Friday, September 28, 2012

Nuclear power is the Betamax of the energy world

We need to stop being distracted by this technology and focus on promoting and investing in renewables.

Nuclear MOX plant : recycling nuclear waste : active and spent nuclear fuel rods
Active and spent nuclear fuel rods underwater. Photograph: Timothy Fadek/Corbis
In my first month as the new Green party leader, I've spent lots of time talking about pressing economic and social issues - the need for the minimum wage to be a living wage, how benefits should be available to all who need them, and how costly and destructive the privatisation of the NHS will be.

But with the government's energy bill on the horizon, serious questions around the coalition's wobbly-looking commitment not to subsidise new nuclear, and an anti-nuclear protest at Hinkley Point on 8 October, I've also spent lots of my time explaining why I think renewable energy - wind, solar and, in the future, tide and wave - combined with energy conservation, provide an excellent way forward for British energy.

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