Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 ECETI | Speaker Panel | Moderated by Mel Fabregas | Now available on VERITAS TV


During the 2012 Global Transformation Conference, Mel had the privilege and the honor to moderate the speaker panel. This is a phenomenal conversation with a stellar group of very enlightened people.

The speakers:

Brooks Agnew, Ph.D., Jon Kelly, Renato Longato, Inelia Benz, James Gilliland, Master TianJia Mu, Jason Verbelli, Spencer Barclay, and Neil Kramer.

It is not that often that we get to interact and ask questions to so many incredible human beings. They may have very different areas of expertise and perspectives, but they all have one goal in common: To leave a better world for humanity's future.

This video is provided as a courtesy from James Gilliland strictly for VERITAS member streaming. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD, please go to ECETI.org

To watch, go to: http://www.veritasradio.com/tv/index.html

Friday, July 27, 2012

Brien Foerster | The Mystery of Elongated Skulls

S y n o p s i s

Anthropologists suggest some elongated skulls were not deformed by bindings, but belonging to an entirely different species.

But, the most amazing finds were the skulls, some enormously elongated. The scientific name for this is dolichocephally. Most skulls exhibiting this condition were clearly the result of the practice of head-binding, also called cranial deformation.

What you are capable of doing via this technique is to change the shape of the skull, but not the actual volume. And this is where the Paracas skulls become especially intriguing. Three distinct shapes of not necessarily elongated, but altered skulls have been found in the area, and each seems to be unique to a particular “grave yard of nobility.” As in many societies, those of the royal bloodline, and of high spiritual positions, were not buried in the same vicinity as “commoners.”

Could the cranial deformations found have been made to emulate an ancient civilization that possessed greater abilities and perhaps the tradition was adopted for generations?

There are recent photographs showing a living man, today, with an elongated cranium. Could this sub-species still be alive today?

B i o

Brien was born in the US, but moved to the west coast of Canada as a child, where he became immediately fascinated by the Native traditions of people such as the Haida. He learned to carve totem poles, canoes, masks and other ceremonial things from master Native carvers, and became a professional sculptor at age 26, basically dropping his career as a marine biologist.

In 1995 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe ( ancestor of the modern day catamaran ) Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani ( Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens. ) This project lasted 2 years.

There, having learned how to make Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles from master carver Keola Sequiera, he started an online outrigger paddle business, which flourished internationally.

Peru became his next major area of interest. The study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History Of The Incas which is available on this site, as well as 7 others which are e-books, available through Amazon.com and also his Hidden Inca Tours website.

Other projects, which will result in published books, include one about the ancient history of Hawaii, the mysterious stone monuments of Peru that predate the Inca, and the search for the lost continent of Mu. This will require combining all that he has learned so far, with trips to New Zealand (Aotearoa), Hawaii, and Easter island (Rapanui.)

He is now the part time assistant director of the Paracas History Museum, curating and giving archaeological tours of the area, with special emphasis on the Elongated Skull Paracas culture.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jay Weidner | Take 2 | Cyber-Censhorship, Cyrptoterrestrials, and Kubrick's Hidden Secrets

S y n o p s i s

This is "Take 2" of what was supposed to be an interview conducted weeks ago. This is what makes this interview so much more special. During the first attempt, at the end of a 2-hour interview, Jay Weidner's voice was completely removed from our system. The entire interview was lost, with the exception of Mel's voice. A day after this first interview was recorded Jay Weidner went to appear in the Jeffe Rense radio program. Not surprising, Jeff Rense also had technical difficulties. What is so important that exotic technology is used to suppress this information? The topic of Cryptoterrestrials. To many, the word "cryptoterrestrials" may sound like science fiction, and perhaps this is how those in control prefer to keep it that way so that the mainstream population does not learn about this reality. The term "cryptoterrestrials" was used by the late researcher and author Mac Tonnies, who died in his sleep from an undiagnosed heart condition at the age of 34 on October 18, 2009, which happens to be Mel's birthday.

Jay finds a connection between 2001: A Space Odyssey and September 11, 2001. Jay states that 9/11 could not have happened any later than it did or the people would not have believed it. There is an awakening taking place now.

In addition to exploring cryptoterrestrials we discussed the Freemasons, cyber-censorship, and revisited Kubrick's hidden secrets. We also discussed Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan and their movies, "Prometheus" and "The Dark Knight Rises", respectively. Since Jay and Mel have a fascination for sound frequencies, Mel demonstrates the difference between A 440 Hz and A 432 Hz. This is an interview full of information you will certainly not find in the mainstream media. We are glad that Jay accepted to participate again.

