Monday, February 25, 2013

Map of Earth Made Of 1238 Gemstones & 250,000+ Pieces of Stained Glass Lit By 6912 LEDs

1 Jewel of the Universe by Chris Chamberlain 

Using a novel technique called ‘Grand Artimmosa’ that he created himself, English-Chinese artist Chris Chamberlain has created one of the most incredible artworks I have ever seen. The pictures and video below do not begin to do justice for what seeing it in person must be like and I wish I could hop a plane to London just to see Jewel of the Universe in all its glory. Chamberlain’s Chinese name, Jeurng Ying Fai, means “to illuminate England” and he is living up to this name through his art. The 260 carats of natural cut diamonds and nearly 1/3 of a million pieces of stained glass that make up Jewel of the Universe are illuminated from behind with 6,912 LED lights to represent the world from a “God-like perspective of looking down from space.”

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