Friday, April 6, 2012

Robert Young Pelton | America & The World's Conflicts

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Robert Young Pelton is into extreme journalism. Extreme travels. Extreme conflict zones. So one might expect this media mercenary to have extreme political opinions. But he doesn't. His answers to Mel's questions are measured. Informed. Based upon total immersion observations. He treats America's history of self-serving behavior gently. He's rather gentle about everyone's behavior, in fact. Pelton's wild adventures seem to have bestowed a patient wisdom about mankind. Or maybe it was that horrid Canadian boys' school they sent him to as a child.

But whatever assembly of elements made this man who he is, it is utterly refreshing to gain perspective of geo-political realities from an intelligent world traveler uncompromised by allegiance to any one cause or country.

Pelton's Veritas discussion -- he's on the phone from Nairobi, on his way to Somalia -- touches upon realities on the ground in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan…He talks about Russia's history in Afghanistan, China in Africa, the African Union in theory and practice, North Korea, Cuba, Georgia, Chechnya, Venezuela, the EU, Bin Laden, 9-11, Obama, Clinton, the shrubs…This man packs a productive semester of information into two quick hours.

Despite his wealth of first hand knowledge, Pelton calls himself the world's worst expert on the U.S. government. "I don't know why they do what they do."

Excellent interview. You'll want to read his books.

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Robert Young Pelton has become the inspiration and role model for a new generation of intellectual adventurers. He is an author, journalist, film-maker, photographer, adventurer, explorer, expert, philosopher and passionate advocate for truth and discovery. He is a former marketing strategist, product developer and CEO of his own company. Robert's journeys and expeditions accomplished in his time off turned into a career when he created the annually updated "Robert Young Pelton's, The World's Most Dangerous Places", followed soon after by his humorous survival guide, "Come Back Alive", and his autobiography, "The Adventurist".

Robert is Executive Producer and host of his series of highly rated specials for the Discovery and the Travel Channel. He has also been a featured speaker at the TED conference, trained Navy Seals in survival, and participated in secret Special Forces training.

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