Monday, October 29, 2012

Clif High on VERITAS | Looking Over the Clif: The Return of Clif High

S y n o p s i s
 After a year of absence, Clif High returns to discuss his newest report. Among the topics discussed are:

TPTB Entity and the Elections – The election confusion will be concurrent with silver and gold price rises, and home price collapse.
US Markets Dataset – There is a constant electronic false flag threat on the financial markets. The false flag will be blamed on Iran. The election seems to be a TPTB deadline; or maybe 11-11-12 is a deadline, for starting something big. All government economic numbers are fraudulent.
The Manipulated Market of Diamonds – SELL DIAMONDS NOW! RIGHT NOW! I mean really, SELL ALL DIAMONDS NOW. The Russians found an ancient meteor strike with thousands of years worth of diamonds. At least 5-more mega-diamond-deposits will soon be found in North America.
Metals Markets – People are becoming more emotionally attached to gold. TPTB are trying to steer gold emotions to gold shows and gold related activities (that do not involve buying gold.)
Russia / Putin - Putin is aware of the ET’s on earth and the breakaway civilization. Putin practices judo, and judo is just like Kung Fu (or whatever), and Putin is really cool because he is an old guy that practices judo. And Russia is waiting for TPTB/USA/ empire to topple without poking at the rotting body too much.
TPTB & Minions – Food producers will become local authorities. Some people will start stealing government property. There will be a lot of government looting from within and from outside government. There will be some military mutinies and disappearances.
Global Coastal Event – Local conditions will vary. People will flee inland. Rain patterns will change. Government will dissolve by May or June of 2013. The government is still around, but few people will obey government anymore.
Free Energy Talk – We are not likely to have a nice little electrical device coming on the market. It is looking like wood is the new free energy. Junk car alternators are also a promising way to produce electricity. Apparently, Clif wants to use a wood-burning rocket-stove steam engine to power junk car alternators. This is the new free energy, it will spread by sharing the knowledge.
ET's on Earth – The breakaway civilization works with the ET’s . Aliens like crystals, but it is unclear what type of crystals they prefer. There will be a false flag ET fizzle. There may be a disclosure event from the mainstream media in the final days of mainstream media.
Temporal Markers Met – The pedophile ring disclosures are the major hit so far.
Data Gap - Possible Carrington Event (Solar Storm) - This will most likely be the trigger event for cascading failures including economic disasters and nuclear disasters.
Time Travelers – Time travelers may be tampering with our past.
Crystal Amalgam / Alloy Crystal – A new mineral crystal substance will be discovered in Canada, and it will be useful and valuable.


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