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Going underground: The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey

  • Evidence of tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements
  • That so many tunnels have survived after 12,000 years shows that the original network must have been enormous
Stone Age man created a massive network of underground tunnels criss-crossing Europe from Scotland to Turkey, a new book on the ancient superhighways has claimed.

German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch said evidence of the tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over the continent.
In his book - Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World - he claims the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years shows that the original tunnel network must have been enormous.

Evidence of Stone Age tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe - the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years shows the original tunnel network must have been huge
Evidence of Stone Age tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe - the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years shows the original tunnel network must have been huge

'In Bavaria in Germany alone we have found 700metres of these underground tunnel networks. In Styria in Austria we have found 350metres,' he said.

'Across Europe there were thousands of them - from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean.

'Most are not much larger than big wormholes - just 70cm wide - just wide enough for a person to wriggle along but nothing else.
'They are interspersed with nooks, at some places it's larger and there is seating, or storage chambers and rooms.

'They do not all link up but taken together it is a massive underground network.'

Not for the claustrophobic: Most of the tunnels are just 70cm wide - just wide enough for a person to slowly wriggle through
Not for the claustrophobic: Most of the tunnels are just 70cm wide - just wide enough for a person to slowly wriggle through

Some experts believe the network was a way of protecting man from predators while others believe that some of the linked tunnels were used like motorways are today, for people to travel safely regardless of wars or violence or even weather above ground.

The book notes that chapels were often built by the entrances perhaps because the Church were afraid of the heathen legacy the tunnels might have represented, and wanted to negate their influence.

In some cases writings have been discovered referring to the tunnels seen as a gateway to the underworld.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2022322/The-massive-European-network-Stone-Age-tunnels-weaves-Scotland-Turkey.html#ixzz1niZt6qhH

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Philip Coppens for Erich von Daniken | Odyssey of the Gods: The History of E.T. Contact in Ancient Greece

S y n o p s i s

Philip Coppens is a soldier in service of historical truths. Working with ancient alien theorist and author Erich von Däniken, History Channel productions, and via his own deep trove of research, lectures, blog, radio show, and books, Coppens’ mission is to wrest the story of mankind’s origin, and other hidden truths, from the grip of scientists and academics in service to what is often patently, provably wrong.

The Belgian-born, US and UK-based Coppens has no patience for what he deems academic laziness and scientific dictatorship. "Entrenched science is terribly dogmatic and arrogant with their 'facts.'"

For example:

Egypt’s Pyramids are 500 years older than they are being said to be. Reliable, undisputed carbon dated results brought this to light 30 years ago.

"We are older than given credit for, and perhaps more anatomically diverse." There are built structures dating to 8,000 and 10,000 BC. Yet they’re still teaching that modern man has only been around since about 4000 BC.

Greece was not the cradle of civilization, nor the inventor of Pi and Phi. The Greeks taught that Egypt was the cradle of civilization, and that Pi and Phi were known way before they came along.

There is "not a shred, not a footnote" of evidence for the statement coming out of the Smithsonian Institution that all of the crystal skulls are 20th century German made.

"Extraordinary material coming out from NASA and other reliable sources that shows that life cannot have originated on this planet, that it originated elsewhere and came here.

"Anthropology and mythology hand us information on a plate, and it’s important to use the various disciplines to come up with an answer," Coppens says. "Ancient Mayans and ancient Egyptians have always said that the path of civilization was not walked by them alone, but was walked hand in hand with the gods who helped them. Calling these writings science fiction just because we can’t believe it does no one any service.

"If the gods are ET beings. What does that mean for mankind?" Mel asks.

"[The news] will not be received in panic," Coppens says. "It’s what we need. That we are not alone will be a jolt of fire, propelling us into outer space, to develop new technology. It will be good for us on a soul level, for our children and our selves. Today’s paradigm will be replaced by one of symbiosis rather than isolation."

B i o

Philip Coppens’ publishing career began at the age of 23, when he edited the legacy of the late Belgian historian Marcel Mestdagh’s research into European megaliths into a much-anticipated sequel. That same year, he also helped edit a controversial non-fiction thriller on the theft of Jan Van Eyck’s The Adoration of the Lamb, which was made into a documentary both for Flemish television and the BBC.

If there is one thing that sets Coppens apart from other writers, it is that he is often ahead of the trends. He wrote the first guide in more than four decades about Rosslyn Chapel – the only one to do so before The Da Vinci Code made that Scottish chapel world famous in 2003. He also researched the origins of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, before the 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, resulting in a series of controversial articles, which even came to the attention of The Washington Post.