B i o

Called by Wired Magazine an erudite conspiracy hunter , Jay Weidner is a renowned author and filmmaker. He is the director of the recently released documentary film, Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick, as well as Infinity: The Ultimate Trip and many more. In addition, he is the producer of the documentary films, 2012 The Odyssey, and its sequel, Timewave 2013. Jay has been featured in the History Channel s documentaries, The Lost Book of Nostradamus, and Nostradamus 2012, for which he was associate producer. He was also featured in Tru Tv's, Conspiracy Theory, hosted by Jesse Ventura.

Jay Weidner is an author and filmmaker. From 1991 to 1995, Jay was the Public Affairs Director at KCMU-FM in Seattle. He also produced and hosted the weekly radio show Mind Over Matters. Jay has written articles for many periodicals and journals over the years. In 1996 and 1997, Jay produced and hosted the Awakening to Gaia conferences in Boulder, Colorado. These two conferences were designed to bring together many of the diverse scholars, authors and teachers interested in examining alternative historical and scientific theories. In 1997, Jay created and produced the alternative esoteric video catalogue named Explorations.

From 1998 to 2000, Jay was the Video Development Director for Conscious Wave Productions in Boulder, Colorado. He also produced, wrote and directed the nationally viewed documentary for Conscious Wave titled, Earth Under Fire with Dr. Paul LaViolette. Since the year 2000, Jay has been the president of Sacred Mysteries Productions, a video production and distribution company. He is currently in production on a feature film called Secret Landscapes.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pane 'Astralwalker' Andov | 2012 Equation Solved

S y n o p s i s

According to Pane Andov, sometimes it isn’t what’s being said by ‘experts’ and the media, It’s what’s not being said that is most important.  For personal growth and survival, humans need to think AND feel.  We need to read ‘between the lines,’ ’connect the dots’ so they truly make sense with what we personally observe in our day-to-day lives, and take personal action on what we believe to be true.
As it’s always been said, “Consider the Source,” as any information may be true, mistaken, or ‘dis’-information - deliberately mistaken or misguided, serving someone else’s purpose that may not be in your best interest.  Trust yourself to know your truth… and know that Truth IS often stranger than fiction!

Pane Andov theorizes there are two main reasons why the extraterrestrials are almost not delivering any more crop designs in the U.K. First it is too late and people did not understand their meaning after all these years, and second, people there disregarded them. Let us hope they will change their minds and deliver more
Some of the topics discussed:
  • Planetary Changes. Is there anything happening on the planet?
  • Shift of the Magnetic Poles
  • Other changes in our solar system.  The slowing down of the Venus rotation is an example.
  • Earth cracks, sink holes, mysterious sound booms worldwide, flooding, sinking of parts of the world and rising of new islands, tectonic plate movements – Mid Atlantic Ridge and The Ring of fire, seismic activity both for artificial and natural origin
  • The difference between the real crop circle phenomena (created by orbs of light) and the false ones (man-made)
  • Crop circle messages regarding to what will happen at the ending of the cycle in 2012
  • Solar system changes in recent years (recent collapse of thermosphere, sun without sunspots for two years, loosing of the bow shock in our heliosphere, analysis of space discoveries by Chandra, Ibex, Fermi and Casini related to the Sgr A* outburst in distant past and its energetic pulse)
  • Giant magnetic ribbon, its characteristics, movement, source of cosmic rays that affects our DNA and what will happen when it makes a physical contact with the Sun and rest of the planets in our solar system. The true purpose of underground bases and facilities. Mysterious object spotted next to our Sun
  • Possible neutralizing of the full effect of the magnetic ribbon by highly ET race that is also present in our solar system and capable of controlling our star
  • The spiritual aspect of this expected mega event, how things got to this stage and what happened in the ancient past. The ancient nuclear conflict between few highly developed civilizations.
  • The ultimate secret behind genuine crop circles, the Flower of Life global Meditation as a solution to the equation. Chance for the evolution of human kind and regaining our true and original cosmic existence.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Joshua Shapiro | The Crystal Skulls

S y n o p s i s

According to Joshua Shapiro, crystal skulls are believed to be a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them. The skull will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them and contain the history of our world. The Crystal Skulls are considered to be one of the world's greatest mysteries. We discuss their mystical properties, experiences that people have had with them, their connection with the UFOs and many theories about their purpose and how they were made.

B i o

Joshua Shapiro has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he had an opportunity to be in the presence of an amethyst skull located in northern California known as "Ami". At that time, he felt a very strong connection with this artifact which forever changed his life. Since then, he has devoted a great deal of time and effort to sharing with others key information about the crystal skulls and the role they have to play in the prophesized "Golden Age".

He feels very fortunate to have had an opportunity to be able to visit privately with a number of the more well-known crystal skulls in the world including: the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull", "ET", the British Museum Crystal Skull, and Ami.
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