Thursday, December 13, 2012

U.S. Counterterrorism Agency Can See All Your Files

large open office space with desks, flatscreen tvs
The operations room at the National Counter-terrorism Center in McLean, Va.
At a secret White House meeting last March, the Department of Homeland Security argued against a sweeping change in rules covering the way the government collects information on American citizens. The DHS lost.

That's the gist of a cracker of a story reported by the Wall Street Journal's Julia Angwin today (Dec. 13).

Angwin pieced together heavily redacted documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, plus information gleaned from unnamed sources, to establish that the National Counterterrorism Center now has clearance to examine any federal government file on any U.S. resident or citizen and to retain that information for up to five years.

The NCTC will also allow foreign governments to look at the information it collects on U.S. citizens.

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