Monday, March 25, 2013

Are We Too Naive About Where We're Putting Our Data?

(Web) Castles Made Of Sand

shutterstock_5052592 If there is one sliver lining in the Google Reader shutdown that has enraged the blogosphere (OK fine, the tech blogosphere), it’s the fact that Google offers a way for Reader users to export their RSS subscriptions using its Google Takeout service. Actually, Google Takeout lets users of most major Google services remove their data from the Google ecosystem at any time. This is how it should be done.

As I sat through the demo for yet another mobile/social/data-hungry app this week – one that probably won’t make it a year before quietly slinking off into the ether of the deadpool – it struck me how radically the web has changed the disposability of our tools; the tools that allow us to create, interact with and share our data.
We’ve become a bit too naive, blind and trusting in terms of where we’ve been putting our data lately. 

Though for all its faults, at least Google has committed to making our RSS subscriptions and other data portable. And Twitter now allows for archive exports.

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