As a journalist, he had investigative research into the Kennedy assassination submitted before a US government enquiry in 1993. Two years later, he broke the story of the existence of Chinese pyramids to an international audience. Many of the stories in the so-called “esoteric field” have at one point passed through his hands, including The Templar Revelation, the book on which The Da Vinci Code was based. In 1999, he was the principal researcher for Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince’s The Stargate Conspiracy, which investigated current politicians’ apparent obsession with ancient Egypt, thus combining his passion for politics and history. The book was dedicated to him.

He is the author of The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel (2002), on the enigmatic Scottish chapel and its relationship with freemasonry and the Knights Templar; The Canopus Revelation (2004), on the lore of the star Canopus in ancient cultures; Land of the Gods (2007), on the prehistory of Southern Scotland and the myth of King Arthur; The New Pyramid Age (2007), detailing the most recent discoveries that have changed our understanding of pyramids; andServants of the Grail (2009), identifying the real people encoded into the medieval Grail legends. Most recently, he has published an ebook, 2012. Science or Fiction?, with Digital Journeys, which aims to bring clarity as to what 2012 is truly all about. The ebook is also the first to have incorporated video, featuring an interview-style conversation with Philip. InThe Ancient Alien Question (2011), he addresses the question whether extra-terrestrial contact has occurred in our past. His latest book is Killing Kennedy (2012), on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, showing Oswald was not the assassin and the murder itself the result of a conspiracy.

Apart from English books, he has also one French language bestselling book to his credit, La Quête de Saunière (2008), co-authored with André Douzet. In 2004, he also wrote De Da Vinci Code Ontcijferd, a Dutch guide to The Da Vinci Code, which saw a reprint within three weeks of publication and was a top ten bestseller in the Netherlands.

Philip Coppens has also contributed to, or been acknowledged in, the following publications:

Pre-Atlantis (Dutch title), co-author with Marcel Mestdagh (1994)

The Templar Revelation, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince (1997)

The Stargate Conspiracy, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince (1999)

Saunière's Model and the Secret of Rennes-le-Château, by André Douzet (2001)

EGYPT: "Image of Heaven" - Het Sterrenbeeld van Horus (Dutch title), with Wim Zitman (2006; Dutch edition 2000)

The Dan Brown Companion, by Simon Cox (2006)

Rosslyn Revealed, by Alan Butler & John Ritchie (2006)

The Cygnus Mystery, by Andrew Collins (2006)

An A to Z of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, by Simon Cox & Mark Oxbrow (2007)

Darklore (Volumes 1-5), compiled and edited by Greg Taylor (2007-10)

Unearthing Ancient America, compiled and edited by Frank Joseph (2009)

Ancient Code - The Book. Are You Ready for the REAL 2012? (2009)

The Source of Miracles, by Kathleen McGowan (2009)

Beneath the Pyramids, by Andrew Collins (2009)

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1, by Joan d'Arc and Al Hidell (2010)

The Poet Prince, by Kathleen McGowan (2010)

Ancient Aliens: Season One (2010), Season Two (2010) and Season Three (2011)

The Lost Empire of Atlantis by Gavin Menzies (2011)

Exposed, Uncovered, & Declassified: Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past, by Kirsten Dalley and Michael Pye (editors) (2011)

Apart from books, Philip Coppens also devotes a lot of attention to essays and feature articles, which have appeared in magazines and anthologies on all continents. His articles have appeared in Fortean Times, NEXUS, Hera, Fenix,Mysterien, New Dawn, Atlantis Rising, Ancient American, Paranoia Magazine, Legendary Times, etc. and has a large and dedicated following on the internet. He holds the record as having most articles published in NEXUS, a magazine published in more than ten languages, with newsstand distribution in Australia, Great Britain, the United States, Italy, France and many other European countries, bringing to the world exciting new discoveries, such as the existence of pyramids in China, Bosnia and controversial articles on the state of modern archaeology and Egyptology, as well as politics.

In 2009, he wrote and principally featured in Reality Entertainment’s 2012: Signs of the Times (released in US via Warner Home), providing a unique perspective on the 2012 phenomenon.

In 1995, he established Frontier Magazine (formerly Frontier 2000) together with Herman Hegge, a newsstand magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 1995, Frontier Sciences Foundation has grown to incorporate, amongst others, Frontier Bookshop and Frontier Publishing, as well as hosting the annual Frontier Symposium and Frontier Award. In 2008, he organized the Histories & Mysteries Conference in Edinburgh, which included the first ever public display of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, receiving blanket media coverage for the event from the UK press (newspapers, television and radio).

