Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Venture Capitalists See Women

A new study suggests that female entrepreneurs are significantly less likely to get funding than their male counterparts — unless they come from a technical background.


A forthcoming study by researchers at Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research suggests that venture capitalists' willingness to invest in a start-up is significantly influenced by the gender of the entrepreneur. 

"We took an executive summary of a successful start-up that had, in real life, secured VC funding," explains Stanford's Andrea Davies Henderson, one of the researchers involved with the study. The summary was based on a start-up that had been successful in the past six months (the earliest research took place at the beginning of 2007). There were four variations of the executive summary: one associated with a man who had a non-technical (business) background, one from a woman with a non-technical background, and one each for a man and a woman with a technical background. The pitch was the same, as were the surnames.

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