourselves against these influences [that alter perception] every day.

"The modern world tells us we can only investigate our world through science." But all life is "a dialog of energies on a universal scale. Everything that exists (yes, non-Earth beings as well) has an influence on us. We are all connected so much more than we know."

"The Earth Center teachings are a return to what works. "We must preserve all that has been passed down to us. We have to return to the processes aligned with life preservation."

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