Since 1995, he has lectured on the subject in the United States, Great-Britain, France, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands. He has been extensively interviewed for radio and television, including The History Channel (US) with shows such as Civilization Lost and America's Book of Secrets, Coast to Coast AM (US), Belgium's Kanaal 2 and VRT news, Voyager (RaiDue – Italy), Edge Media TV (UK), etc. He is one of the key contributors and interviewees for The History Channel’s most popular television series Ancient Aliens, for the third season running.

All of these books, articles and appearances have made him a household name in the field of alternative science, where he holds a unique position, as he is considered to be a believer by the skeptics, and a skeptic by the believers – a testament to his investigative knack.

Together with his wife, Kathleen McGowan, he hosts a weekly radio show The Spirit Revolution on BBS Radio.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stan Romanek | E.T. Beings, Probable Futures, & The Reality of Oneness

S y n o p s i s

The ETs in Stan Romanek's life are not shy. They've been beaming his car, flashing through his house, hovering over his parties and putting on shows for houseguests for years now. Since his 2009 Veritas interview, Romanek has written two more books chronicling his experiences and there is a documentary in the works.

Will Romanek's story shake skeptics out of their deep doze in a way that other experiencers to date have not?

One would think it would have to. There is so much evidence on video, on paper, witnessed by friends, family and passersby.

Romanek was a normal born and raised in Colorado type of guy until weird stuff started happening in 2000. Of course, looking back, there was that glowey, violet-eyed woman who told him he was meant for something very special back when he was five. And his parents, turns out, were high security clearance military careerists, and Project Preserve Destiny was in operation during his childhood.

Is Romanek one of the chosen? Will his story help to break open hearts and minds to big truths about who we are? About how powerful we are? About how minds together can change the 3-D world? Can save it?

Romanek, who says he was mean to UFO believers in the past, says it's been hard to stay sane throughout the weirdness. But his wife's been there to witness his nocturnal scribbling of advanced mathematical equations, Aramaic symbols and planetary alignments. Video-taped hypnotic regressions by Dr. Leo Sprinkle document Grandpa delivering information through Romanek. Grandpa has no tolerance for ringing telephones.

You'll want to have read all of his books, like, yesterday. And his wife's book about watching it all. Check out his website at StanRomanek.com. J3Films.com carries a chronicle of the film in production.

You'll also want to listen to Stan Romanek's original 2009 Veritas interview entitled "Awake & Abducted".

Oh, and about Romanek's planetary alignment diagram. You'll see it on the Equations link at StanRomanek.com. An astronomer has decoded the date it points to. It's September 21, 2012.

B i o

Stan Romanek started having UFO sightings in 2000. These sightings were often caught on video and included many other witnesses. Soon after he was abducted, and has had strange paranormal experiences ever since. Some of them witnessed by others, and/or caught on camera, including the video of what appears to be an alien looking into his window. This video made worldwide press, including Larry King. His experiences and the collection of evidence to support them continue to this day.

Stan Romanek claims to have been abducted more than any other American in history, and he has the evidence to prove it! Some of his paranormal experiences have been witnessed by others, and/or caught on camera, including the video of what appears to be an alien looking into his window. Come listen as Romanek provides the chilling details of his truly unique life experiences with extraterrestrial beings, UFOs, and the government.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CME crude market halted for over 1 hr. / MIKE RUPPERT: Russia flops on Syrian regime change; invasion imminent, CME halt was a dry run?

BREAKING NEWS: Russia flip-flops on Syria

 Until I can absorb this I am giving this with Mike Ruppert’s comments.  I cannot fathom this complete volte-face.


IIt all started early on this morning when Zero Hedge reported that oil trading had been halted at the CME. Later in the afternoon they posted this explanation.

Zero Hedge handled this masterfully and with great professionalism .


