Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Truth Behind the 'Biggest Cyberattack in History'

The headquarters of the Web-hosting company Cyberbunker near Goes, in the southwestern Dutch province of Zeeland. 


Is it "the biggest cyberattack in history"? Or just routine flak that network-security providers face all the time?

News websites across the Western world proclaimed Internet Armageddon today (March 27), largely due to a New York Times story detailing a "squabble" between the spam-fighting vigilantes at Spamhaus and the dodgy Dutch Web-hosting company Cyberbunker.

"Fight Jams Internet," the Times headline said. "Global Internet slows," the BBC proclaimed in the wake of the Times' story. Both websites alleged that Netflix streaming was slowing down as a result. 

The reality is less exciting, though still serious. The Internet disruptions,

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