Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great White Shark Fatally Attacks Man In New Zealand As Police Fire At Least 20 Times

Swimmer mauled to death by Great White Shark in front of hundreds of tourists on New Zealand beach as armed police opened fire on the animal at least 20 times

    Adam Strange, 46, attacked at Muriwai beach near Auckland today
    Shark up to 14ft long pulled him under the water
    More sharks drawn to the attack as police fired shots in rescue attempt

Shark attack: Adam Strange was attacked at Muriwai Beach on Aucklands west coast of New Zealand  

An award-winning film and TV director was today mauled to death by a Great White shark as he swam off a popular New Zealand tourist beach.

Adam Strange, 46, was attacked and pulled under water about 200metres from Auckland’s Muriwai Beach at around 1.30pm in front of hundreds of beach tourists.

Up to three more sharks were said to have been drawn to the attack as police officers fired at least 20 shots from a lifeboat and helicopter in a desperate bid to rescue him.

The Great White eventually let go and moved away. It took rescuers – including three lifeguards who knew the victim - 30 minutes to retrieve the father-of-one’s body.

The remains of a shark were later dragged up on the beach.

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