Today's Black Gold Swan - Presenting The Reason Why The CME's Crude Market Was Halted For Over One Hour

Tyler Durden's picture

Earlier today, we reported on the extended halt of the CME Globex crude market, which following an errant trading pattern, did not quite crash, but did the next best thing - go offline for a full 75 minutes. Why did this happen? Our initial speculation was that this "may have been an algo gone berserk in advance of what may or may not have been a block order.... Someone take quote stuffing a little too far today?" It turns out we were not too far off. Below is Nanex visualization of just what occurred in those seconds between 13:59:57 and 14:04:55 when "a blast of quotes corrupted a memory queue causing the software to believe the queue was full all the time." In other words just under two years after the May 2010 flash crash, another algo may have been the reason for the halt in one of the world's most important markets. At least this time there was no 10% "correction." How long until there is, and when it does happen again, will it be limited to just 10%? Oh, and whatever you do, most certainly don't expect this little incident to be brought up ever again by those in control, for any precautionary measure to be taken, or for the SEC to ever get involved. Any of those three would immediately imply something is very wrong with the market. And that's simply not allowed.
From Nanex:
NYMEX Black Swan ~ The March 2012 Crude Oil Futures Quote Loop

On February 13, 2012, starting 13:59:57, quotes for crude oil began queuing. At 14:00:35, all of the queued quotes were sent at once. Again at 14:01:08 the same 38 second block of quotes sent earlier was sent again -- old timestamps and all plus a few new quotes. Again at 14:01:18, all quotes since 13:59:57 were sent again. This repeated 12 times.
From a programmers perspective, it looks like a system problem caused a blast of quotes that corrupted a memory queue causing the software to believe the queue was full all the time.

Tick chart of bid prices (red) along with quote age (blue).
Note that as the cycle repeats, it includes a few more quotes (the new quotes + those since 13:59:57). There are 500 quotes between time axis labels.

500 millisecond chart of ETF U.S. Oil Fund (USO) showing massive quote traffic as it reacts to stale futures quotes.

500 millisecond chart of ETF U.S. Oil Fund (USO) showing massive trade executions in reaction to stale futures quotes.


NOW, here's the back story.

Also today we learn that three Israeli embassies were attacked with explosives over the weekend. There are also credible stories saying that Saudi armor is positioning on the Jordanian border for a run to Damascus (only 140 miles) after promising military intervention within 72 hours (starting yesterday)...

Then suddenly today, Russia reverses position on regime change in Syria. That remains a huge mystery at this writing but it is reason to be very alert. What could Russia do/offer to keep Iran from joining the war? Iran is on the offense on many levels, and winning. I seriously doubt if Russia has abandoned Iran.

I know that I was not the only one who reacted from the gut, because a suspension of oil trades -- just prior to a multi-national invasion of Syria -- would be one of the clearest "duck and cover" moments I could think of. They will halt oil trades immediately if regime change is implemented or attempted. Count on it.

What happened today (Monday) may have been a dry run... for Tuesday or Wednesday

Saudi Arabia now has incentive to push for Assad's downfall. An emboldened Iran has unleashed an uprising in Saudi Arabia which today -- for the first time in history -- saw (Shia) Saudi citizens shooting at (Sunni) Saudi troops/police. It was a relief to see that France today issued a strong warning against military intervention in Syria but that may have been a cover.

Russia changes tack, signals open to Syrian intervention

This is stunning. It was unthinkable last night. If Russia is open to intervention, that means Russia will ensure that Iran is satisfied that no linked, follow-on attack on Iran is forthcoming. Don't ask me how that could be brokered or achieved. Don't ask me how Hezbollah would react. This is uncharted territory.
Something very big is in the wind, very big. -- MCR

Note - as of now this article is the only one I can find on the Net that says this - no other newspaper has confirmed this story at this time.

13 February, 2012

As the carnage in Syria worsened, Russia signaled a new-found willingness Monday to consider international intervention while the world’s nations planned a United Nations vote aimed at exposing the inaction of the great powers.

Syrian guns pounded anti-government strongholds in the opposition stronghold of Homs and the Arab League called for UN blue helmets to “to supervise implementation of a cease-fire.”

In Moscow, the shift indicated Russia was moving from defending Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, its primary Arab ally, to managing a transition.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia, “together with other permanent members of the UN Security Council, (is) ready to promote the dialogue and an agreement.”

After twice vetoing Security Council resolutions condemning the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protestors by forces loyal to Mr. Assad, Russia may be abandoning its absolute defence of the Syrian regime.

But Russia’s call for a ceasefire prior to any conference could prove impossible to achieve.
Meanwhile, in the General Assembly at the UN in New York, the world’s nations were planning to vote Monday on a resolution condemning Syria. Unlike the Security Council, where any of the five veto-wielding permanent members – Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States – can block any resolution, only a simply majority is needed in the 193-nation General Assembly. A vote is expected later this week.

But General Assembly resolutions lack the legally-binding force of the Security Council and can’t – for instance – be used to authorize military intervention.

An overwhelming majority vote, however, especially if it included strong backing from other Arab states of the resolution proposed by Saudi Arabia, would exert pressure on Russia and the other great powers to intervene, or at least, jointly condemn the Syrian brutality.

