Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is what Einstein’s office looked like on the day he died

This is what Einstein's office looked like on the day he died 

If there was any doubt that Albert Einstein worked until the very lasts days of his life, let this remarkable photograph leave no doubt. 

LIFE Magazine tells the story of how one of their photographers, Ralph Morse, was able to capture a frozen moment in time:

"I headed to the hospital first," Morse tells, "but it was chaos - journalists, photographers, onlookers. So I headed over to Einstein's office [at the Institute for Advanced Study]. On the way, I stopped and bought a case of scotch. I knew people might be reluctant to talk but that they're usually happy to accept a bottle of booze, rather than money, in exchange for their help. Anyway, I get to the building, find the superintendent, offer him a fifth of scotch and like that, he opens up the office."

For the rest of the story:

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