Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When Statistics Don’t Work, Use the Irrationality of Emotions.

Good video. He nailed it when he talked about emotions.

You see, until now, "they" have been using statistics to convince you to get rid of guns but that has and will not work.

100,000 die every year of FDA-approved drugs.
32000 die every year in car accidents.
8600 die every year of gun crimes.

"We cannot pass laws that will fix crazy." Guns do not kill people, crazy people do. Take away their easy access to guns and they will use something else, like home made bombs.

Numbers will never convince the population because the numbers aren't there, statistically speaking. But the psychopaths behind the scenes know how to influence you psychologically. They are now using EMOTIONS. When people are emotional they become irrational. They want irrational people asking for a solution immediately. Then, when rationality returns it will be too late to realize that the Second Amendment is there to protect you from a rogue government (and criminals). Think about it.

Mel Fabregas.

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