Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happiest Nations on Earth Revealed

Happiness isn't always linked to a nation's economy, a recent Gallup poll suggests.

Money can't buy happiness, according to the old saw. And in the growing field of "happiness economics," which seeks to quantify those things that actually can bring bliss, mounting evidence seems to support the idea that cash and contentment are two very different ideals.

A Gallup poll released yesterday reveals that people in seven developing Latin American nations are among the most likely to report being happy and feeling positive about life. Surprisingly, those who live in robust economies like wealthy, business-oriented Singapore are among the least happy people on Earth.

To gauge the relative happiness of residents in 148 countries, the Gallup organization called roughly 1,000 people in each country and asked about their experiences the day before. Among other things, people were asked if they smiled a lot yesterday, if they felt respected all day, if they were well-rested and if they learned or accomplished something interesting.

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