Monday, February 25, 2013

So You Want to File a Restraining Order Against a Drone


Not that you bristle at the thought of all drones. Maybe you don't necessarily mind the prospect of a cafécopter fetching your morning fix, or of small-fry drones fulfilling any number of dull, dirty or dangerous tasks, like spotting your sorry ass on a mountainside, cold and with a broken ankle, after you've gone missing on a hike. You'd just rather police drones not watch your daily goings on ad nauseum and without your consent, and that's cool. Besides, that thing up there has been trailing you for what feels like the past week. If only there were some sort of legal recourse to see the drone buzz off and out of your life for good. 

There isn't, at least not yet. But while filing a restraining order against an unmanned aerial system may still sound pretty far fetched, it's apparently conceivable enough--the harrassment spectre of some encroaching future--to already be warranting discussion among federal agencies and privacy advocates. 

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