Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Theory Tries To Explain Why Dinosaurs Grew So Huge — Especially Their Amazing Necks


Paleontologists  struggle with a lot of mysteries in their field of study, not the least of which is exactly what allowed some dinosaurs to get so insanely huge. In particular, the enormous necks of sauropods like brachiosaurus, diplodocus, or sauroposeidon (tallest of all dinosaurs, 56 feet in height) have long baffled researchers.Well, there’s a new theory about this, as some scientists suggest that unique respiratory traits and reptilian reproduction strategies allowed for such tremendous sizes and necks that have been unparalleled by any creature since.

Speculations about how dinosaurs got their growth spurts are many, and some of them suggest environmental factors like high oxygen levels or an overabundant amount of food. Strangely, baseball legend and noted non-paleontologist Jose Canseco recently tweeted that Earth may have had a low gravity in the old days, and that could explain the big animals our planet used to boast. This is not only an entertaining idea, but a great reminder of why we don’t get our science facts from has-been steroid abusers on social media.

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