Saturday, November 5, 2011

UFO HIGHWAY releases images of Dulce NM UFO Investigation


November 5, 2011 -- "These images are going change the way rumors of UFOs, Aliens and Secret Underground Military Bases are perceived from now on." - Anthony F. Sanchez
The website has just released the first set of images to emerge from the investigation conducted in Dulce New Mexico from 10/24/11 to 10/27/11 by Anthony F. Sanchez. These are Military-Grade Steel Shipping Containers used for F-5 Jet Engines. They are marked with U.S. Government Property serial plates and contain a wealth of data which Sanchez is still researching. The last three images are of the famed 1996 UFO crash site and shows how a 300 foot wide rock wall of columnar basalt was smashed into pieces by a 150 foot wide Copper Colored Disc. This is where witnesses from the Apache Jicarilla Nation confirm that an unknown military presence created a controlled perimeter to remove crash site evidence. 

Anthony Sanchez will be on Veritas Radio very soon.  Visit periodically. 

If you're new to the Anthony Sanchez story, listen to our past interview:

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