Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Man Blocking Arizona Anti-NDAA Bill

Obama NDAA SC One Man Blocking Arizona Anti NDAA Bill 

The 2012 NDAA allows any person, including American citizens, to be indefinitely detained without charge or trial, sent to a foreign country to be held, and even executed. Not a single law has eradicated more of our Constitution protections since the Civil War.

Now, Arizona has a chance to defeat it. Arizona has the chance to become the first state in America to enact real protections for its citizens against the NDAA. HB 2573, introduced by Rep. Carl Seel, passed Committee 6-2 last month and passed the Rules Committee yesterday.

Yet, one Representative does not see the tide turning to liberty. Representative Andy Tobin is currently blocking HB 2573 from receiving a full House vote. He is willing to kill protection for the people of Arizona and allow the Federal government to trample the rights of his constituents.

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