Saturday, October 27, 2012

Louisiana’s Secret Chemical Histories Illustrated

Photographer Richard Misrach and landscape architect Kate Orff's newly released book is an ambitious project cataloguing and examining the environmental complexities of Cancer Alley. Petrochemical America scrutinizes Louisiana's ecology and industry combining documentary photographs with delicate data illustrations. The illustrations create an overlay of information and imagery that literally covers the landscape, highlighting what is invisible to the naked eye. Kate Orff writes in the Huffington Post, "Americans know what the oil and gas and coal landscape looks like - but do we really? There is a hidden side to America's material prosperity. Most of its harmful manifestations are literally invisible - benzene and dioxins "disappear" into the air, while waste chemicals are pumped underground into injection wells. PCBs, Mercury, and Lead, toxic in the most imperceptible but potentially devastating amounts, persist in our bodies, in river sediment, in soils." 

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