Monday, October 29, 2012

Peekaboo! Cambridge scientists discover why children think they are invisible when they hide their eyes

  • University of Cambridge researchers found that children believe they become invisible if other people can't see their eyes
  • Toddlers also thought adults can't be seen if their eyes are hidden - even if their bodies are visible
  • Study shows link between the 'sense of self' and the eyes
It's an adorable game parents have played with their young children for generations.

But now researchers are looking for a scientific answer to explain why children think they actually disappear when they cover their eyes while playing peekaboo.

Researchers led by James Russell at the University of Cambridge have carried out the first study into this bizarre trait with groups of three and four-year-old children.

The children's eyes were covered with masks and they were then asked whether they could be seen by the researchers - with most saying no.

Peekaboo: Researchers found that young children believe they are invisible if people can't see their eyes 

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