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Alex Putney | Weather Manipulation, Acoustic Levitation, Alchemy, & The Sun

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His voice is reminiscent of John Lamb Lash. His mind is rich with knowledge, past, present and future. His talent is making sense of it all. A Caribbean islander just like Mel. After leaving his native St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Alex moved to many places, including Santa Cruzs, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and currently resides in La Maná, Ecuador.

Listening to Alex Putney is a soothing balm for today's agitated world. Things are about to get so much better. Unless, well, you're on prescription drugs, drinking tap water, or live in Hawaii.

Bridging science with metaphysics and ancient teachings, Putney explains how and why mankind is in trouble. It's happened before, and probably on every inhabited planet. ETs were involved. Still are.

About the shift underway, Putney says December 22, 2012 is the day. The pyramids will turn on. The skies will turn red. Psychopaths will lose their power to control us. Soon enough, energy will be free. Alchemy will be ubiquitous. We are moving into a golden age.

Putney's one of those wunderkinds, a brilliant angel able to weave a tapestry out of incredibly diverse threads.

He talks about acoustics and geo-spacial relationships. About magnetic reversal, Akashic records and plasma fields. About Nicola Tesla, Billy Meier, and Sumerian tablets. He doesn't mince words. Some of us will not make it through the change.

Putney quotes Bob Marley: Don't worry about it. Everything has it's time. A new time is coming.

He admonishes we get back to nature. Purify the body. And go barefoot. The trees are trying to heal you.

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Alex Putney grew up in St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, finding the ways of the sea and nature’s living web at a formative time in his life. The harmony of wave motion and the rhythms of nature have informed his work from the earliest stages, through his education at the University of Toronto Schools and the School For the Arts at Boston University. After earning a BFA in Sculpture in 2000, Alex moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue his figurative work in steel, found objects and stone with the support of grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation ('08, '00).

Awarded a Hayes-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship in 2001-02, he spent the year among the most ancient mummies of the world in the archeological collections of the Museum of San Miguel de Azapa near Arica, Chile. Contact through this experience led to volunteer work for Sonia Guillen at the Centro Mallqui in Lima and Ilo, Peru, in the digital documentation of mummies and the digital reconstruction of textiles from their Chiribaya and Tiwanaku collections.

In 2004, Putney’s sculptural work in exhibition design and construction took him to Interlaken, Switzerland to work with the Unsolved Mysteries exhibition produced by Klaus Dona in Vienna. The work involved production of a 20’ tall skeletal replica using thermoplastics and fabricated steel armature that is a permanent exhibit at Mystery Park. The project also provided an opportunity to determine the multi-frequency output of several ancient psychoacoustic instruments from Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru that were the highlight of the collection.

These acoustic findings became the impetus for Alex’s publication of a comprehensive website and 6 books on the pyramids, Ayurveda, biorhythmic resonance and the ultraviolet fluorescent artifacts of La Maná, Ecuador, which coherently integrate the diverse fields of quantum mechanics, acoustic archaeology and biology within the framework of Putney's complete theory called Magnetic Resonance.

Putney's inspired geometric rendering of quantum quadratic formulae accurately predicted the standing wave structure of the electron 2 years prior to its definitive imaging by a Swedish research team in 2008.

The latest findings of physicists continue to support Alex's conclusions. Correlation of modern radar data, anomalous events and ancient Sanskrit teachings continues to validate the theory of Magnetic Resonance as an underlying mechanism of the oncoming hyper-dimensional shift. The great circle of humanity unites on the eightfold path as the mandala of energy unfolds to its brilliance at magnetic reversal in December 22, 2012.

Alex has given several online interviews, while his artwork, writing and website have been featured in the UK's County Times online journal, in DNA Monthly Magazine edited by Sol Luckman, and in a publication of The Natural World Museum, San Francisco (now closed):

Art in Action: Nature, Creativity and Our Collective Future

(Earth Aware Editions, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-932771-77-0)

Now living and developing projects with the celestial waters of La Maná, Ecuador, Alex continues to publish new artwork, articles and books through his website, offering a deeper perspective on the present shift in human consciousness and planetary resonance.

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