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Dolores Cannon | The Return of Lost Knowledge & The New Earth

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Dolores Cannon stumbled into the proverbial rabbit hole back in the 60s when she and her husband, a career Navy man stationed in Arkansas at the time, began experimenting with hypnosis to help their base-mates feel better. Trouble was, their subjects kept slipping into past lives.

Forty-some years later, this straight-talking, congenial grandmother has penned 17 books on esoteric subjects, is in high demand on the lecture circuit, and crisscrosses the globe teaching her unique hypnotherapy methods to hundreds. Recently back from Russia and headed for China in March, Cannon is warmly welcomed, and often revered, among the metaphysical cognoscenti.

Although Cannon eschews "past life junkies," she recounts a past life story about when she was a caretaker of books at Egypt's library in Alexandria. The man that she was, died, trying to escape with an arm full of scrolls as the place was being torched. Knowing this helped her understand the focus of this life, she says: lost sacred knowledge and books, books, books.

Here's some of what Cannon professes in this Veritas interview:

Nostradamus wants people to know (his people contacted her people) that his prophesies were all worst case scenarios. Human thought can (and Cannon believes already has done) change outcomes.

ETs are all nice. Any interaction (and they do have a hybrid program going on) is by pre-life agreement. Because her hypnotism methods tap deeply, past fear and emotion, previously negative experiences are reported more "truthfully."

Some of the helpers coming in now remain childless by choice. Having children traps people in karma, and thereby tethered to physicality.

The Earth is alive and in the process of evolving into a light body. Earth will he first planet in the universe to transcend physicality.

ETs created us. They know us better than we know ourselves.

Past lives can leave physical/emotional residue, but such carry-over is not supposed to happen, and can be remedied by bringing this information into consciousness via regression therapy.

There are all kinds of universes, with all kinds of beings. And each universe has its own God.

"There is nothing to be afraid of going into 2012."

You'll love Cannon's description of heaven, her description of the New World, and the two things you'll need to do to get there.

B i o

Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge". Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979.

Dolores has become, perhaps, the world's most unlikely expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus. A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, AR, USA, Dolores was nearly fifty years old when she began experimenting with hypnosis and past-life regression. The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular!

Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet, Nostradamus. His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening.

Dolores has written the three volume set "Conversations With Nostradamus", the series on the translation of Nostradamus' quatrains. This series contains the translation of almost 1000 prophecies, all interpreted for the first time and have been in print since 1989. It is considered the most accurate interpretation of the prophecies ever printed.

Dolores has been a UFO investigator for twenty years, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that had been involved in abduction cases. She has written several books on the UFO information volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis.

Dolores is now teaching her unique technique of hypnosis all over the world.

In addition to the three volumes of "Converstations With Nostradamus", Dolores has completed:" The Legend of Starcrash", "Keepers of the Garden", "Legacy from the Stars", "A Soul Remembers Hiroshima", "They Walked With Jesus", "Jesus and the Essenes" and "Between Death and Life". "The Custodians", discusses in detail information regarding distorted time, screen memories, reasons for abductions, implants and much, much more....

Her latest books, "The Convoluted Universe" Book One, Two and Three, go further into complex metaphysical theories and covers "mind-bending" concepts.

Other books dealing with more of her most interesting hypnosis cases are forthcoming. Dolores has written over 15 books.

Dolores has been touring in the USA, England, Europe, the former Soviet countries, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia to promote her works, and to discuss her particular brand of psychic research. She has spoken to radio and television audiences worldwide. She has given lectures at such locations as: Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, New York and San Diego; Global Science Congress; various A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Foundations; Conscious Living Expo and MBS Expo in Australia; The College of Psychic Studies in London, England; The Theosophical Society in London, England; as well as many other organizations. Dolores was the first American and the first foreigner to receive the "Orpheus Award" in Bulgaria, for the highest advancement in the research of psychic phenomenon.

Articles by/about Dolores have appeared in several magazines including: "Body, Mind and Spirit"; "Magical Blend"; "Connecting Link"; "Kindred Spirit" (an England magazine); "People Magazine" (an Australian magazine); "Conscious Living Magazine" (an Australian magazine); "After Dark" (the Art Bell magazine); "The Unknown Magazine"; "The Washington Post"; and "New York Times". Also magazines and newspapers in Russia, Spain, South America, Bulgaria, Japan and Arab countries.

Dolores has appeared on various TV specials including: "A Current Affair" (in Australia); BBC Documentary Series "Divine Magic"; "Ancient Mysteries of the World" (a two hour special on CBS); "Ancient Prophecies I and Ancient Prophecies II" (two hour specials on NBC); "Encounters" ( a one hour special on FOX network); "Good Day LA" (in California); "Mysteries, Magic and Miracles" (the Sci-Fi Channel); "Marilu Talk Show" (ABC); "Biography" (series on A&E Channel); "America After Hours" (CNBC); "CNN International Entertainment News"; "The Wisdom Channel" (Correen Edwards); and "The Fox Family Channel".

Dolores is contacted regularly to appear on various shows about Nostradamus because she is considered to be the world's foremost expert on the prophecies.

Dolores has done over 1000 radio talk shows including Art Bell's "DreamLand" and Shirley MacLaine.

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