“What is happening in Syria leaves no doubt that it is not ethnic or sectarian war or urban warfare,” said Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal. “It is a campaign of mass cleansing to punish the Syrian people and enforce the regime’s authority.”

More than 5,400 people have been killed – most of them unarmed civilian protesters – since the Arab Spring uprising flared in Syria last March.

Moscow, with a naval base in Syria that gives the Russian navy an outlet to the Mediterranean, and Beijing have both blocked Security Council efforts to condemn Syria.

Meanwhile, Mr. Assad has attempted to portray the uprising as terrorist attacks on his regime.
In the United States, some senior political figures are calling for an international coalition to arm and support anti-Assad forces. So far, President Barack Obama has ruled out any sort of one-sided intervention.

The 22-nation Arab League said it would offer “political and financial support” for the Syrian opposition but ruled out munitions.

However, the Arab League’s call for an international peacekeeping force seemed unlikely to attract much support among Western nations. The prospect of sending troops into another violence-wracked Muslim nation – even if armed only with a peacekeeping mandate – will be unwelcome in most western capitals where governments are busy trying to extricate their soldiers from Afghanistan.

In New York, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised the Arab League’s efforts but warned that sending peacekeeping forces – or authorizing military intervention as happened last summer in Libya – was “a matter for the Security Council to consider.”

In a statement he implored: “All violence must stop” and called on the Syrian government to “comply with international law and immediately end the shelling and use of force against civilians.”

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Sonia Barrett | Government, Religion & Education: Keepers of The Matrix

S y n o p s i s

Understanding imprints and how to shift from those programs is what this interview is all about. L.A.-based author, producer and publisher Sonia Barrett wants people to focus on the universe of meaningful information available to them when they go within, work on themselves, when they disconnect from the wider world in a way that frees them.

Not to do so is to separate ourselves from that “live feed” that exists.

“Pursue true knowing as opposed to what’s handed to you,” she says. Individual progression requires an override of the system, a system which seeks to control humanity by training us to take orders, to be compliant and subservient. “Step out of that artificial construct. Find out what’s true for you, so you can be authentic.”

Barrett is all about self-reliance. Corporations and programming run our lives, she says. And elements from bloodlines to upbringing to schools and government make us behave the way we do. When we find ourselves under stress, feeling trapped or unhappy, that’s the point where stepping back to see how we’ve been programmed is so freeing. “Recognize your role in imprisoning your own self. Read your life like a printout, a printout showing you what you think and believe about your life.” It’s probably someone else’s plan.

Barrett says imagination is key. Question things. Encourage that in our children. Balance out the technology bombardment with your own perspective and desires.

Live life like it was a game, because it is.

About 2012, Barrett says this: “Don’t worry about what people are saying. This all comes down to you, what you are wanting for yourself. Check in more with who you are. You’ll know what your next move needs to be. It’s all about your tuning in and becoming connected. It’s about your evolution.”

B i o

Sonia Barrett is globally recognized for her unique, in-depth and humorous style of explaining the nature of reality as not only a virtual reality but ultimately a game. In 1992, a newly divorced single mother of two sons, Sonia Barrett set out to prove her own influence on physical reality amidst the difficulties and struggles. She was determined to triumph in consciously Fusing Mind and Matter. Against all odds, she proclaimed a movement upon herself without books or gurus to guide her, with only determination as her resource. Sonia Barrett would eventually “penetrate the matrix,” as had been her desire and ultimate goal. She became her own experiment and the results later became the books The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter published in 2008 and The Cosmic Game in 3D: Mastering Reality, Mastering the Matrix of the Mind, due for release in December 2010. With the publishing of The Holographic Canvas Sonia found herself at the other end of her many years of silent learning.

Sonia Barrett is the host/producer and founder of Sovereign Mind Radio (www.sovereignmindradio.com) and the founder and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine (www.sovereignmindmagazine.com). She has written many articles exploring the idea of time travel as a natural component in the experiencing of reality. Sonia Barrett explores the possibility of immortality or physical existence beyond the common view of time, the potential for a natural ascension in consciousness and the computized (reality being much like a computer generated program) design of reality (www.spiritinform.com). She has been interviewed on radio programs and presents workshops and lectures internationally. The concept behind these workshops and lectures is to reawaken the memory of those attending—as noted on the back of her book, “The answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cells, DNA and the air we breathe.” She aims to remind others that they need only desire to know, to remember what is already within, using the momentum of determination to pierce the veil which overshadows the endless unknown.
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