Friday, December 21, 2012

Eclipse Chaser: A Firsthand Account of a Total Solar Eclipse

Photographer Ben Cooper caught the total solar eclipse of Nov. 14, 2012 from a hilltop west of the Outback town of Mount Carbine, Queensland, Australia.


Photographer Ben Cooper ventured to Australia last month to view a total eclipse of the sun on Nov. 14. It was the last such eclipse until 2015. Here, he shares the experience of watching the amazing sight in person:

This was to be my third total eclipse, of which I was one-and-one on clear versus cloudy viewing conditions. It takes a certain breed to be an eclipse chaser, but many do just that: travel the world for each and every solar eclipse to soak up more time in the ... well, blocked sun.

They say that after you see one (and everyone needs to see one in their lifetime), you will want to go back and see another. This is just how it worked with me, having finally seen my first in 2008 under crystal clear skies.

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