Monday, October 29, 2012

Every hurricane visualised since 1851

With a new projection of the globe and data on every hurricane for the last 161 years, developer John Nelson has visualised every one on record.

Every hurricane since 1851 

What does the world of hurricanes look like? As Hurricane Sandy hits the Eastern seaboard of the US, developer John Nelson has come up with this new view of the world to show how America and Asia have been assailed by these storms as far back as the records go.

The data is from NOAA, which has the ultimate database of extreme weather over the years. You're looking at the world from the bottom up - ie looking down on Antarctica. It's a novel way to see a globe normally dominated by the western hemisphere. The United States is at the top right of the map, Asia is on the left and Africa at the bottom. The brighter the dots, the more intense the storm.

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